Curious, who do you call when you witness an assault or rape in progress, after dems eliminate the police?

They sure are trying to eliminate the police. They may actually succeed in Minneapolis.  

There is no one to call for help if these evil people and their ignorant pawns succeed.  Even at my age I would  step in and try to help.  Can’t stand by and let people get raped or beaten.

People saying no one is trying to defund the police or no one is defunding the police need to wake up!  Google  Minneapolis and defunding police.  Look on social media.  How can you not know this is happening?

Add – @ skeptic, apparently you didn’t…

Is it true that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton had Jeffrey Epstein killed cover up their involvement in child rape & sex slave trafficking?

Bill Gates met with him six times after he was charged with sex crimes and registered as a sex offender. Did you see that New York Times article about it? My guess was he was bartering for some names to black mail to get his new world order agenda through, as well as to sleep with that Swedish woman and her daughter. 

Is it true? Well do pedophiles exist? Yes, for sure. On another level they used to celebrate becoming a man or woman in Judaism at 14, the Bah Misvah. I saw good evidence of a cover up, the Podesta brothers, a whole list of famous people who liked to sleep with girls, or boys. The darker part of that isn’t the sex for me, it’s that there’s this real Satanic group who kidnaps kids, breeds them and sells them at auction. It’s a worldwide trade. 

The real dangerous ones are the adrenochrome junkies. That is sick, and that is who you have to find the most. Don’t assume it doesn’t exist. The Catholic church used brutal torture for hundreds of years on millions, the Satanic rituals go back to before the old testament was written. The Vatican allowed a statue of Moloch to be displayed outside the gates of the colosseum, where they fed Christians to the lions. These people are real, you have to investigate, especially the people at the top. 

Will Biden be charged with rape if he is elected?

If the GOP manages to control the house, all bets will be void ….. especially since the precedent has been set in which no actual crime is required ….

What is certain, however, is that Biden will likely have to deal with the Supreme Court … and if he does, he will have to hope that Kavanaugh and Thomas adhere to higher standards than Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan …

Should women who falsely accuse men of rape be prosecuted for this?

Why? Because it wrongly destroys a man's reputation, casts a large shadow of doubt on all real rape victims, and doing nothing causes many bastard women to believe that they can make it and get away with it, which means that there are simply more cases of it will give. Why not? On the other hand, it can prevent real victims from speaking about their bad experiences when it is difficult enough for them to do so. It is terrible that a man is falsely accused and essentially wrongly accused of being destroyed, even if he is not sent to prison, it usually ruins a man's life and it is obviously terrible to be raped, and on top of that worse that you are so much doubted yourself thrown into jail. I as a man would see the latter as worse, but both are horrible scenarios, terrible scenarios created by bad men and bad women.

[ Gender Studies ] Unanswered question: If a jury believes relevant facts are held back due to rape protection laws, should that jury annul the decision and declare it guilty?

[Gender Studies] Open question: If a jury considers that relevant facts are withheld due to rape protection laws, should this jury annul the decision and be found guilty?

Should men think twice about helping women as this could lead to them being falsely accused of rape?

As your linked story shows, this can and must be done. This man was lucky. The police believed the woman who lied. He was only released after weeks in jail because her interaction happened to be caught on camera to prove his innocence.

The problem is not only that women lie, but that they are believed more when they lie. So it is not innocent until it turns out that they are guilty of false allegations. This guy was innocent, but was still jailed.

A Democrat declared that people should NOT deserve due process and have fewer rights if they are charged with sexual harassment, rape, etc.

pearlmar and ndmagic, STFU. Seriously, only STFU.

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The anonymous person in the link above said it. I ask a question that does not accuse ALL democrats of believing that, but the spread of the faith.

I could literally do that with any belief and literally show people who still believe that the damned moon is made of cheese and show it to someone who thinks that.

The question is about the prevalence and I'm sick of having your shit.