web application – Is using proxies to circumvent rate limit to scrape data legal?

Im under the Indian jurisprudence and this is what the Indian Information Act of 2000/66F says on the matter,

Indian Information Act 2000/66F

Punishment for cyber terrorism.– Whoever,– with intent to threaten the unity, integrity, security or sovereignty of India or to strike terror in the people or any section of the people by–

(i) denying or cause the denial of access to any person authorised to access computer resource; or

(ii) attempting to penetrate or access a computer resource without authorisation or exceeding authorised access; or

(iii) introducing or causing to introduce any computer contaminant,

Since the administrator of the API has authorised only a certain number of API calls for a network, can it be construed as a violation of 66F clause 2 if we try to circumvent the rate limit even though the information is on public domain?

exchange rate – Has CryptoDataDownload stopped providing data all of a sudden?

A few weeks ago, after vacuuming the entire Internet and finding only garbage, I finally found this: https://www.cryptodatadownload.com/data/

After a lot of work, I had set up a system to fetch their data every day to update my local database with all the active marketplaces’ Bitcoin prices. Great. It worked.

Until six days ago. It stopped updating. I’ve manually checked the JSON files and they simply stopped updating. No message on the site. They don’t respond to e-mails (like everyone these days). No explanation.

Did whoever ran that site die or something? How long should I wait until I remove my system and forget about it? If it’s still active, why isn’t it updating the data? Why did it stop six days ago?

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macos – stty setting baud rate not working on mac os

I’m trying to make some script on macOS to operate serialport.

my device has a baud rate of 115200,

but macOS can not change it via stty.

galenzhaos-MacBook-Pro:keyboard-mouse galenzhao$ stty -f /dev/cu.usbmodemHIDFG1 115200
galenzhaos-MacBook-Pro:keyboard-mouse galenzhao$ stty -f /dev/cu.usbmodemHIDFG1
speed 9600 baud;
lflags: -icanon -isig -iexten -echo
iflags: -icrnl -ixon -ixany -imaxbel -brkint
oflags: -opost -onlcr -oxtabs
cflags: cs8 -parenb
galenzhaos-MacBook-Pro:keyboard-mouse galenzhao$

Why are there not mnemonic-seed words in Turkish especially considering the increasing rate of bitcoin adoption in the country?

Because no one has stepped up to do the work or hire someone to do it for them. That’s how open source works : )

This repository contains the mnemonic list in different languages (Currently just 8). There are also wordlists in other languages that are stuck in limbo. However if you find it to be worth it, you might want to prepare a list and submit it to the repository as a pull request, and one day it might get merged.

Inferring polynomial rate of convergence from polynomial bound

Let $x_n$ be a non-negative valued sequence and suppose that the following hold:

  • $limlimits_{ntoinfty} x_n =0$
  • There exists some polynomial function $p$ of degree at-least $1$ such that:
    |x_n| leq p(n);

    (not that there is no assumption that $p(0)=0$!)
  • $x_nneq 0$ for any $n>0$.

Can we deduce the existence of a rational function $q$ and some positive integer $N$ satosfying:

  1. $q(0)=0$
  2. $|x_n|leq q(n)$ for all $ngeq N$.

app ratings – Cannot rate some installed apps on Google Play Store

It looks like I can rate some apps on Google Play store and cannot for some other ones while both are installed on my smartphone.

Here are two examples.

  1. InShot app is installed on my phone. But, Google Play Store does not list it under Installed tab. And it is not allowing me to rate or review this app.
    inshot app on play store
  2. Kinemaster app is listed under Installed tab and I can give it rating.
    enter image description here

I tried all the solutions in the question Cannot rate apps on Google Play. But, these aren’t working.

This issue exists with quite a few of the apps on my device. So, why isn’t Google Play Store allowing me to rate some installed apps? Is there any solution?

EDIT: From this Google Play thread, it looks like many people faced the same issue.

C# design for handling a high rate of async network operations that complete with a callback (hundreds per second)

I am working with a message broker technology, to which events will be published (following an “event carried state transfer” architecture) for consumption by other applications.

The vendor library uses a pattern where a message is handed to a Session object defined by the vendor’s client library code, which sends it over the network to the broker, and the vendor’s client code will call an OnSessionEvent method which includes data in the event args indicating whether the message was successfully published to the broker. A message may be initially accepted by the Session object but fail to be published to the broker if, for example, the broker’s buffer is full (typically a temporary state of affairs).

It could easily be the case that the original source of events is raising them at the rate of up-to-thousands of messages a second.

To further complicate matters, it may be the case that multiple different event sources may be publishing to the same Session, and so the OnSessionEvent response needs to be routed back to the appropriate publisher.

In any case, my struggle right now is trying to figure out an appropriate pattern to efficiently send messages and handle the callbacks. It would of course be less than ideal to send a single message and then wait for the callback result before sending the next message, since the network response may take several milliseconds.

I could create a Task for each message send attempt, collect up a bunch of these tasks, and wait on them as a batch of, say, 100. This is clearly faster than one-message-at-a-time. However it would mean generating hundreds or possibly up to thousands of Tasks every second. Note that the vendor code does not natively expose the network operation as an async operation using a Task. In order to use this pattern, I would add a TaskCompletionSource object to the (local) message object, and SetResult on that TaskCompletionSource when the (local) message object is made available via the callback argument. I am concerned about the rate of object construction that this could cause.

I am hoping for advice or articles which talk about situations like this. I am also curious as to the threading implications of asynchronous callbacks, so a comment or article that covers both would be idea.