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BlackHatKings: Crypto speculation and investment
Posted by: Davidbendy
Post Time: June 24, 2019 at 11:51.

Rating: api.putlockertv.biz

Embed our players automatically with the IMDB ID for movies / TMDB ID for TV broadcasts.
Basically like video spiders, but with more sources.
– Over 74,000 episodes
– over 32500 films.
– Every day new episodes / movies are added.
– Players are hidden under ajax call, no javascripts from these players on your website, google pagespeed friendly.
– Has implementation for dooplay. (If you want, we can implement other scripts for you for free if you store IMDB / TMDB IDs.)

It can also work on Psythema / Grifus.

Example of …

Rating: api.putlockertv.biz

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BlackHatKings: Crypto speculation and investment
Posted by: Jamesreimb
Post Time: June 20, 2019 at 09:09.

sql – Find pairs of reviewers so that both reviewers gave the same book a rating



  • Find reviewer pairs so that both reviewers gave that a rating
    same book
  • Remove duplicates does not connect examiners
  • For each pair, return the names of the pair's two examiners in alphabetical order



SELECT MIN (rev1.name) as Name1, MAX (rev2.name) as Name2 of Ratings AS r1
JOIN ratings AS r2 ON r1.book_id = r2.book_id AND r1.reviewer_id! = R2.reviewer_id
JOIN reviewers AS rev1 ON r1.reviewer_id = rev1.id
JOIN reviewers AS rev2 ON r2.reviewer_id = rev2.id
GROUP BY r1.book_id
ORDER BY name1, name2

Can I write this query more readable and perform better?

NameHero rating | Web Hosting Talk

I have the NameHero reseller package for about two weeks. The migration went smoothly, especially since I had several customers under a cPanel account and kindly split them for me. The support was fast for the migration and was handled with ease.

The only thing I'm not happy about is the speed. Coming from SiteGround I originally had the "GoGeek" level. It was pretty fast. Navigating the WordPress admin section was quick and easy. PageSpeed ​​scores were high, and so on. Unfortunately, it did not suit me, as I needed a way to charge my customers who provided NameHero. I contacted the support with some speed complaints, but they mostly push me towards CDN, which is great, but I kinda wanted to know everything would go fast without them. I also do not host tons of websites. I expected switching to SSD drives would have made things faster, as did the LiteSpeed ​​cache. I am not sure if something went wrong during the migration or if there are restrictions that I simply do not see.

I hope that a member of NameHero sees this and possibly checks if I'm just doing something stupid or expecting too much. I post this here because unfortunately I do not have enough posts directly to a PM employee, and it's also a good place to post the information if someone else experiences the same thing and it's a fix I just do not know ,

Thank you for any help!

BuyVm.net rating

Hello everybody,

I have decided to order a new buyvm KVM slice for about $ 15 / M, as stated on the website
I ordered 2 days … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1767982&goto=newpost

Hawkhost – Negative Rating –

So far, I said Hawkhost was the best.
I never thought to buy somebody else's server.

I suggested to all my customers to use Hawkhost.
But in the last few months, they've shut down my websites and done me a lot of damage.

It all happens on the important day. very funny.
Same problem. This always happens with my domain.

You need to test your software on your private servers.

Even if you tell me that your immunify360 is stable,
I will not trust you and I will not give you a positive rating.

If I had bought a cheap server, they would not have caused me any such problems.
You must have informed your customers about buggy software testing. I would have moved the servers.

I advise everyone to be careful with Hawkhost.

Rating: DailyPornStreams.com (18+) | WJunktion

Hello wjunction community!

We would like to introduce you the following page!

DailyPornStreams offers you a wide selection of videos that can be played instantly in your browser by hot amateur actresses from the larger German amateur community. The various actresses and their videos are also available under their own rubric.

Currently, there are 33,556 videos in the assortment of 844 amateur actresses. Germany's most famous pornstars and their hot videos are just waiting to be streamed by you. Be it on the PC, on your tablet or even on your smartphone.

More videos are added daily to give you even more choices.

On the website, we chose a design that allows users to find videos quickly and with just a few clicks. For this we have decided only for 1 banner & 1 advertising text. These are available on the video page.

In consultation with and cooperation with Vidoza, all videos found on DailyPornStreams are available from this streaming provider. For us it was important to choose a provider who has been in the streaming market for some time.

We hope you enjoy browsing the videos and streaming!