Whitelist is the person's IPv6 reach over .htaccess

I have a section on a site that blocks access to all IPs, except those that are whitelisted. For IPv4, this is very simple, as they generally do not change for months or even years, even for dynamic IPs.

With IPv6, however, they seem to change every 24 hours. This means that I can not simply put the initial IPv6 IP on the positive list and call it good because it just changes too fast. So I have to add a whole bunch of whitelists. Even after reading and testing IPv6 in the last few days, I'm still not sure I'm in control.

Here is what I have:

Refuse order, allow
allow from 1234: 123: 4567: ab1 :: / 64
rejected by all

The first 4 sections of the IP address never change, but the last 4 sections change constantly. Is this the right way to whitelist a person's IP in this context?

I can not reach Apache on my virtual machine CentOS

I installed the CentOS minimal version 1708 in VirtualBox on my local Windows 7 computer.

I have executed the following commands:

Sudo Yum update
sudo yum install httpd
Enable sudo systemctl httpd
sudo systemctl disable firewalld
sudo curl localhost (I get information about the installed apache)
sudo setenforce 0
ping localmachine ( (response 1 ms)
telnet localmachine ( ports 21,22,80 (connection refused)

I have also run the following commands on Windows 7:

ping virtualmachine ( (response 1 ms)
telnet virtualmachine ( Ports 21,22,80 (connection refused)

I tried Settings in VirtualBox -> Network (select NAT, Internal Network, Host only adapter)
I tried to open ports in VirtualBox -> Network -> Port Forwarding Rules (Protocol: TCP, Host IP: localmachine (, Port 80, Guest IP Space, Guest Port 80) -> and this does accepted my virtualmachine telnet to localmachine on port 80.

I can not access my Appache site on a virtual machine from my local computer running Windows 7. As you can see, I disabled the firewall for CEntos and disabled selinux just in case.


ss -ntip

Returns the result:
LISTEN 0 128 ::: 80 ::: *

This means that the port is open.

Please help me with this problem.

dnd 5e – At what distance can a beetle bear holding a reach weapon get its opportunity attack with Polearm Mastery?

I designed a barbarian beetle with a halberd weapon and will use Polearm Mastery as a feat.

As a beetle:

"Leggy If you make a melee attack in your turn, Your Reach for it is 5 feet taller than normal, "

Use of a Reich Weapon:

"To reach. This weapon Increases your range by 5 yards if you attack it. This property also determines your reach for opportunity attacks with a reach weapon. "

And Polearm Mastery:

"As you perform a glaze, halberd, pike, quarters, or spear, other creatures provoke a casual attack from you when they reach your reach."

Making a standard melee attack is pretty straightforward. He can attack everyone in 15 (5 für for normal plus 5 für for Bugbear, then 5 für for range).

At what distance can he attack someone approaching him?

So my reach is usually 15 minutes. But according to the bugbear description, these extra 5's only exist if I make an attack in your turn, Its effective range is only 10%.

Per Polearm Mastery I can do an opportunity attack if they reach my reach. that's usually 15 & # 39 ;. But I only get the extra 5 & # 39; in my turn, and since this is another creature using their movement, this is not the character's move.

So, can he attack if someone is 15 yards away, or does he have to wait until he is within 10 minutes?

P.S. There is a sister question to Polearm Mastery and to leaving my threat reach.

Usa – is 45 minutes enough time to reach my next flight

Since Copenhagen and Warsaw are both in the Schengen area, you will enter Copenhagen. Although you do not have to drop your luggage, immigration can take a while, depending on when you arrive.

If you have both booked for the same ticket, your carrier is responsible for bringing you to Warsaw. So if you miss your second flight, you should be on the next flight.

If you have booked the tickets separately, it is your responsibility to get to Warsaw in time for Copenhagen. A delayed flight from the US is not a valid excuse. You would be responsible for all fees resulting from the change in flight time.

pathfinder – How can a party without clerics reach boxes of unholy water?

In Way of the Wicked, Book Two, players need large amounts of unholy water, namely:

222 bottles daily 3 bottles

Party currently consists of:

  1. Sturmdruide
  2. alchemist
  3. Rogue / Shadow Dancer
  4. magician

All levels 6 should be 7 soon. For people who do not know this adventure, evil clerics are ostracized and fought with extreme prejudice, so it's not possible to simply buy it, probably not even in connection to the criminal underground – if the characters would do that, they would is.

My question is two-fold:

  1. Is there an adventurous way to get this water, and I just can not find it?
  2. If not, is there a way for them to access the curse water spell?

I am their DM and I am open to reasonable rules, but I would prefer to avoid a rule breaking rule. For example, no, Wizard does not learn this spell level, and Druid can not pray for it.

Authentication – How to reach users with very different credentials when creating many accounts on the same website?

Today, e-commerce is the new trend compared to retail stores, but some sellers manipulate their rankings by making false purchases of their own items to boost rankings significantly. The thing is, they can not do this in the place where they open their vendor accounts because the website stores their information. What they do to create a new account is:

  • Buy a new disposal card to get a new and unique number.
  • Use another mobile phone (to receive SMS codes because some websites might use metrics, such as their ANDROID_ID to identify the device being used.)
  • Use a different and unique PC with a different Wi-Fi network to buy. (like internet rental cafes or public computers)
  • Create a one-time email with the new mobile phone number.
  • Pay with methods that are offline without the need for identification (for example, 7 -11 stores and other convenient methods that require only the transaction number).

This leaves almost no fingerprints to find out if it is actually purchased by the seller's own seller. The best way to catch them is to contact the person who sold the mobile phone and identify the phone's unique identification information about who owns the phone (assuming the phone is not stolen), however, this is time consuming and unlikely.

How can the e-commerce site track other activities?

co.combinatorics – Expecting balls to reach two container capacity C with different probability

Let there be two containers $ b_1 $ and $ b_2 $, We denote the number of balls in $ b_1 $ as $ X_1 $ and $ b_2 $ as $ X_2 $, The probability that a particular ball lands $ b_1 $ is given by $ p $, and $ b_2 $ given by $ 1-p $, We throw discernible balls in succession in the same order until one of ($ X_1 $, $ X_2 $) = $ C $

Show that $ arg max_ {p} {e[(X_1 + X_2) s.t. one of (X_1,X_2) = C]} $ is given by $ p = $ 0.5

At the moment I have formulated the problem as follows:

$$ E[(X_1 + X_2) s.t. one of (X_1,X_2) = C] = $$
$$ sum_ {i = 0} ^ {C-1} left ( begin {array} {c} {C + i-1} \ {i} end {array} right) left ( 1-p) ^ {i} p ^ {C} right) (C + i) + sum_ {i = 0} ^ {C-1} left ( begin {array} {c} {C + i -1} \ {i} end {array} right) left (p ^ {i} (1-p) ^ {C} right) (C + i) $$

If you refer to the derivation $ p $ it is clear that $ p = $ 0.5 leads to a derivative of $ 0 $but i'm not sure how i can show that it's the max. I'm having trouble showing that $ 0 leqq p <0.5 $ The gradient is positive and for $ 0.5 <p leqq1 $ The gradient is negative or that $ p = $ 0.5 is a unique solution.

By the way, the real problem is with k-bins, but I even have problems with the simplified case with two bins.

I think to reach the goal

"I think achieving the goal depends on the trading skills, the traders set themselves the goal of earning their learning skills, and in my business life, I scale my daily goal of earning 20 pips with this short-term trade policy, even though it is not revealing trading method, it always brings in. In general, I've seen that many regulators do not prefer this trading structure.
Luckily, I can apply this technique in all the major currencies of my AAFX trading platform. This regulated until-the-end negotiation phase provides the best background for scalping and offers only a pip trade spread. So I'm able to make sure that my goal is to earn on this platform in a short time. "