Javascript – calls a function in HTML [REACT]

Very good for all, as you can see in the title, I tried to call a function via a button, but it seems that I did not do it properly. I'm new to this workspace. If someone could help me, that would be great.

var passwordFE = "";
var mail = "";

Class login extends component {
render () {
Return (

getInformation: function ()
Return (
mailFE = document.getElementById ("ctxt"). Value;
passwordFE = document.getElementById ("Ptxt"). Value;
document.getElementById ("txt1"). innerHTML = mailFE;
document.getElementById ("txt2"). innerHTML = passwordFE;
Alarm ("sadasdasd");

Export standard login;

Why does not the mouse react in Ubuntu?

I install a new Ubuntu-18.04 LTS PHYSICALLY on the hard drive, not on V-Machine. After completing the installation, I found that the mouse did not respond to input, but the keyboard did.


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
I disable all my other hard drives during installation.

I want to know how to make the mouse react. Many Thanks.

Javascript – React router dome does not work in production setup


I use the React Router Gift in my application and everything works normally when you press npm start. However, if I run npm run build and open the application on a server, the routes do not work. If you click on a link, "page not found" will be displayed.

My router:


My link on the login page:


Can someone tell me what's going on?

Javascript – How complex can the data structure use Redux and React?

I'm trying to integrate Redux into our React.js app. I'm an absolute freshman at Redux, but I've heard that creating complex applications is pretty important / useful. Here is an example of the data structure that I think. Open to all input, if I'm still on the right path.


Pages: {
Forgot Password:{
menu_open: wrong
current_user: {
id: 1,
first_name: "John",
Last name: "Doe",
profile_pic: "098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6.png",
is_admin: false
        title:"file 1",
Title: "File 2",
date_added: "2019-01-01",


reactjs – Not defined in the React method

If I have the "." Press To add the decimal number, the display changes from "0" to "undefined.". That is, add it, but the 0 will be undefined. I do not understand why.

        State = {
displayValue: "0",
Operator: zero,
pendingOperation: false,
newValue: null

inputDot () {
const displayValue = this.displayValue;
this.setState ({
displayValue: displayValue + "."
console.log (this.displayValue)


Javascript – How can I integrate htaccess and htpassword with React?

I am trying to set up a basic password protected site (as in that uses a universal password to access the entire site) without a full backend server in React. After reviewing various use cases with Javascript, I have come to the conclusion that the safest and most efficient way to do this is to use .htaccess and .htpassword. However, I could not find much documentation about the use of the two together. I thought it was so easy to put the .htaccess file in the /Public Folder of Create-React App boiler plate

Currently my .Access looks like:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "restricted area"
AuthUserFile ./.htpasswd
Valid user required

And .htpassword
Client: wrong encrypted password

As mentioned above, these two files are in the /Public Folder of Create-React App Boiler plate.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to .htaccess so any proposal would be very welcome. I'm also open to ideas that include password protection with Firebase, but my website does not use / require a user login system. Therefore, I thought that integration would be unnecessary. I just do not want my information to be visible to everyone.

dnd 5e – Can an enemy react if you aim at it during a time-out?

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Javascript – React Project for Neutrinojs displays "Invalid Host / Origin Header" in the console

When I create a Neutrinojs v.9 project

Davids-iMac-Pro: Repos davidedelhart $ create-project test-n9

Welcome to Neutrino! 👋
To help you create your new project, I ask you a few questions.

? 🤔 What do you want to create first? A Web or Node.js application
? 🤔 What kind of application do you want to create next? React
? 🤔 Would you like to add a test runner to your project? joke
? 🤔 Do you want to add lint to your project? Airbnb style rules

👌 Looks like I have all the information I need. Give me a moment while I create your project!

Create test-n9 / package.json
Create test-n9 / .neutrinorc.js
Create test-n9 / webpack.config.js
Create test-n9 / src / App.css
Create test-n9 / src / App.jsx
Create test-n9 / src / index.jsx
Create test-n9 / jest.config.js
Create test-n9 / test / simple_test.js
Create test-n9 / .eslintrc.js


Now go to the following directory to get started:
cd test-n9

❤️ neutrino
Davids-iMac-Pro: Repos Davidedelhart $ cd test-n9 /
Davids-iMac-Pro: test-n9 Davidedelhart $ yarn
Garneinlage v1.12.3
warning ../../../package.json: No license field
[1/4] Auf Dissolve packets ...
Success Already up to date.
✨ Ready in 0.41s.
Davids-iMac-Pro: test-n9 Davidedelhart $ threadstart
Threadline v1.12.3
warning ../../../package.json: No license field
$ webpack-dev-server --mode development --open
wds: The project is running at http: // localhost: 5000 /
「「 Wds 」: The webpack output is supplied by /.
wds: 404s will use /index.html
「「 Wdm 」: wait until the bundle is done: /
wdm: time: 1814 ms
「」 Wdm 」: Successfully compiled.

I get a repeated message saying the host / origin header is disconnected:

Error stack from the Chrome debugger

What is it and what does it take to go away?

Many Thanks

Flatter Vs React Native Vs Xamarin for cross-platform development

Cross-platform app development frameworks allow you to run the same code on different operating systems. This article explains why you should choose to develop cross-platform mobile apps over native development, cross-platform development technologies, and comparing these technologies.

We're comparing Flutter vs. React Native vs. Xamarin – three of the most popular platform frameworks for mobile apps. We want to look at their structure, tools and the kind of applications that you can develop with them

Javascript – React Component Design

Build a React component that contains the following information and displays it on a feed-like page. The idea is to map the individual entries in an array later.

  • author
  • time stamp
  • News Title
  • message Body

Currently I have the following code in a file (BuildingUpdateBox.js)

                Import Reacting & # 39; Respond & # 39 ;;
import "./BuildingUpdateBox.css"

const BuildingUpdateBoxHeader = (props) => {
const author = `Author: $ {}`: & # 39; No author & # 39;
Return (
{Author} Timestamp: {props.timestamp}
) } const BuildingUpdateBoxBody = (props) => { Return (

{} Props.title

{} Props.message

) } const BuildingUpdateBox = (props) => { Return (
) } exports Standard BuildingUpdateBox;

And in App.js (currently I'm using create -react-app)

                const message = {
Author: & # 39; Joe Smith & # 39 ;,
Timestamp: & # 39; 2018/12/22 & # 39 ;,
Title: "Broken Heater",
Message: & # 39; Dear tenants, tomorrow we have a plumber on site who will replace the broken boiler. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please call 123-456-7890. & # 39;

Class app extends component {
render () {
Return (
); } }

Look to hear if I should

  • Place the functional components in their own files (with justification)
  • Even use 3 separate functions, since I never see the header or the body without box and vice versa
  • Any other objective criticism from experienced.
  • Do everything as I import CSS

Many Thanks