Perform asynchronous reading in parallel

I found it useful to do multiple reads in parallel with a set of my extension methods TaskFactorythat could be used as:

static async Task Main(string() args)
    var (r1, r2, r3, r4) = await Task.Factory.StartNew(
        Read1Async, Read2Async, Read3Async, Read4Async);

    async Task Read1Async() => /* cut as not relevant */;
    async Task Read2Async() => /* cut as not relevant */;
    async Task Read3Async() => /* cut as not relevant */;
    async Task Read4Async() => /* cut as not relevant */;

The actual help code is:

public static class TaskFactoryExtensions
    public async static Task<(T1, T2)> StartNew(
        this TaskFactory taskFactory,
        Func> action1,
        Func> action2)
        var task1 = Task.Run(action1);
        var task2 = Task.Run(action2);            
        return (await task1, await task2);

    public async static Task<(T1, T2, T3)> StartNew(
        this TaskFactory taskFactory,
        Func> action1,
        Func> action2,
        Func> action3)
        var task1 = Task.Run(action1);
        var task2 = Task.Run(action2);
        var task3 = Task.Run(action3);            
        return (await task1, await task2, await task3);

    public async static Task<(T1, T2, T3, T4)> StartNew(
        this TaskFactory taskFactory,
        Func> action1,
        Func> action2,
        Func> action3,
        Func> action4)
        var task1 = Task.Run(action1);
        var task2 = Task.Run(action2);
        var task3 = Task.Run(action3);
        var task4 = Task.Run(action4);
        return (await task1, await task2, await task3, await task4);

It saves only when typing …

Malware – passively reading the key from the process memory without calling the kernel (Windows 10)

I have a process loaded into memory like any other process. It contains a special key. Our goal is to read this key in memory … or while it is being transferred from the CPU over the data bus. The catch is that our solution must be secretivend undetected by the kernelSo no DMA, driver or anything that calls traditional system calls / routines. Everything that uses the kernel can be recognized by the kernel.

Suppose the system in question is infected by a rootkit. For example, suppose the rootkit uses all of the unknown anti-debug routines listed here:
Therefore, all conventional Windows routines (such as ObRegisterCallbacks) are linked.

Is there a digital forensic device for this use case?? As far as I can tell, conventional means of volatile memory capture for forensic purposes can be detected (scraping / dumping).

Note 1: The bytes surrounding the key are assigned a "magic" number, so we do not have to worry about datasets. We can filter for these magic bytes.

Note 2: Theoretically, we can configure this to use non-volatile memory for RAM. Then turn off the computer while the key is in it. However, the key is only valid as long as the process remains open. It is random, key can not be cracked. This is also a kind of minor channel issue, I suppose. The reading of the cache I would consider excluded, since it is usually embedded on the CPU or the motherboard.

Note 3: To do this in a hypervisor might be the call. However, there are still the additional hurdles to avoid detection of sandboxing. I would rather use a solution that avoids virtualization.

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linux – & # 39; operand of the missing destination file & # 39; when reading pipe names to cp

I have a list of filenames that were generated by running find's output with a few greps, and I want to use those filenames as source parameters from the cp command. I intended to use a while reading loop to accomplish this, but I'm obviously doing it wrong since I'm getting the bug …

cp: missing destination file operand after '/home/user/destination'

Which means, of course, that the source parameter is missing, but why?
This is a simplified version of the command that I use …

find folder | grep term | while read nm; do cp $np /home/user/destination/; done;

linux – Alias โ€‹โ€‹of the SSH system name (to prevent reading of the IP address)

If you've seen my previous posts, you know that I've recently completed the installation / basic configuration of SSH on my Ubuntu-based server. I saw one of my developer friends use the following command to get to his server:

user@linux ~$ ssh amy

How do I do that so that I can do something similar (in my case)? ssh dc) to make it easier to get to my server? Remembering the IP and port number is really annoying …

Import – Why does Mathematica consume so much memory when reading binary data?

There are similar questions here, but in this case I could not find a satisfactory answer: I import a 1.7 GB binary file with the following command:

BinaryReadList("/path/to/file", "Real64")

It works fine, but memory usage reaches a peak of 18 GB during the import process, which is about ten times the file size. Is there a more efficient way to do this? Why does Mathematica use so much memory?

(I use Mathematica 12 on Ubuntu)

php – Unknown characters between each letter when reading the CSV uploaded to Laravel

I'm trying to upload a CSV file, read its contents, and import that data into a database, but apparently I get an error where an unknown character appears between each character.

This is my code:

    $file = $request->file('file');
    $fileName = $file->getRealPath();
    $file = fopen($fileName, "r");

    $i = 0;
    while (($column = fgetcsv($file, 10000, ";")) !== FALSE) {

        if ($i == 0){
        echo print_r($column);$i++;    


I get that from print_r:

Enter image description here

Any ideas why it could be? I tried to open the CSV encoding UTF8 and UTF16, but I still have this problem.

Thank you in advance.