Selling crypto casino platform production ready

Hi guys,

we made platform for customer that has vanished and not paid a while ago. We have finalized platform and is pretty much production ready.

Get’s shipped with full MY.CAZINO license & setup & transfer of domain (or if you want can change/register to a new one). Looking to get this one written off, different price models possible :)

We can finalize towards your wishes as you like, add me on Telegram directly / @isaackohen — feel free to drop a msg or e-mail

Software (our main business):
Features: 14 games, etc. +custom modules for challenges/races



storage – The device is not ready warning on Samsung A50s for USB transfer of data

I want to transfer data from my mobile phone to my external USB hard disk.
The data stored in mobile is approximately 60Gb.
But during the transfer I get error the device is not ready.
the device is not ready error

However the Samsung A50s mobile phone is connected and from computer
I am able to access the folders.
accessing mobile from computer
I am not able to understand how can I transfer mobile phone content to USB hard disk in this case.

Tech News Website, Ready to Make Money

Want to sale New tech news site, currently there are 25 articles already posted. Site using wordpress, easy to manage.

Why are you selling this site?

Need money for other project

How is it monetized?
not yet, new site

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?

depend on your effort

What challenges are there with running this site?
SEO, Social media


I will Design vista and moo print ready business card for $5

I will Design vista and moo print ready business card


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ifconfig fails because usb ethernet adapter is not ready yet on FreeBSD

I have an ethernet adapter connected via USB-C and its configuration in my /etc/rc.conf.
On system startup the configuration fails because the usb stack is loaded after the configuration is initiated and therefor the device does not exist yet.

Is there a way to adjust the startup order or another mechanism to fix this?

❕NEWS – In Kazakhstan, a mining facility with enough space for 50,000 rigs is ready to launch | Proxies-free

As per Coindesk, Kazakhstan is preparing itself to becoming one of major player in the mining industry. Supported by cheap electricity and the government support on crypto, the mining facility is located in Ekibastuz, near Russia. If operated at full power with Bitmain’s AntMiner S19 series or MicroBT’s WhatsMiner M30, the facility will be able to generate output of about 5-6 EH/s, or about 4% of Bitcoin’s current total hashrate. The construction for the facility began in August 2019, costing more than $23 million to build. The facility will employs about 160 people to operate and maintain the facility.

object oriented – How to elegantly provide “ready” attributes to class in Python

You can utilize properties, for example:

class Foo:
  def __init__(self, a_input, output=None):
    self._output = output
    self._a_input = a_input

  def output(self):
    if not hasattr(self, '_calculated_output'):
      self._calculated_output = self._output if self._output else calculate_output(self._a_input)
    return self._calculated_output

Though it is not clear why you want to skip calculating the data. I assume that you want it for caching purposes, so you can avoid calculating the same data over and over again. You might use the cache function for that. Also, you might already know the final value for some inputs. Then provide a mapping to those values via a dictionary:

  'known_value_1': 'known_answer_1',

class Foo:
  def __init__(self, a_input):
    self._a_input = a_input
  def output(self):
    if self._ainput in DATA_MAPPING:
      return DATA_MAPPING(self._ainput)
    output = calculate_input(self._a_input)
    DATA_MAPPING(self._a_input) = output
    return output

Site Isn’t Ready to Show Ads | Policy Violations

Hello Digital Point AdSense Gurus,

I’ve been trying to get my website approved for AdSense and so far it has been rejected three times. I receive the same generic message that the site isn’t ready yet because of policy violations but they don’t specifically state which one(s) which is frustrating. In the AdSense dashboard I go to sites where it states “needs attention” then when I click on “Show Details” the message is…

“We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means your site isn’t ready to show ads yet. Make sure your site follows the AdSense Program Policies.”

The AdSense Program Polices are found here:

Before each submission I made adjustments based on the recommendations and feedback from other AdSense users and still no luck. I posted in the AdSense community seeking guidance here:

The website has been online for a few years and never had AdSense on it. Since ads were never served the violation can’t be related to invalid clicks and impressions, encouraging clicks, ad behavior, ad placement or anything like that.

The purpose of the site is to help educate visitors on various civics topics. This past year I’ve been investing more time into it updating the design and adding interactive and visually appealing quizzes.

Based on the feedback and changes I’ve already made this is what I’m guessing it might be…

COPPA: The website isn’t targeted at children but children could be visiting. Could that be the issue? Should I tag the site as child-directed even though it isn’t and add? It states doing so doesn’t affect rankings and only affects the types of ads shown based on the visitors age. Thoughts?

Policies: I have privacy, terms and cookie notice but wondering if the bots are looking for specific wording within the documents? Google provides specific points that are required within the policy indicated here: are the bots looking for that? Do the policies need to be in the navigation bar as well as the footer?

Content: I only use white hat methods when creating websites. I hired writers to write the content. I was told there is similar content out there which either could have been stolen or spun by the writers I hired. But I was also recently told that the content is 100% original by someone who ran it through a program. I know for certain that the majority of the content has to be original because I wanted to do the right thing. Regardless, I have someone updating and expanding each of the current articles. I have about 19 articles and 3 pages which I plan on updating and expanding as well as adding more. If you think it’s content related, how? If I need to add more, how much? Do I need more text/content on the homepage?

Technical Requirements: Is there something wrong with the layout, navigation or mobile experience?

Some other violation? What?

I’ve provided the email from Google as well as what displays in my AdSense dashboard as I click through to get more details.

Since I’ve invested a lot of time and money into the website I would like to get it approved for AdSense if possible before looking for alternatives. I would truly appreciate it if anyone can help me get this website approved. I’m getting frustrated and discouraged. Please share any insight, guidance, honest feedback (good or bad)…I’ll take it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!