Measurement Theory – With what formalism can random variables be treated algebraically like real or complex numbers?

We all know that there is meaning when we have a variable x – for example –
$$ y = e ^ x $$,

And we all know how to manipulate and calculate this algebraically. For example when

$$ y_1 = e ^ {x_1} $$


$$ y_2 = e ^ {x_2} $$


$$ y_1y_2 = e ^ {x_1 + x_2} $$

Random variables, however, are a completely different beast. Ultimately, we all know intuitively what we mean when we draw a PDF, or more precisely the CDF, which itself is an algebraic function map $[-infty, infty]$ to $[0,1]$ as part of it defines a random variable.

But what is the actual math that makes this definition of a camper actually algebraic, so that we can happily write things like above

$$ Y_1 = e ^ {X_1} $$


$$ Y_2 = e ^ {X_2} $$


$$ Y_1Y_2 = e ^ {X_1 + X_2} $$

from where $ X_1 $ and $ X_2 $ are random variables – and come through it ???

real analysis – $ f $ is Lipschitz and $ X $ is zero. Show that $ f (X) $ is also zero.

If $ f[a,b] to mathbb {R} $ is Lipchitz and $ X subset [a,b]$ has zero measure show that $ f (X) $ also has the measure zero.

What I did:

As $ X $ has measured zero, $ forall epsilon> 0 $ There is a countable union of open intervals $ I_i $ s.t. $$ X subset cup_ {i = 1} ^ infty I_i $$ and $ sum_ {i = 1} ^ infty | I_i | < epsilon. $ As $ f $ is continuous $ f (I_i) = J_i $ is an interval and $ f (X) subset cup_ {i = 1} ^ infty J_i $, As $ f $ is Lipschitz $ | J_i | leq k | I_i | $, for some $ k <0. $ Now $ sum_ {i = 1} ^ infty | J_i | <k sum_ {i = 1} ^ infty | I_i | <k epsilon, $ and so you can take $ epsilon = frac { epsilon_1} {k} $ break up.


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co.combinatorics – Taylor's polynomials and loss of real roots

Real rooting, logarithmic concavity and unimodality are intertwined properties. In that light, I was asked to ask the following question.

Suppose the roots of a polynomial $ p (x) $ are all real and $ p (0)> 0 $, Fix a whole number $ k geq0 $ and look at the function $ f = frac1 {p ^ {2k + 1}} $, I like to look at the partial sums (polynomial)
$$ sum_ {j = 0} ^ {2k} frac {f ^ {(j)} (0)} {j!} x ^ j; tag1 $$
from where $ f ^ {(j)} $ Does that mean $ j $-th derivative.

QUESTION. Is it true that the polynomial in (1) has no real roots?