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man in the middle – arp spoof real devices by bettercap doesn’t work

When I try to arp spoof my own PC using my laptop with bettercap it doesn’t work and can’t be MITM
but when i try it from my laptop against virtualbox os on the same network it works perfectly

I use bettercap V2.23

hostOS is kali linux on laptop

guestOS is kali linux on virtualbox on the same laptop

my PC os is kali linux too

sudo bettercap -iface wlan0
net.probe on
set arp.spoof.fullduplex true
set arp.spoof.targets <target-ip>
arp.spoof on

then i go to victim’s devices “virtual guest – PC os”

when i run arp -a

virtual guest print:

<> <my laptop MAC>

but my PC print:

<> <gateway MAC>

any help appreciated

real analysis – Evaluate $int_0^1 frac{ln{left(ax^2+2bx+aright)}}{x^2+1} ; mathrm{d}x, ;a>b>0$

Evaluate $$int_0^1 frac{ln{left(ax^2+2bx+aright)}}{x^2+1} ; mathrm{d}x, ;a>b>0$$

I tried-
$$=frac{pi ln{a}}{4}+int_0^1 frac{ln{left(x^2+2tx+1right)}}{x^2+1} ; mathrm{d}x$$
Where $t=frac{b}{a}$
$$=frac{pi ln{a}}{4}+int_0^1 frac{ln{left({left(x+tright)}^2+cright)}}{x^2+1} ; mathrm{d}x$$
Where $c=1-t^2$. I dont think this helps much.
I also tried analyzing things like $x to frac{1}{x}$ in the integral in the second line
$$int_0^1 frac{ln{left(x^2+2tx+1right)}}{x^2+1} ; mathrm{d}x=int_1^{infty} frac{ln{left(x^2+2tx+1right)}}{x^2+1} ; mathrm{d}x – 2C$$
$$2I=int_0^{infty} frac{ln{left(x^2+2tx+1right)}}{x^2+1} ; mathrm{d}x – 2C$$
Does this help? Any ideas. (I sense complex analysis is the best here

real analysis – Does the linear span of norming extreme points contain all extreme points?

Let $X$ be a Banach space, $X^*$ be its continuous dual space, and $B(X^*)$ be its closed unit ball, i.e., $B(X^*) = {x^*in X^*: |x^*|leq 1}$.

We say that $x^*$ is an extreme point of $B(X^*)$ if $x^*in B(X^*)$ and for any $x^* = frac{1}{2}(x_1^* + x_2^*)$ for some $x_1^*,x_2^*in B(X)$, we have $x^* =x_1^*=x_2^*$.

We say that $x^*$ is a norming extreme point of $B(X)$ if $x^*$ is an extreme point of $B(X)$ that satisfies $x^*(x) = |x|$ for some $xin Xsetminus {0}$.

Question: If $x^*$ is an extreme point of $B(X)$, then is it true that
$$x^* = a_1x_1^* + cdots +a_n x_n^*$$
for some $ngeq 1$, $a_1,…,a_nin mathbb{R}$ and $x_1^*,…,x_n^*$ are norming extreme points of $B(X^*)$?

Real Vnc – System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can’t operate. Failed to connect to bus: Host is down

Once I install and try to run the program I get this message "System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can’t operate.
Failed to connect to bus: Host is down" .

I try to create a .service so it runs on systemd but can’t manage to make it work. Any ideas?

❓ASK – Can anyone sell real gold online as a profitable business ? | Proxies-free

There are few apps in my country selling and buying gold exclusively but only for local people (they ask for national id verification etc). You store your gold “digitally” but if you reach at least 1 gram you can ask for your gold to be sent physically to you for a small fee. It comes with national certification and all. In general the trend of investing in gold seems to be increasing here since few years ago. A lot of e-commerce, marketplace, or even mutual fund apps offer gold cashback.

identify this – Is there a real location that resembles Moominvalley?

I do hope this question belongs here…
I want to know if there is a specific place that bears the most resemblance to Moominvalley, which is a fictional valley where Tove Jansson’s books about the moomins take place.
Moomin books

It is probably based on Finland’s landscape, where the stories originated from, but I was wondering if there is any real valley that may be similar enough to moominvalley’s depictions in pictures (see below) and TV series?

Some artist’s representations of the valley:

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

By the way, I am aware of Moomin World, although I haven’t been there. Still, I’m looking for a natural place, not manmade.

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real analysis – Show set is not Jordan measurable

I have a set consisting of the points of a countably infinite, non-constant sequence on a compact set in $mathbb{R}$. I want to show that this isn’t Jordan measurable, but I am not quite sure how to approach it.

I know that the Bolzano–Weierstrass theorem applies so I know that there is a convergent subsequence. My approach is to try to show that boundary of the set does not have volume $0$ in order to show that the set is not Jordan measurable. However, I am not quite sure how to use the fact that it has convergent subsequence.