Security – DMZ Setup Reality Check?

Currently, some servers and networks in our network are being updated. I'm also looking for a reality check for our DMZ configuration. I put it together a long time ago and wonder if it is still relevant or if there is a better (safer) way.

I'm thinking specifically of our web server traffic. We have many web applications that users from outside our network need to access. Almost all of them need access to our internal Active Directory and sometimes to other internal services.

I've always hated putting the web servers in the DMZ and punching holes in the internal network for Active Directory and / or LDAP instead of setting up a reverse proxy in the DMZ and forwarding the Web requests from the DMZ to port 443/80 in the servers in the internal network (a bit like this example). It has worked well over the years, some applications work well with it and others are a bit of an attempt.

Anyway, before I update some of the servers in question (some are 2k8 R2, which will soon be EOL), I thought I would check everything. I know you can do this in other ways (for example, by putting the web servers into the DMZ with an RODC). I wonder if I need to change my setup (and what an alternative might look like) or if it is still valid.

Many thanks.

New Reality Game Social Network | Forum Promotion

I've started a new community where ORG players can band together to make a Facebook / Twitter-like experience. We have groups where group hosts can add group blogs, group forums, and group pages (wikis). We have a Hall of Fame points system where group players receive points and hosts points for successful group games.

Virtual Reality – Stage in Unity / SteamVR

I'm using this code below to step into a scene / next level in Steam VR (HTC Vive).
The whole idea is to obscure the scene loading icon, which is visible for 3-4 seconds, and the default Steam landscape scene. The transition (to red) works perfectly. BUT it will be displayed after the load icon, destroying the entire purpose. Is there an easy way to fix this? Many thanks

public class NewFade : MonoBehaviour {

private float _fadeDuration = 4f;

private void Start()

private void FadeFromWhite()
    //set start color
    SteamVR_Fade.View(, 0f);
    //set and start fade to
    SteamVR_Fade.View(Color.clear, _fadeDuration);


Javascript – How to recognize a marker in Ar.js (Augmented Reality)?

I want to know how to capture the event when a marker is detected in Ar.js. I declare:
What I am looking for is to know if it is possible to see information coming from an API by detecting a marker instead of displaying an object. To do this, I need to know the moment the marker is recognized, and know how to call a function to do the query, and then display the data in a, for example

dnd 5e – If I animate a corpse made real by the Illusory Reality ability, will it become an illusion after 1 minute?

To better explain my question, the process as such follows step by step (assuming the caster is able to cast and use all proposed abilities):

  • Wizard works main to create a corpse on the ground.
  • Spellcaster uses Illusory Reality as a bonus action to make the corpse real.
  • Wizard works Animate dead on the corpse.

Here is the suggested question. Illusory reality lasts only a minute. Does the creature remain undead, or does it become an illusion after a minute has passed and I have not left it as it was?

Please quote sources and keep your answer / interpretation RAW.

I do not really buy this idea that China wants a massive spy campaign for average Americans over Hauwei phones. Is not that a reality?

it's 6 out of a half-dozen of the other, there's no reason to want an opposing government to build the machines that control your communications network. Our objection, however, has led other countries to drop Hauwei as well, and this gives America a chance to catch up with China and win the 5G war, yes, it's an economic dominance, but that does not mean the concern is unfounded


Human Eye – What are some best practices for designing user interfaces in virtual reality?

In first-person perspective games, a four corner HUD based approach is typically used to display peripheral information to the player, e.g. Health indicator, mana, radar, etc.

This looks terrible in VR. What the player sees are four floating 2D squares that not only look bad, but can also cause eye strain when looking between the world and an occluding HUD element. Especially in the visual border area (see graphic).

From MozVR

I've seen some creative hierarchical menu solutions that include hand movement tracking (Leap Motion and Dexmo come to mind). Approaches like these disable the HUD as a whole and anchor information to objects in the world. In the case of Leap Motion / Dexmo, the moving arm of the player is the anchor for the menu.

I want to see what I (and others) can do to see basic information about it always stays in the field of view of the player.

Instead of positioning planar HUD elements in the visual border, they may be displayed as close to the center of the crosshairs as possible. For a health / manameter: Make it radial, invisible if there is no change, and semi-transparent if you want to see a change.

What do you think about this approach? Are there any examples of VR design practices that reconsider HUD conventions without anchoring them? In general, I think that these are minimalist solutions, as I have described above.

And to note, I understand that some things have to go. I have not yet found a good solution for Radar (though I like what Bungie did in her latest Destiny game with conventional breadcumb radar, which could be adapted to VR).

Is a keyword with low competition and high search volume just an illusion or a reality?

Hello webmasters !! Hope you guys are doing very well !! From the last two months, I'm thinking about starting a new blog on the home improvement or health and fitness category! Thousands of results came up when I searched for ideas on Google at Google, and almost everyone suggested I find a keyword with "high search volume" and "low" competition for it to rank quickly. I've obeyed almost everyone, but when I started doing keyword research on different keywords for home improvement and health and fitness niches in the Google Keyword Planner and some other tools on the Internet, I did not find any of those keywords that did not Competition and a high search volume has !! It will be a great help to me if you help me to answer the following questions.

1: Is there a way to find keywords with low competition, high search volume, and high CPC for earning?

2: Can I take the risk of working on competitive keywords? Is my time worth it? Will they rank for subdomain of Blogspot or WordPress

3: Which category is cheaper when it comes to making money from blogs? Health or fitness or home improvement.

4: Is Micro Niche Blogging Better Than Niche Blogging? and require less work for ranking purposes

A digital enthusiast

Virtual Reality – Difficulty converting Unity 3D Vive Focus

I get this error message below when I try to create and run the game. I downloaded the SDK package: Android Studio. I am new to this technology, every help is appreciated. The VR device is Vive Focus.

Error message below:
Extract Manifesto:

miniWaveSDKversion is zero!
NumDoFHmd is zero!
NumDoFController is zero!
NumController is zero!

Please make sure that this metadata is in your
Manifest corresponds to the abilities of your title.
This metadata affects how viveport store distributes and displays your title

Enter the image description here

Enter the image description here