embassies – Do I need a serious reason to enter a US Embassy as a US Citizen?

It’s possible that the answer will vary depending on the specific embassy/consulate, but to use the US Consulates in Australia as an example…

No, you can not. Even as a US citizen you are required to make an appointment to visit the consulate for non-emergency services.

As stated on the US Consulates Australian webpage :

To be allowed entry into the U.S. Consulates for routine
(non-emergency) services, you must make an appointment online.

There is seemingly an exception here for emergency services, however I doubt they would classify “I just wanna have a look around!” as an “emergency”.

The appointment system requires you to enter the purpose of your visit, and once again “just lookin'” isn’t on the list.

The equivalent page for Japan has different text, but still states that you must “schedule an appointment”

It’s worth keeping in mind that US consulates have an extremely high level of security, and the answer for other countries consulates/embassy will probably be different. For example, to access a US Consulate in Australia you need to have an appointment, have your bags X-rays, go through a metal detector, and leave all electronics at the security checkpoint. By contrast, to access an Australia consulate in the US you need to ring the doorbell (or at least, that’s been my experience at the Australian Consulate in San Francisco!)

exposure – In situations where you aren’t compelled to pick high ISO (low light/needing a high shutter speed), is there ever a reason to NOT prefer low ISO?

Given the same amount of exposure, sometimes you may prefer smaller or bigger aperture because you may want high or low depth of field.
Similarly, sometimes you may prefer slow or fast shutter speed, because you may want to freeze the action or you may want the blurred effect.

In case of ISO, is there ever a reason to prefer high ISO to low ISO , all other things being equal? (By all other things being equal, I mean exposure is the same i.e. image is properly exposed. Obviously changing the ISO means you will have to change the other 2 parameters to ensure same exposure.)

To clarify some confusion about what I mean, I will try to give a concrete example.

Let us say, you have five images of a well lit subject, shot with different apertures, all properly exposed (through adjusting the other two parameters). I can understand that one may choose the lowest aperture or the highest aperture image based on what kind of DOF he wants.

Similarly, if I have five properly exposed images with different shutter speeds, one can choose any of them based on whether they want blurry effect or freeze framed photo.

So, if I have five properly exposed images with different ISO settings, is there any reason one would not go for lowest one (apart from just the artistic/stylistic choice of someone who prefers higher noise in the image)?

My restrictions are deliberately designed to eliminate the situation where you need sufficient exposure and therefore HAVE to use high ISO. I’m not asking about when low light/moving subjects/potential camera movement with the lens already wide open conspire to prevent using lower ISO and getting proper exposure. I know, in those cases, you HAVE to use high ISO. I am asking about the cases where you do not HAVE to use high ISO.

Also, I found one other great answer by Matt Grum on this site which helped my understanding a lot. Thank you Saaru Lindestøkke for pointing me to that.

What is “ISO” on a digital camera?

The answer is in some places quite contrary to what is the common understanding about ISO settings, but if it is true (and from the huge upvotes in that answer, I assume it is true), then that is a very helpful answer.

exposure – Is there ever any reason to NOT prefer lower ISO?

exposure – Is there ever any reason to NOT prefer lower ISO? – Photography Stack Exchange

process scheduling – Reason that integers are used for priorities instead of float

Why are priorities always from a fixed set of integers? In operating systems priorities are integers typically between 1..MAX. But what is the reason that this is the case, when it would obviously be easier to place a new task between priority 2 and 3 with priority 2.5 instead? The way it is now, my scheduling can run out of priorities if my operating system has priorities between 1 and 10 and I need to schedule more than 10 different priorities or must re-arrange for a new task that should be between two subsequently scheduled tasks.

❓ASK – Possible reason why bitcoin can’t be used as a form of payment | Proxies-free

There are many of that want bitcoin to become integrated into our financial systems and for it to be a main stream form of payment so that we can easily transact with the crypto that we have either earned or that we have been able to mine over our time in the crypto world. However, in my opinion, perhaps this may not happen anytime soon. We all know that trading in the crypto world is due to the volatile nature of the coins, however this volatility that allows us to profit from crypto, could be the very reason why bitcoin can’t be integrated into the financial system.

If bitcoin is used as a payment and the value changes over the course of the day, there is a disadvantage to the buyer or the merchant. Depending on the direction of the change there will be a loss on either of the two side. This is not good for business as merchants can end up selling things for cheaper than they bought it for (loss) or buyers could be paying more than what it is worth (a loss for them).

what do you think? do you agree with my reasoning? Could the trading potential of the coins be the cause of it not being integrated as a min form of payment?

minify – Why is minify_html a dev option and is there any reason not to use it in production

The config node for minify_html sits under the developer node. Its only possible to access the developer tab in the admin when the store is in developer mode. In production mode its only possible to change the minify_html config via the command line.

Why would Magento choose to namespace minifty_html under the ‘dev’ node? Is this an option which should only be used in development and not in production?

usa – Visa denied with reason INA212a6ci although the interview was successful

So the interview was successful but something else was found that led to her refusal. It could have been found before the interview and the interviewer did not know yet, after the interview, or while checking something she stated in the interview.

All the information is at https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/visa-denials.html

The embassy has found you materially misrepresented something on your application or during the process. NA212a6ci means she can never get a visa unless this is resolved. Your only recourse is for your sister or her lawyer (not a relative) to contact the embassy or consulate to seek clarification. No other recourse exists. The reason for denial, the process, and who to contact are all spelled out at the above link.

junit – What’s the reason for wiremock instead of Mockito in integration tests

I enjoyed the process of writing an integration test for a system that relies on http, by mocking such end-points with Wiremock, and I feel upskilled, having wrestled with Matchers.

Now, Wiremock as a standalone server is very useful for multiple reasons but, although it has neat integration with JUnit, I don’t get the point in choosing it, instead of, for example, Mockito, as a mocking framework in tests. Someone, please school me.

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