8 – How can I customize the Captcha / ReCaptcha error message?

I want to change how the error message appears when a user does not meet the Recpatcha error.

Right now it's just text over my form, but I'd rather have it modal or at least red.

I checked the template folder in both the Captcha module and ReCaptcha, but found nothing for the error message.

Is there a way to make the error message?

WHMCS Please help me to fix the error when shutting down reCaptcha V1


We receive hundreds of spam tickets that activate the standard captcha (5-character verification code).
If you attempted to use Google's Recaptcha with all the keys you have set up, the captcha & # 39; reCaptcha V1 Shutdown & # 39; on.
Even if I generate a new v2 key, I get the same error message. please help

Many Thanks

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captcha – Contact Form 7 with Recaptcha

After the update contact form 7 to v5.1.1 the widget disappears.

After creating a new Captcha for the site with recaptchaV3, I have an error in the console:

reCAPTCHA could not find a user-provided function: recaptchaCallback

recaptcha__pl.js: 518 Error not found: Invalid site key or not loaded in api.js: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
at Object.je [as execute] (recaptcha__pl.js: 518)
when executing ((index): 743)
at IH (recaptcha__pl.js: 517)
at oH (recaptcha__pl.js: 512)
at recaptcha__pl.js: 524
at recaptcha__pl.js: 543

How do I fix this?

Problem with reCAPTCHA and Webform 8.x – User replied "Google no Captcha", but the solution was "1"

After releasing reCAPTCHA and sending the form, I get an error:
The answer you entered for the CAPTCHA was incorrect.

Last log message says:

webform_submission_ID post blocked by CAPTCHA module: challenge reCAPTCHA (by module recaptcha), user replied "Google no captcha", but the solution was "1".

I could not find a working solution. I've already tried updating the reCAPTCHA and Captcha modules to a newer version. Also trying to update the Drupal core.

Any suggestions?

I use Drupal Core 8.5.8 and ReCaptcha 8.x-2.3