ethereum – Receive 10% of total mining premiums. what's your opinion on this?

Masternodes on the Bither platform receive 10% of the total mining lease

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Providing security and authentication of the Bither platform is one of the key issues that has been extensively reviewed and reviewed to explore possible algorithms.

The innovative and optimal solution ultimately selected by the Bither Platform team (after a long process and full validation of the algorithms) was based on two complementary and comprehensive methods. The first methodology goal is to increase the initial difficulties in automatically and intelligently validating each master node that wants to be active in the Bither network. The second method is based on the use of the smart-judgment concept by the Bither platform itself.


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dnd 5e – Can mounts be attacked instead of their mount, and which characters in the battleship receive occasional attacks?

This is a question that I have raised with my group, and although I have made a decision, I hope for a more authoritative answer (sage advice?).

The rules for reported battles do not seem to specify exactly how targeting works attack action, I summarized the mechanics of PHB 198 below, with the last rule shown in italics, as it is the subject of this question:

A mount is:

  • A willing creature
  • At least one size larger
  • has an adequate anatomy to drive

Mounted and dismantled:

  • If you are within 5 feet of a mount, you will need half your speed of movement for assembly or disassembly
  • If the mount is moved against the will or you are prone, you will be exposed to the mount at 5 feet (5 feet).
  • If the mount becomes prone, it will be removed within 5 feet of the mount. You also become vulnerable if you do not spend your reaction.

Actions and Movement:

  • A controlled mount must be a trained or domesticated creature that matches your initiative while riding. You can move the mount at its speed, and only add a dash, deactivation, or dodge when it is effective. Controlled mounts can move and work in the round in which they are mounted.
  • Independent mounts must be intelligent creatures, acting independently, maintaining their initiative order, movement, and full agency (presumably actions, bonus actions, reactions, etc.).
  • If a mount triggers an opportunity attack while riding, the attacker may target the mount or rider,

The target rules of a Attack of opportunity is specified, but can be attack action are you also targeting the mount or the rider when the mount is aiming?

By default, Mounted Combatant Feat suggests that by default, attacks target the mount by default, but it remains unclear whether the driver is allowed to hit the target on each mount:

  • "You can Makes an attack aimed at your mount to target you "

As a final related question which mounted fights of an independent mount and rider can use their reaction to make an opportunity attack against an enemy leaving the fields lying next to the mount?

I assume, but it can be wrong, that a controlled mount loses its bonus actions and reactions and thus can not execute an opportunity attack.

Gmail – If someone releases a Google document or presentation for me, I will no longer receive an email notification. How can I fix this?

When a teacher or peer releases a Google Doc, presentation, or spreadsheet for me, it will no longer show up in Gmail. I checked my spam, trash and all my folders. It was used to send a notification, and the feature is still available to my colleagues. Does anyone know how to fix it?

How can I receive confirmations?

I would like to reuse an address that I thought of using api, which returns the amount sent to the address when the acknowledgment reaches the set parameter. If I send more BTC to the same address, the confirmation parameter will not work anymore. Is the other solution for that?

[ Politics ] Open Question: If convicted, should Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin receive more or less prison sentences than Paul Manafort?

[ Politics ] Open Question: If convicted, should Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin receive more or less prison sentences than Paul Manafort? ,