ios – Automatically receive the data usage update of the current billing cycle from mobile service providers at set intervals?

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With ATT / AT & T I can write SMS


from my iPhone to get the data usage for the current billing cycle.
Is there a way to do this programmatically, for example, that I automatically get text every Wednesday at 13:00?

sharepoint online – I would like to receive the user email via API REST

I plan to retrieve the user ID (or information such as email … etc) using API REST.'c:0t.c|tenant|f5890ec2-77a7-4522-ac2b-ca9404278be6'

This request returns all the information of the selected user to me.

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but I just want to get his badge.

Thank you very much

Receive legitimate emails in a spam folder

On my @hotmail Address I receive emails from a specific address in spams, although the expeditor is in my contact list.

Not all e-mails from this address go directly to spam. Some of them are in the filtered folder I created. This may depend on whether it is a reply, a new email or an answer to all patterns).

If you mark each email as non-spam, nothing will change to the next one I'll receive.

Can I do something? Since the emails are deleted after a short time (this seems to be completely random, sometimes it's 30 days, sometimes it's seven days, some of them have no countdown).

Domain Name System – A record points to a new web host, but local clients still receive certificate errors

Our main site has been moved to a new web host and domain. We control our DNS and have been instructed to change the A record for to point to the new host

We lowered the TTL about a week before the change and made the change on November 1st.

Since then, some, not all customers, eg. Mobile devices and desktops with different browsers receive certificate errors when they navigate to We were told that this issue occurs with the local clients who previously visited the site and cached the old certificate for In addition, it would be easiest to migrate DNS to new name servers, forcing local clients to delete the old certificate.

This is nearly only makes sense to me if I do not understand why the problem persists when I clear my SSL status and browser cache.

Why do you still see certificate errors while surfing to It should only be redirected to

Why do conservatives believe that poor people should not receive the same quality of health care as rich people?

Health care should not be considered as a commodity because access to quality health care is essential to survival.

Poor people should receive the same quality of health care as wealthy people, and that includes access to health care

Countries with universal health care have MUCH better health outcomes than the unequal health care system in the US.

Obviously, conservatives do not say anything about poor people.

Probability – Does the linear interpolation of two random domains receive the randomness?

I have generated a number z from one area (x, y) and want to assign z to another area (p, q).

This can be achieved by linear interpolation as follows: one-area-to another area

and here:

The relationship I want to achieve is something like this:

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10
25, 25, 25, 26, 26, 26, 27, 27, 27, XX

Where x, y is the range 1-10, p, q is 25-27

If z = 7, the & # 39; equivalent would be & # 39; in the second range about 27, but this would require that one of the intervals be rounded up or down so that it is not completely accurate.

My question is, does the above relationship be achieved through linear interpolation, and if so, preserves & # 39; the relationship the randomness?

For example, if I had rolled a dice, the second interpolated value would be the same "cube", so to speak, but in the context of a cube with more sides?

angular – ionic 4- Receive the variable update with BehaviorSubject

At home, I have a list of products that clicks to open the product modal with a button to put them in the cart. If you add, the amount will be displayed next to the icon. I want that when I close this modal app.component Update the icon in the footer. I need to update this cart with the modal value that was closed without updating.


 public totalShop: BehaviorSubject;

 constructor() {
    this.totalShop = new BehaviorSubject('0');       

 setTotalShop(val) {;    

  clearTotalShop() {'0');

    return this.totalShop.asObservable();


    quantidade = quantidade +1


 subscription: Subscription;

 ngOnInit(): void {
   this.subscription = => this.quantshop = val);


  providers: (servico)


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Attempt to programmatically generate unused receive address from an xPub

I am trying to use the PyWallet Python library to generate unused xPub bitcoin addresses.
I received the xPub from my BIP32 Electrum wallet.

Here's what I tried

from pywallet import wallet

WALLET_PUBKEY = 'xpub....'

# Generate a random address, based on timestamp
rand_addr = wallet.create_address(network="BTC", xpub=WALLET_PUBKEY)

print("Random Addressn", rand_addr)

I sent a few cents of Bitcoin to the printed address, but I did not receive it.
What is wrong here and what is the solution?

Development process – where do the developers of programming frameworks and packages receive money from?

I am a beginner developer who has been studying various recent programming language frameworks such as Laravel, Vuejs, Flutter, etc. lately. As we know, these frameworks still contain many packages or other dependencies that make it easier for programmers to create programs.

However, I'm curious where the creators of the framework have the money from? Is this framework not free (open source)? Even more curious about me, where do the developers of the packages from the framework get the money? These packages like vuetify, vue swall, faker, jwt auth, oauth, etc.

Actually, I'm very interested in creating packages for specific frameworks. But I sometimes think, what benefits can I get after I can make the package? Is it just a feeling of pride, because the package is used by many people? Or just wait for donations to pay me?

Bitcoin Core – Waiting time to receive / send transactions

I'm on Ubuntu 16.04, with the latest version of Bitcoin Core, syncing and working.

I would like to know why there is a small delay of about 1 second, sometimes more, before a received transaction is displayed on the console, for example when we run it bitcoind -printoconsoleFor example, when I check the broadcast text on, I can see that the transaction has arrived 1 or 2 seconds before I even see it on my node. Why is there a delay? I've tried another Ubuntu server with a super fast connection and it's the same thing. By the way, it is the same when I send a Tx, it is sent and appears 1-2 seconds later on the network.

So my question is, why is there such a delay on a node? Can you reduce it?

I have already asked the same question about the Bitcoin repo on Github, and I am told that it is a deliberate delay against attackers. What I do not understand is why Blockchain has access to it before the node. If they can, we can do that too, right?

Just like a few years ago and even months ago, some brainwallets were exchanged within milliseconds.

Thank you in advance !