If someone had told you in 2016 that Trump's presidency would end in a massive recession and the country would die, you would have been surprised?

Honestly no. Trump was an unfortunate mistake. I really hope we won't vote for him again.

(I should add that the pandemic was not his fault, but he could have handled it better.) Sometimes I feel bad for Trump. He has to suffer a lot with his narcissistic personality, which he makes so much fun of. But the bottom line is we can't choose him again.

Conservatives wrongly blamed Obama for the 2008 recession. Is Trump wrongly blamed for the 2020 Corona Virus?

Obama was not responsible for the recession. The liberal socialist policy of loosening lending standards and creating a government-owned toilet to dispose of the bad credit from the failed terrible experiment that never had to take place. That caused the financial collapse and the recession.

Obama was responsible for the slowest recovery in history. After the initial jump in stimulus, we had a very unusual recovery that has not been seen since the Great Depression. H. She only crept along with a very slow growth and a massive number of people who did not work, gave up looking and were unemployed.

Let us not be confused about the facts of the story.