hard drive – Cloning the `D:` disk: how do I recognize the right `if=/dev/`?

Last time when I cloned my data HDD the task was easy. I had 4TB source and 8TB target.
Now it is worse: I have two 8TB disks. My question is obvious: how do I recognize from lsblk
the right paths to if=/dev and of=/dev so that I do not destroy my disk with wrong target and wrong source switched in if and of parameters to dd ??


I’m running ubuntu 20.10 desktop from an USB stick Kingston Traveller.


In fact the situation is for the time being hypothetical . I haven’t
now the second 8TB disk with me, I just wanted to know how to cope with it once I have it.
Last, but not least I think that it is not a good idea to plug and unplug
the empty disk while the system is up to recognize which I can safely delete,
i.e. which should be the argument of of=.

SER doesn’t correctly recognize wordpress.com — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈

Hi @Sven, long time no see,

I’ve got a little issue with SER. I’ve modified the wordpress Article engine. Not much just reduced the verification times a bit.

Since then SER somtimes recognizes a wordpress.com URL as Wodrpess Artilce – mod.

I’ve tried adding this to the WordPress Article mod engine:
url must have5=!*wordpress.com*

also added a couple of more page must have lines to the WordPress XMLRPC lines. Now there are 7 in total and there are only 4 in the modded engine.

If I disable the modded engine and only leave the wordpress xmlrpc engine on then ser successfully posts to the url once it tries a couple of times.

itunes – Laptop doesn’t recognize my Iphone

I need to connect my Iphone to iTunes, when it’s plugged in, iphone starts to charge but there is no notification,and also nothing in device manager, i installed correct 64 bit iTunes and what comes with it, a driver, I tried it on 2 other laptops and one computer,also I checked it with 2 cables. Service is setted on automatic and i tried to restart it, no result.

Why the class of H-trivial monoids corresponds to the variety of aperiodic monoids, .i.e. monoids that can recognize star-free languages?

I have two similar questions, one about the H-trivial monoids and one about the R-trivial monoids.

  1. I cannot see the reason why H-trivial monoids, i.e., the monoids where H induced classes are singletons, coincide with the variety A of aperiodic monoids, also characterized as the monoids that satisfy the monoid equation $x^omega x=x$.
  2. Similarly, I don’t understand why R-trivial monoids, i.e., the monoids where R induced classes are singletons, coincide with monoids that satisfy the monoid equation $(xy)^omega x=(xy)^omega$.


  1. $x^omega$ is defined as the limit $limlimits_{krightarrowinfty} x^{k!}$.
  2. the relation $R$ is defined as $xRy iff xM=yM$.
  3. the relation $L$ is defined as $xLy iff Mx=My$.
  4. the relation $H$ is defined as $xHyiff xRy land xLy$.

display – MacBook Pro (16″ 2019) Does Not Recognize Correct Resolution

I’m having a rather annoying issue with my MacBook Pro 16″ 2019 device since upgrading to macOS Big Sur. Every time I plug my device to my 4K monitor into the device (via USB-C to USB-C, or USB-C to DisplayPort), macOS will show a maximum resolution of 1600×900 but my monitor’s recommended resolution is 3840 x 2160.

Photo shows the Display setting screen, with resolution of 1080p selected

I currently have a workaround to resolve the issue which is the following:

  1. I switch from 1080p resolution to 1600×900
  2. Un-plug the cable, and plug it back in again
  3. Then switch to 3840×2160

This process can be tedious and take a while to complete (between switching resolutions). Is there any solutions which people are aware of?

These are the details of the device and monitor

  • macOS Version: 11.2.3
  • Model: MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
  • Processor: 2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4GB
  • Monitor: BenQ EW327OU

These are the things which I’ve done to date

  • I can’t pin the issue on the monitor, as I’ve been using a MacBook Pro (2017) with the monitor for a week or so without a single problem.
  • Used ColorSync to repair any issues with the monitor profiles
  • Used various other cables such as HDMI, USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to DisplayPort.
  • Reset NVRAM and SMC
  • Re-installed macOS
  • I can’t reproduce the error in Windows via Bootcamp, so I’m confident it’s OS related.

Google Sheets – Formula to find difference between two values and recognize if the number difference is positive or negative

Hope my blabbering will make sense to someone.

I’m trying to create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to record profits and losses.
I’ve used the =ABS(A1-A2) formula to get the differences in between two cells values, but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t recognize negative number differences.

For Example:
Cell A1 is $10.00, and cell A2 is $7.50. The difference in that is -$2.50. It does that, but it marks it as ‘$2.50’, not ‘-$2.50’.

Does anyone know a formula or a way for Google Sheets to recognise whether the value in Cell A2 is lower or higher than the cell in A1?

Any help would be appreciated, have been trying to work this out for an hour!

windows – All my games installed on second drive, now can’t get Steam to recognize them

So I was running out of room on my first drive (C), so I installed a second drive (2tb NVME), named it “M”, and went into Steam and moved my game installs all over to M. I thought I was moving them all to a folder I made called “games”, but upon second look it seems that only the icons were moved there. However all the games seem to now be in a folder called “SteamLibrary”. So that’s good, I still have all the game installs.

I uninstalled Steam (and SteamVR), and reinstalled them – I was hoping to install Steam on M, but I think they installed back on C, because now on C, under ProgramFilesx86 I have:

-   “Steam” folder
-   within it “config”, “logs, and “steam”

On M, I have:

-   “Steam” folder
-   Within it, too many folders to type out here, including another “steamapps” folder 
-   “Steam Backups” folder
-   “steamapps” folder (yes, a third one..)
-   “SteamLibrary” folder
-   Within it, all my game installs

In Steam settings -> downloads -> Steam Library Folders, it’s set at M:Steam. I tried to add the folder “M:SteamLibrary”, but I get a message that the selected drive already has a Steam library folder. Steam will manage multiple game installs in a single folder for you.”

I’m not sure what to do here. I have all my games installed in M:SteamLibrary, but for the life of me I can’t get Steam to recognize them there.

Please if anyone knows how I can get this sorted I’ll be so grateful! Thanks in advance for any help!

Java app doesn’t recognize OpenJDK (from AdoptOpenJDK)

I’ve removed Oracle’s Java from my Mac (running 10.14 Mojave), and then installed OpenJDK from AdoptOpenJDK.

I can run Eclipse using the OpenJDK, and the terminal tells me

 $ java -version
 openjdk version "1.8.0_282"
 OpenJDK Runtime Environment (AdoptOpenJDK)(build 1.8.0_282-b08)
 OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (AdoptOpenJDK)(build 25.282-b08, mixed mode)

However, I have a Java app that now tells me “Unable to load Java runtime environment” upon start.

It looks like the app does not find the Java runtime, but I have no idea why that is so and how I could fix it?

webserver – Apache on localhost doesn’t recognize a website unless I include the full path to index.html

Using MacOS 11.1 Big Sur, I’m developing static websites on my localhost, with the files accessible under /Library/Web Server/Documents.

Unless I include the full path to the website, including the index.html section, the website fails to load. I can even reproduce this with the standard “it works” file:

enter image description here

How can I get Apache to check for the presence of the index.html file?