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What Is The One Pc Game You Would Recommend Others Play?


software – Where do you recommend that I start on my programming quest?

I do embedded programming as a hobby and have just moved from assembly to C, I use the microchip platform with MPLAB. I have a project which I want to turn into a product, it is interfaced via USB. Now while I have the embedded side worked out I now need to work out the host side, my PC. My product is a measuring device which captures basic data, it also requires data from the host in order to setup sensor parameter data.
I use a basic software called CoolTerm which is a USB serial terminal that I can use to communicate with my embedded system, however that is only good for verifying basic parts of my program.
I need to build a software that can communicate via USB, the software will require a settings page which sends data to my product to set up the sensors. Some basic drop down menus, user buttons and most importantly a graph so I can plot the data from the product. I figure that in terms of building a software this is probably on the more basic / easier side of things.
Now I’m currently not working so have lots of time to learn, but I need to get this worked out ideally in the next month.
I do eventually plan to go back to school and learn all this properly, but for now time is important.
Where do you recommend that I start, such as websites, resources and most importantly, what language?
I do have an 11th edition reference book on Java, but reluctant to read it if it’s the wrong path.
I also don’t mind paying for a particular IDE if it’s worth it.

java – Which tools which simplifies scalability problem with websockets you can recommend?

Assume I have made a jar app crypto-fetcher.jar which streams crypto currencies quotes from the crypto provider by websockets to my Kafka broker. How to make it horizontally scalable, fault tolerance and resilence?

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  1. Fetchers.
    I can add more smaller jars on many servers. For instance instead of one:
java -jar -crypto-fetcher.jar "ALL"

I can run multiple:

java -jar -crypto-fetcher.jar "BTC"
java -jar -crypto-fetcher.jar "ETH"
java -jar -crypto-fetcher.jar "..."

and join this in kafka streaming.

Fault tolerant / Resillence
What if my fetcher will die?
What if my provider will die?
Should I run every jar many times (replicas) on different servers and use many crypto providers? How to manage it?

Implementing my own solution to safe scaling will take me ages. Are there any tools which already do it?

java – Recommend me Android development course after “Android Basics in Kotlin”

I’m learning Android development in course Android Basics in Kotlin in Google site. Just finished 1st unit and I’m surprised how high quality content it is as I don’t have basic programming knowledge. I took 10 of 35 hours course in Udemy before of some Indian which looked much worse and unclear for me. What the next course should I take after I finish this. Any suggestions? Has anybody finished this course and taking some more advanced afterwards? It isn’t written what next course should I take. One option would be go down like in this page to “Learn the Kotlin language”, “Use common Kotlin patterns with Android” and etc. Another option would be go down to the other courses in this page.