Device Recommendation – Schedule the recording time of the video camera

Is there a video camera for which I can set the recording time (ie Sunday 10-12, 18-19, Monday 9-13 etc.)? A second feature is the need to record a video in a range of 10-200 meters. Functions such as IR (infrared) for night vision and WLAN are also considered. Since the video can be recorded indoors or outdoors. It can also be used while traveling and must be as compact as possible.

Device Recommendation – Does upgrading my camera body improve my live music photography?

Currently I have used an EOS M100 with the standard 15-45mm, f3.5-6.3 lens.
I recently purchased a Sigma 17-50, f2.8 lens and an adapter to match the lens to the mirrorless M100.

How rewarding would you see people taking on a new body. How much would I spend on it to find comparable better picture quality, better photos in low light conditions, and faster focus (or will this be a major feature of the lens). I realize that the lens is not an ideal Lowlight lens.

Right now I'm concentrating on live music events, so I thought that would serve those purposes.

Please share your thoughts, I know very little about photography at a professional level, but I am passionate and aggressive in its pursuit.
Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it.

Linux OS recommendation for Oracle XE on a virtual machine?

I am asked for advice on how best to proceed, and some of them are still new:

I want to deploy a virtual machine just to handle a copy of the Oracle XE database. Currently, only one Windows Server 2012 R2 server is running Microsoft SQL Server that connects to all Windows 10 Pro users.

I came across a problem where I am most likely forced to set up a lean Oracle database. I'm trying to avoid expensive licenses and looking for recommendations on which operating system to use for the VM. I'm not so familiar with Linux, but maybe it's the right way?

Users run a program that needs to connect to the Oracle database to query and return results. This database is then updated weekly and needs to download external data about oracle .dmp files (so I am forced to use oracles).

Any recommendations, alternatives or pointers that point in the right direction are appreciated.

Color Management – White Point recommendation for printing on print and website for display

If you want to be ISO compliant¹ for printing, you must use D50 in a display environment that also complies with the D50 standard. D50 was chosen because it comes very close to daylight in cloudy skies.

If you use a different white point, there is a risk of metamerism if the prints are displayed under standard D50 conditions.

On the other hand, D65 has become more or less de facto Standard for many in the graphics industry, where almost everything is displayed on a monitor and nobody is worried about what to print. Many mobile devices aim for D65.

In either case, you can not guarantee that your customers will be viewing online photos on a D50 or D65 compliant device. You also have no way to know the lighting conditions under which purchased prints are displayed.

The ISO standard for displaying printouts and displaying images on a monitor (D50) should guide your choice. The best you can hope for is that the viewer of your images has also created a viewing environment that conforms to the same standard.

¹ The standard is ISO 3664: 2009. You need a registered (paid) user account to view it directly online on the ISO website.

Device Recommendation – Is there a studio flash system that supports wireless Canon E-TTL (not E-TTLII)?

I was assigned to equip a studio.

We use Canon EOS movie cameras and Canon EOS digital cameras.

The Canon EOS film cameras support E-TTL flash metering, and the digital ones support E-TTLII metering.

Our ideal setup is a large studio flash with a radio transmitter that allows us to easily switch between the flashguns of both camera types.

I have found many studio flash units with E-TTLII transmission systems. Do you think that these will only work with E-TTL?

Apart from that, my other solution is to use a Speedlite and a wireless hotshow transmitter that have been released simultaneously with the EOS movie cameras and are compatible with the newer ones.

I do not want to invest in a flash meter yet, unless someone can recommend one that is not crazy expensive?

Thanks for all the help.

Equipment recommendation – Which tripod heads are suitable for panorama photography?

I would like to buy a tripod, but I'm not sure which heads fit my purpose and my budget of about 250 €. In particular, the application has been split between panoramic, "normal travel" and macro photography, with Panorama probably being the most important
for the choice of the tripod system. Creating panoramas would be greatly facilitated by independent vertical and horizontal axis adjustments. From what I've read on this question, something like a pan / tilt or gearhead would probably deliver that, but it seems generally to be the wisdom that a ball-head offers more flexibility in all other cases and the need for the Leveling eliminates the tripod for simple shots, if I'm not mistaken.

Another idea was to get a tripod base with a ball head so that I could align the headgear and then turn the head horizontally (assuming the head has a 360º twist without touching the ball), but if the head does a ball head that would still encounter the same problems with vertical tilting.

In short, suggestions for resolving this issue are very welcome. I'm aware that practically everything would be a major step forward in handheld shooting, and I might reconsider that, but it would be stupid to buy gear that is fundamentally not optimal for my purposes.

Make money for every recommendation!

Make money for every recommendation!

7 – To the recommendation link from the Callback menu

I have a view whose way is / allview / new with a button pointing to / custom / method / 123. Clicking this button triggers a custom method. I want it to redirect back to the calling view. I can not write drupal_goto('allview/new') because I want this value to be dynamic.

I tried with drupal_get_destination() but that always returns /custom/method/123, $_SERVER('REFERRER') does not work either

I can use successfully drupal_get_destination() in other hooks but not in menu callbacks.