DNS record – DKIM TXT on AWS Route53

DNS record – DKIM TXT on AWS Route53 | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. DNS record – DKIM TXT on AWS Route53

    I am using AWS Route53 DNS Management
    When I try to add a .txt record for (DKIM), I get the error message that the value is too long.
    Check this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/p932lf
    Any suggestions for solving this problem?

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Data – Is using Redis correct to save a record?

I have a specific question about using Redis for caching. This is the problem. We have separate microservices for reading and writing to the database. A service that provides reads to DB sites does not make any changes, and the services you want to change can not be used to query databases. (Think of CQRS). To increase efficiency, the team is considering using Redis. and here is my question.

Since Redis is hosted separately, making network calls and retrieving data is more expensive. redis supports only 5 types of data structures. In order to get denormalized data, a view like a dataset is likely to be needed to fulfill the lookups in the dataset, many different types of structures are required. Does it make sense to use Redis in this case?

How do I save a record in C?

I have created a simple C registry program, but I can not save a done registry:


 //ínicio do struct
 struct Pessoa
char nome(60);
int cidade(60);
int idade;
int idadePai;
int idadeMae;
int filhos;
float renda;
enum Sexo {Masculino, Feminino};
//Fim do struct

int main()
int escolha;

setlocale(LC_ALL, "Portuguese");

//While do menu
printf("Nenhuma opção escolhida");

printf("n----------------------- ");
printf("n1 - Entrevistar uma pessoa ");
printf("n2 - Mostrar os resultados ");
printf("n3 - Sair ");
printf("n----------------------- ");
printf("nEscolha uma opção: ");

switch (escolha)
  case 1:
    printf("Entrevista: ");
      struct Pessoa pessoas(3);

for(int i = 0; i < sizeof(pessoas)/sizeof(pessoas(0)); i++)
    printf("Pessoa %d:n", i);
    printf("Nome:t ");
    scanf("%c", &pessoas(i).nome);
    printf("Sexo:t ");

    //Ínicio do enum sexo
     enum Sexo sexo;

printf("0 - Masculinot 1 - Femininot");
scanf("%d", &sexo);

    case Masculino:    puts("Masculino");    break;
    case Feminino:     puts("Feminino");     break;
    default:           puts("Desconhecido");
//Fim do enum


    printf("Idade:t ");
    scanf("%d", &pessoas(i).idade);
    printf("Cidade:t ");
    scanf("%c", &pessoas(i).cidade);
    printf("Idade pai:t ");
    scanf("%d", &pessoas(i).idadePai);
    printf("Idade mãe:t ");
    scanf("&d", &pessoas(i).idadeMae);
    printf("Filhos:t ");
    scanf("%d", &pessoas(i).filhos);
    printf("Renda:t ");
    scanf("%f", &pessoas(i).renda);

  case 2:
    printf("Resultados: ");
  case 3:
    printf("Sair: ");

    return 0;
    printf("Opção inválida");


elementary set theory – How can I correctly record an operation for all elements of a set?

Suppose I have two sets of arbitrary numbers, A and B. How do I note, for example, by multiplying each member of? $ {A_i} $ by $ {B_i} $to create the set C with each member, $ C_i $ equal $ {A_i * B_i} $(not Cartesian product). e.g. $ C in {a_1 * b_1, a_2 * b_2, …, a_i * b_i } $,

At first I thought Sigma would demonstrate the idea, but the second thought I think $ { sum A_i * B_i} $ would not imply my intentions per se, but rather that I add the product of each pair to the single value C.

So how exactly would it be best to note this? Note that the product was just an example, I am looking for a general method.

ajax – Reloads the data when deleting a record

I have the following inconvenience. I have two scripts, one of which contains the list of query data. The function is called list (). In another script, it's called function delete (). All right, but if I delete the record, I need to refresh the page to make it look like. The result is that you need to register the spreadsheet without reloading the page. Many thanks. I append the first list script that calls the delete function from the last column.

// delete calling function from the list function

// I do not know how to update without refreshing the page each time I delete the registry

SQL Server – Select a column if a specific type of child record exists. Otherwise, a fallback will occur

I have a table named Order, and an order contains several child records in the OrderStatus table.
The order status contains steps that follow the progress of an order. The job status contains a date / time field with a timestamp when the particular status was completed.

I need to retrieve the date stamp of a particular status type (eg XX) if it exists for the order. Otherwise, the date of status YY is used.

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