recovery – How to bypass iMac 2015 Firmware Password?

first of all, I apologize for my bad english
I have a question and I will be really happy if someone can help me.
A while ago I bought an imac from 2015 as used ( so I don`t have any invoice) but lately I miss some speed and because of this I decided to upgrade HDD to SSD. When I did it and wanted to do a clean install, I got a padlock on the screen, “So frimware password”, and I don’t have this one.
I tried to go to recovery mode via Command + R, but when I pressed that, it asks again for the password.
boot via USB failed.
NVRM reset failed
memory replacement, not helped

Does anyone have any idea about this ??

redmi – Stuck in ”Reboot recovery 3.0(Bootloop)” after changing dpi settings in developer options

I am stuck in a recovery mode which is like a bootloop, on my REDMI NOTE 9 PRO MAX. I tried to search for help on internet but i am not able to understand anything. I get 3 options on tge recovery page, 1]reboot:whoch ends in a bootloop. 2]WIPE DATA:i can’t wipe my data because I have importantstuff in it and i don’t have a back-up. 3]CONNECT WITH MIASSISTANT :i don’t know what that is.

Plz help

Htc desire 628 bootloop in recovery mode after flashing TWRP

I flashed my phone with twrp, tried to enter recovery mode through the bootloader, but now it’s on endless boot, how can I fix that?

In download mode:

hTC download mode

*** UNLOCKED ***
htc_v36bml_uhl PVT S-ON
Aug  2 2016, 19:11:15(788931)

(options here)

Detecting smart card...
Reboot to ftm mode failed due to NOT_FIND_SMART_IO

In bootloader:

*** Software status: Modified ***
*** Unlocked ***


When i select to boot to recovery mode, appears message, which says ‘This build is for development purposes only’, after that’s boot freezes. OEM unlocked and USB debugging enabled

scdpm – DPM 2019: Consumed storage of protection group does not shrink after deletion of recovery points

I had a protection group with a retention range of 20 days. I already had 20 recovery points available. I decided to reduce the retention range to 14 days. Over night, the amount of recovery points was reduced to 14. Surprisingly, the amount of consumed storage for this protection group did not decrease at all!

With less recovery points, I expect the storage consumption to decrease. Am I wrong? How can I successfully shrink the consumed storage after removal of recovery points?

bitcoin core – BTC wallet recovery: I have a 17 word backup, what do I do?

I have a 17 word seed phrase …

Usually seed-phrases are 12, 18 or 24 words long. You can often add some extra phrase of your own, but even so, 17 words seems wrong.

… from a 10 year old Bitcoin-qt/core? …

Bitcoin-qt/core has never used seed phrases.

Electrum was first released in late 2011 and used seed phrases – it used a proprietary system that has since been superseded by the standard BIP39 system for seed phrases.

… acct

The accounts feature in Bitcoin core was dropped some years ago.

There was never a private key per account. I believe Bitcoin-qt’s accounts were mainly a way of organising addresses. The current equivalent is labels.

When people write about accounts, I always suspect they mean an online custodial account rather then a normal wallet. Bitcoin was intended as digital cash that each person looks after themselves without the need for any trusted third party. Accounts are associated with giving your money to some trusted third-party business and hoping they look after it for you. Some businesses call their customer accounts “wallets”, which I think is misleading, but that’s just one man’s opinion.

17 letter associated private-key itself. It starts with “q” and has two commas and a space in it?

I don’t think that is how Bitcoin private-keys are normally encoded. There are several encodings but the most common is probably Wallet Interchange Format (WIF)

One guy said Electrum, but it didn’t help decipher the individual words

The individual words of a BIP-39 seed phrase are not ever deciphered. They are not the result of enciphering some plaintext. The whole phrase is the input to a mathematical operation (not encryption, decryption, encipherment or decipherment) whose result is a number that can be used as a private-key. The words are not intended to be processed individually.

I think Electrum is a good candidate but the information you are feeding it is not what would be expected. You also need to make sure that you are using electrum in a way that is appropriate for a legacy seed-phrase rather than the current system it normally uses.

With the information you have so far, I don’t see any way to recreate your wallet – the information isn’t consistent with typical use of Bitcoin-qt of around 2011. I’d look for other information, files on disk, backups, emails, records of downloaded software, etc.