ios appstore – Re-Downloading an app after switching Apple ID country: Does the old app data stay (stored files, level progress in games, …)?

I need to change the country of my Apple ID, and I already found that fortunately any apps that did cost money will be available for free download after I do this (as long as the app exists in my new country of course).

But I couldn’t find out whether the data of the app is also kept when I redownload an app I already have on my device – like the progress in a game, any data that is stored like photos or documents etc.

Does anyone happen to know?

bitcoin core – Can you prune blockchain without redownloading?

I’ve downloaded the whole blockchain now I want to run a pruned node on another device. But if I klick on prune block storage in bitcoin core, it tells me that reverting this setting requres re-downloadin the entire blockchain. Is it possible to prune a copy of the blockchain I’ve already downloaded and if so how do I do that?


books – Redownloading iBooks on an iPad 1st Gen

I downloaded iBooks onto my iPad 1st Gen (Running 5.1.1) a long time ago (on a different Apple ID) and I just today deleted it and now I want it back. The App Store will only let me download the latest version, which doesn’t work on my iPad. My usual route of getting the app on an older version of iTunes and re-downloading it on my iPad doesn’t work because iBooks doesn’t appear there, so I’m stuck. My iPad’s jailbroken so I can install an .ipa.