air travel – Airfare booked through third-party provider – reduced baggage and food allowance

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cephfs – Reduced ceph storage pool size

Currently running a 7-node Ceph cluster, used as file system storage.

Two independent nodes are used to run the mon+mgr+mds service, the other 5 nodes are used as storage nodes and one of the storage nodes is mixed with a set of mon+mgr+mds services.

node1: mon+mgr+mds
node2: mon+mgr+mds
osd1: mon+mgr+mds+hdd*12 ssd*1
osd2: hdd*12 ssd*1
osd3: hdd*12 ssd*1
osd4: hdd*12 ssd*1
osd5: hdd*12 ssd*1

ceph version: 15.2.10

The storage pool uses hdd devices and is an erasure code pool, k=2, m=1; the storage pool uses HDD devices;

The ssd device is used as the cache layer of the hdd storage pool, and hdd shares a different partition of the nvme ssd as block.db;

We are currently expanding the storage nodes for this cluster, adding only one osd at a time, but the total size of the existing storage pool will be reduced.

For example, 320T before the expansion, only 300T after the expansion.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? I want to know what caused this problem.

dnd 5e – Rebuke the violent damage from attack where damage is reduced

Rebuke the violent says:

Immediately after an attacker within 30 feet of you deals damage with an attack against a creature other than you, you can use your reaction to force the attacker to make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the attacker takes radiant damage equal to the damage it just dealt.

There are several situations where the damage the attacker rolls and the hp taken off differ. Rage, interception, deflect missile and resistances to poison etc.

In the situation where a thug shoots the paladin’s monk ally for 10 points of piercing damage with the monk’s deflect missile reducing that to 0 points. Would rebuke the violent deal 10 or 0 points of damage?

I did find a similar question which instead looks at when a creature is taken to 0hp and the damage was actually taken rather than actively being deflected or absorbed by resistance – especially given that in some cases the damage could be reduced to 0.

sharepoint – Reduced speed for Microsoft Graph API

Over the past two days the speed for retrieval of data through the Microsoft Graph API has diminished tremendously. Downloads that used to take above 5 to 10 seconds have now increased to 30 seconds to 1 minute.

If you could please help me out to resolve the issue, it would be of great help. Users are accessing the API mainly from Australia.

Thanks and Regards,

dnd 5e – Do Order of Scribes wizards have reduced GP costs for copying spells into their spellbook?

It’s up to the DM

The relevant text for copying spells into a spellbook is (emphasis mine):

The cost represents material components you expend as you experiment with the spell to master it, as well as the fine inks you need to record it.

The quill has the property:

The quill doesn’t require ink. When you write with it, it produces ink in a color of your choice on the writing surface.

So clearly, it eliminates the cost of the fine inks that would normally be required to write the spell into the spellbook.

How much of the cost are the fine inks?

It’s not specified, and therefore left up to the DM. The UA quill, explicitly reduced the cost of scribing all spells by half, which, is a huge change to the expected limitations baked into the Wizard class. Clearly, by removing that explicit cost reduction WoTC felt it was too unbalancing for the subclass. As with anything that isn’t explicitly stated, it’s left up to the DM.

The DM could reasonably say that the rules don’t provide for a cost reduction explicitly, and therefore one doesn’t exist. Maybe, this order of wizards are particularly inept at experimentation with spells compared to the other subclasses, and they manifested this ability to summon a magical quill so as to stay cost competitive with the other schools of wizardry.

Equally, the DM could reasonably say, fine inks are clearly a large part of the cost of scribing a spell, therefore we need to apply some reduction to the cost. They may even try and scale it by what type of components the spell has (though that way lies madness, as you then need to justify why a spell that has a consumable material component cost of 25,000 gp, doesn’t cost anywhere near 25,000 gp to scribe into your spellbook normally, instead it costs 450gp).

This DM, would probably reduce the cost by 25%, particularly since the time required is reduced by the quill to 2 minutes per spell level, instead of the usual 2 hours per spell level.

night – Astrophotography – Image quality reduced after multiple long exposures

I’m currently using NIKON D5600 for my untracked astrophotography, and depends on the target I need to take up to 100 exposures of 15-20 seconds each.

I have a manual shutter remote and I manually click it right after the previous exposure is finished processing in the camera, but going through the captures it’s pretty clear that after some threshold (30-50 15 seconds exposures) the image quality just keep getting worse and worse to the point where the contrast of the image is nearly non existent, there are almost no details and everything seems washed out.

I’ve been wondering if that’s a common problem? is that caused by the sensor overheating? (I’m shooting from a relative warm place) is there a solution to it? (maybe wait a couple of extra seconds between captures?)

Thanks a lot for the help 🙂

c# – Function that receives a string fraction and has to return said fraction reduced

I got this exercise on a job interview and i’d like to know how can i improve my code.


Create a function that returns a reduced version of a fraction.


  • Reduce(“4/6”) = “2/3”
  • Reduce(“10/11) = “10/11”
  • Reduce(“100/400”) = “1/4”;

Notes: a reduced fraction doesn’t have a lowest common divisor (except 1) between its numerator and denominator. For example, 4/6 it’s not reduced, given that 4 and 6 share 2 as a factor.
If a fraction can be converted to a whole number, it also has to be considered.

My code:

    class Program
        static void Main(string() args)
            string() fractions =

            foreach (var frac in fractions)


        static string Reduce(string fraction)
            string() members = fraction.Split('/');

            // Verify that the fraction received only has two numbers separated by '/' and that its denominator is not 0.
            if (members.Length != 2 || !int.TryParse(members(0), out int numerator) || !int.TryParse(members(1), out int denominator) || denominator == 0)
                return $"Fraction's {fraction} format is incorrect";

            // Check if the received fraction is negative.
            var isNegative = (numerator >= 0 ^ denominator >= 0);

            // Find the greatest common denominator and the reduce.
            numerator = Math.Abs(numerator);
            denominator = Math.Abs(denominator);

            var gcd = GCD(numerator, denominator);

            numerator /= gcd;
            denominator /= gcd;

            // If the fraction is negative, set the numerator to negative.
            if (isNegative) numerator *= -1;

            // Return the reduced fraction
            if (denominator == 1) return numerator.ToString();
            return $"{numerator}/{denominator}";

        // Calculates the greatest common denominator between two positive integers.
        static int GCD(int num, int den)
            int gcd = 1;

            for (int i = 2; i <= num && i <= den; i++)
                if (num % i == 0 && den % i == 0)
                    gcd = i;

            return gcd;

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