Views – How do you refer to Font Awesome in the CSS of your Drupal site?

I installed the Awesome Font module and it uses the external file location:

In my CSS I entered the following:

.bs region – top :: after {
Contents: " f007";
Font family: "Font Awesome 5 free";
Font size: 900;

The output is a square symbol, not a user symbol.

Bitcoin core – Bitcoind error "storage space is too low!" refer to RAM or actual hard drive?

After completing the "Initial Block Download" I had to re-index:

(BTC_Core_Expmnt)# bitcoind -reindex -datadir=/mnt/BTC_Core_Expmnt

The debug.log showed that everything was fine. and the start of the process:

(2020-01-20T07:43:41Z Loaded 119369 blocks from external file in 6005ms
2020-01-20T07:43:41Z Reindexing block file blk00001.dat...)

Then a while later:

(2020-01-20T09:05:59Z Reindexing finished)

But Bitcoind kept grinding … well, what is all this? ::

(2020-01-20T09:05:59Z Pre-allocating up to position 0x100000 in
(rev00000.dat 2020-01-20T09:05:59Z UpdateTip: new best= 
(height=1 version=0x00000001 log2_work=33.000022 tx=2
(date='2009-01-09T02:54:25Z' progress=0.000000 cache=0.0MiB(1txo))

In any case, it has come to this:

(2020-01-20T09:59:00Z UpdateTip: new best=
(height=359645 version=0x00000003 log2_work=82.893764 tx=71128141
(date='2015-06-06T07:25:10Z' progress=0.143166

Then it fell over:

(2020-01-20T09:59:00Z *** Disk space is too low!
(2020-01-20T09:59:00Z Error: Disk space is too low!
(Error: Disk space is too low!
(2020-01-20T09:59:00Z Failed to connect best block
( (Disk space is too low! (code 0)) )

Which is strange, because there should still be 20GB free since the size of
BTC_Core_Expmnt should be 300 GB.

(BTC_Core_Expmnt)# du -h
102M    ./blocks/index
275G    ./blocks
56K     ./bitcoin-
60K     ./bitcoin-
64K     ./bitcoin-
73M     ./bitcoin-
8.0K    ./bitcoin-
440K    ./bitcoin-
74M     ./bitcoin-
16K     ./lost+found
3.4G    ./indexes/txindex
3.4G    ./indexes
914M    ./chainstate
280G    .

Isn't 300 GB enough in 2020 to run a full node? I thought it would. Ask for helpful tips, as nothing else can be seen in debug.log.

spf – Does the "include:" record domain also refer to subdomains?

I have doubts whether I have set up my SPF record. I would like to know whether when setting up an inclusion record in the SPF record, the subdomains of the main domain I included are also "included".

In my doubt, let's look at an example:


v=spf1 -all

Does this "+ include:" also cover when my emails are sent from or

I am very happy about your comments.

unity – How can I refer to a public static variable?

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class DisableEnableDialogue : MonoBehaviour
    public static void DisableEnableText()


I have two subordinate user interface texts of an artboard and I want to deactivate / activate the artboard at some points in my game so that the text is displayed or not displayed.

The script is attached to the Dialogue System object.
And I want to deactivate / activate the dialog GUI drawing area because the texts of the user interface are subordinate.

I want to get a reference to the dialog GUI so I can turn it on and off in the DisableEnableText function.

Get reference

Elementary Theory – How do I refer to the only element in a singleton sentence?

You can rotate every element $ n $ into a singleton phrase by adding curly braces, $ {n } $, Is there an inverse to this operation, so if I know that the set is a singleton set, I can easily reference its element?

Suppose I have the set $ A = {5,6,7,8 } $and then a process that iteratively removes all elements except for one element of $ A $, and then I want to see what 10 plus is the resulting element, how could I write that?

The only way I can think of is to reference the first element by its index, e.g. $ 10 + A_1 $, Is there another way to do this? In my case the elements of $ A $ If there are already indices, I would have to index eg an index $ 10 + x_ {A_1} $, Which is not the worst thing in the world, I just wondered if there is a better way.

unity – How do I refer to a list from another script?

Hello my little friends I want to reference a list of game objects from another script in unity but I can not. I have tried the following:

public class Game : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObject leitorCSV;
    private List cardss = new List();
    private GameObject seila; 

    void Start()
        for (int i = 0; i <= 5; i++)
            seila = leitorCSV.GetComponent().cards(0);

commerce – To refer to non-Drupal content

I have an application for a single page that populates slots in a defined layout with content assigned to those spots. I've created a content item in Drupal that contains div tags, IDs, and classes managed and defined by the SPA. It contains an image with text and button overlays. I see it in Drupal as http: // localhost: 8080 /, where the alias is something that I have defined. The system that manages the spots on the homepage looks for a URL or a link to Drupal content. When I try to use the URL above, it will not render. What do I miss?