Armor Class – What other actions does Total Defense refer to when it says it can not be combined with other actions that increase the AC?

It does not refer to specific actions.

Writing RPGs like Starfinder is generally expected to release more books. That means in the books you write early, in particular the core rule and Super Above all, the basic rules that apply to everyone should be careful about how the rules you write can be combined with material that will come out later and that you can not even imagine. The authors do not think so much: "We need to make sure that players do not combine Total Defense with X, because they think," We should probably stop players from combining Total Defense with other stuff unless we have something else later than us do I want to combine with him. In this case, we can simply say that total defense can be combined, even though Total Defense does not connect to most things. "

This philosophy is referred to as an "exception-based design": create a set of general rules that cover as much as possible, and then add a specific text to the matter if necessary. such rule. "It's a fairly common approach in RPGs, especially in D & D and its offshoots (including Starfinder).

At the moment, there may be only one or two actions covered by this clause in Total Defense (the Level 14 Solarian revelation, Gravity Shield, was the only one I found in a quick search). Total Defense was probably not written with these specific exceptions, but as if it were meant to be "possible actions that we could post in the future".

SQL Server – Should Kimball, who is slowly changing dimensions, also refer to DimDate?

Should slowly changing dimensions show up on DimDate?

If a vehicle sizing table exists on which certain attributes are changeable, the customer may, for example, B. varnish different colors or music accessories, etc. change. How would users analyze by month or year if people painted a car?

Then DimCar would have to show BeginDate on a Dimdate, and that would be snowflakes.

Or would I need to create another fact table for Car as this table can be both Dim and Fact?

Create the dbo.DimCar table
Carid int primary key identity (1,1)
CarBrand varchar (255),
CarColor varchar (50),
Music Accessories varchar (50),
BeginDate datetime,
EndDate datetime

Google Search Console says, "Update your links to refer to the new report."

Apparently, they mean links to the search console itself. So, if you have a link to a blog post on the search console, or if you have an app that points to the search console for whatever reason, talk about it.

I was confused too. They really wrote it cryptically, as if I had to update a link on my own website that somehow linked my site to the search panel, but apparently they just wrote the warning badly.

Here are some more information from people who know more than me. I asked the same question there and got an answer from someone who knows what's going on.

The best way for people to refer who does what?

So I need some inspiration about what the best way to achieve the following on SharePoint is.

Every weekend we have tasks for individuals and we want a simple point of reference where someone can go to the Site page and see who is doing what.

Would you use a calendar and add these entries? Or is there something better?

Many Thanks

Can you refer me to a good person / company that runs server management?

Can you refer me to a good person / company that runs server management? | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39);
var sidebar_align = & right; & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. Can you refer me to a good person / company that runs server management?

    I have a video streaming website and requires some administrative work, like nginx load balancing, optimization server, firewall and security. My hosting provider does not offer such services.
    Where can I find such services for a reasonable price?

  2. Did you check out I'm not sure if they work with Nginx, but it's possible.

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phaser – How can I refer to my dialog object in my animation?

I hope you can help me with my puzzle. I removed the code to hopefully make it more readable.

I'm trying to set up a simple dialog box. It works and I can render it and I can destroy it, but there seems to be limitations that I can not handle.

Ideally, I would like to use Google Webfonts, as this is easier and makes the dialogue look better.

& # 39; phaser & # 39; import;

Export class IntroScene extends Phaser.Scene {

Constructor () {

preload () {}

create() {
const self = this;

WebFont.load ({
Google: {
Familys: ['Contrail One']
active: function () {
self.textModalVar1 = self.generateDialogueBox (& # 39; Hello World & # 39;);

Below is mine generateDialoguebox Function that sits in the same scene outside of the create Function.

        generateDialogueBox (dialog) {

var dialogueCopy = this.add.text (dialogue.position.x, dialogue.position.y, dialogue.copy, {
fontFamily: & # 39; Contrail One & # 39 ;,

const rect = this.add.rectangle (dialogueCopy.x, dialogueCopy.y, dialogueCopy.width, dialogueCopy.height, 0xff6699) .setOrigin (0,0);

console.log (modalCopy)

Copy return dialog


With the above code I can thus on the this.textModalvar1, to destroy() Change it alpha, What do you have.

But with the code at the bottom of the create function, it does not seem to be early enough, which I've confirmed by inserting a log setTimeout Function. That is, when I try to run my timeline animation (see below), it becomes unusable as a component.

        create() {

WebFont.load (...) // function from earlier.

setTimeout (function () {
console.log (this.textModalVar1); // returns undefined
}, 5000)

this.timelineIntro = this.tweens.createTimeline ();

this.timelineIntro.add ({
onComplete: Function () {
this.textModalVar1.destroy (); // returns an error
}); ();


The console.log in that generateDialogueBox Function fires before the console.log in that setTimeout Function.

I tried to set that WebFont.load Function in the preload Function and the same problem remains.

Can someone help me find a way to understand that, or could I do it better?

Thanks to all

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