php – How do I map users who are registering for the first time to a specific custom post in WordPress?

I currently have a user registration page (with Membership Pro Ultimate) and must be able to assign a user who selects a "No Clan" checkbox at registration time to assign it to a custom post with the gamer_sinclan slug . At this point, the users are assigned the ACF plugin, but this has to be done manually for each registered user, which is not efficient.

I was unable to perform this function because I do not have enough knowledge.

Forms – Common input fields for registering and logging in with separate buttons

While working on the registration / login page for mine AppI came up with the idea of ​​combining the two into one. When you click Register, users are redirected to a new page where you can enter the rest of the details.

Enter the image description here

I want to keep onboarding users as easy as possible. For example, using the traditional approach, users first see a login page. If you want to register, click on a Sign in instead Button that opens a new page.

By using my approach, users are saved by an additional click and a page load. But what are the advantages and disadvantages here?

8 – Schedule the email to the user 7 days after registering with the control module

In this question, it was said that emailing new users is scheduled one week after registration. Sending an email several days after user registration was easy with the rule planning module in D7, but it is no longer possible in D8.

It's surprising because we can find a lot of tutorials and discussions on how to schedule emails with the rule planner on D7, but I've almost only found the previously linked question to do so in D8, for example if D8 users did that Rule planning module no longer required.

I don't think so I think there is another way not to do this programmatically.
So how do you plan the task in time with rules that are now executed in D8 from the user interface?

Are there disadvantages to commenting before registering in forums?

I am redesigning a forum and one of the problems we faced earlier is the drop-off rate when signing up. One of the reasons we found was that too many questions were asked by an administrator during this process, and we address that.

The current process is such that when a user needs to comment on a topic:
1. The user must register
2. Then check the email ID
3. Come back to leave a comment

We wanted to prevent the user from having to return to the page to comment, and we wondered if it made sense to comment on them before registering. And should we even dare to take this path?

Are there examples of comments before registering in forums?

Does anyone know of examples where an unregistered user makes comments before being asked to register? I am designing a forum and exploring the pros and cons of asking a user to not sign in / register until he has written or replied to a comment.

Flow is something like this: Unregistered user reads thread> replies to a comment> is asked to log in to write a comment

forms – How do I disable administrator sharing when registering in Drupal 8?

I have two different registration forms a_register and b_register, I used for that multiple registration module that works fine.

Now my question was whether a user had to register in one of these registration forms admin approval to proceed to the next step.

I want to skip the administrator's approval of the backend. If a user register an account, a direct email has to be sent to the user with the activation link and if the user clicks the link the account should set as active.

Help me solve this problem.

Define correct player role when registering if multiple plugin roles are involved?

I have a WordPress website with the plugins s2member and sportspress. If a user pays using the "s2member" stripe form, the "s2 member level 1" role is automatically set when the account is created. This causes me problems because I use Sportspress to manage scores (this is a social tennis center) and WordPress profile roles have to be set as "Player" in the general settings in order to create a player profile with Sportspress. s2member disables the default account settings page in WordPress because it manages logins. I tried to change user roles for "s2member level 1" and I was able to access functions of sportspress (e.g. posting an event), but these were not complete because no actual player profile was associated with sportspress when logging in ! s2 member doesn't seem to let you add a special role, but I could be wrong. I could only find one forum in the official s2memberforums and sportspress forums, which doesn't help since nobody has tried it with my specific configuration yet. This is my first website so any help would be greatly appreciated