arch linux – Logging in or registering Xmpp clients is very slow

I set up Ejabberd successfully, everything works as it should.
Only the login or registration takes a long time, sometimes over 20 seconds.
DNS entries match, config, even SSL certificate, required ports are open.

I do not know why it takes so long.
What could it be, if you need some logs, config or other things, please tell me.

php – How to create a new post when registering with the first and last name of the user as title

I have been working on this for some time and I can not understand that for my life. Here is my code now.

add_action (& # 39; user_register & # 39 ;, & # 39; create_new_user_profile & # 39 ;, 999);

Function create_new_user_profile ($ user_id) {
if (! $ user_id> 0)

$ user_info = get_user_meta ($ user_id);
$ profile_first_last = $ user_info-> firstname;

$ profile_post = array (
& # 39; # 39 & post_title; => $ profile_first_last,
& # 39; # 39 & POST_CONTENT; => & # 39; This is the profile post. & # 39 ;,
"post_status" => "Publish",
& # 39; # 39 & post_type; => & # 39; team & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # 39 & post_author; => $ user_id

$ profile = wp_insert_post ($ profile_post);


I've tried a few things and searched for some time, the current code is returned and an empty string, but other alternatives allowed me to post the username or user_id as a title, but I can not use the display_name or a combination of first and last name , what I need.

Emails for registering WordPress users blocked by SPAM filters !?

I have several WordPress websites. And a problem with one.

I just wanted to check if this is something common that happens to everyone or if I should insist that the problem be resolved. Here it is:

The setup includes two websites in two different languages, each with its own cPanel stand-alone WordPress installation, but set up in the same way (plugins, design, design, anything) except language. Say they are: ("Croatian" version) (obviously)

If a visitor wants to sign up ("subscribe") to my website, they will receive the following confirmation email (after entering their username and email):


To set your password, visit the following address:

And that works perfectly for the English website.
However, the Croatian website sends (practically) exactly the same message, only in "Croatian". So it goes like this:


Za postavljanje lozinke, a year ago with address:

The rest is the same (left), just with instead of

These messages are blocked by the hosting provider's SPAM filter (Only the Croatian, the English will be sent). I can ask Tech. Support to "release" them, but I would prefer not to have to do that.

Is that a normal thing?
The fact that confirmation emails are virtually all the same (only the username is different) and have no "unsubscribe link" is why they are often treated as spam?

To put it another way, is it reasonable for the hosting provider to fix this? And if that's not the case, it's reasonable to expect that these problems will not occur with most (reputable, high-quality) hosting providers, so I could try / expect a change of hosting provider to solve the problem ?

Technical Support suggested that I change the content of the confirmation email, add a "unsubscribe" link, and change the text.
That would require another WordPress plugin, or editing the sub-theme functions.php (I guess not sure how to do it exactly, it would have to figure it out).
Of course, if it is common to list these emails as SPAM, there is no other way. However, I have some doubts:
– In the last three years (2 different hosting providers) there were no problems with it.
If this is the case, most WordPress owners would deal with this issue and edit the email form, and I have never heard of it (could just be uninformed, so I ask here).

Thank you in advance for any help and information.

Hosting will check it, maybe solve it, we'll see. I just want to see if my "insistence" on it was reasonable (or rude?) And what options I have if it is not resolved.

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php – Error registering by mail with Volley

Hello, I practice with Android Studio and make a basic app that can select, insert, update and delete data via a web service with PHP and a database in MySQL.
I do the registration (paste) but if I confirm, nothing happens.

Public class Registration extended AppCompatActivity implemented View.OnClickListener {

// declaration of variables

Private EditText Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Phone, Address;
private button btn_acept, btn_atras;

@Run over
protected void onCreate (bundle savedInstanceState) {
super.onCreate (savedInstanceState);
setContentView (R.layout.activity_register);
/ * ////, / /, / / ​​/ / / / /

setContentView (R.layout.activity_register);
// variable assignment

name = findViewById (;
Family name = findViewById (;
email = findViewById (;
password = findViewById (;
telefono = findViewById (;
address = findViewById (;
btn_accept = findViewById (;
btn_atras = findViewById (;

// event
btn_atras.setOnClickListener (new View.OnClickListener () {
@Run over
public void onClick (View v) {
Intent intentReg = new Intent (Registration.this, HomeSession.class);
Registry.this.startActivity (intentReg);

// event
btn_aceptar.setOnClickListener (this);


@Run over
public void onClick (View v) {
// variables that receive what is written in the editText for the database

end String client_name = name.getText (). toString ();
end string client_lastname = surname.getText (). toString ();
end String client_email = email.getText (). toString ();
end String client_contrast = contrasena.getText (). toString ();
final int tel_client = Integer.parseInt (telefono.getText (). toString ());
end String address_dir = address.getText (). toString ();

Final Response.Listener respoListener = new Response.Listener() {
@Run over
public void onResponse (string response) {
try it

JSONObject jsonResponse = new JSONObject (answer);
boolean success = jsonResponse.getBoolean ("success");

if (success) {

Intent = new intent (Registry.this, Home.class);
Registry.this.startActivity (Intent);

AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder (Registry.this);
builder.setMessage ("registry error")
.setNegativeButton ("Repeat", null)
.create (). show ();

} catch (JSONException e) {
e.printStackTrace ();


RegisterRequest registerRequest = new RegisterRequest (customer name, customer name,
customer_email, customer_contrasena,
customer_phone, customer_address, respoListener);
RequestQueue Queue = Volley.newRequestQueue (Registration.this);
queue.add (registerRequest);

Use the class

public class RegisterRequest extends StringRequest {

private static final String REGISTER_REQUEST_URL = "http: //IP/web%20service/Registro.php";
private card params;

public RegisterRequest (string customer_name, string customer_lastname, string customer_email, string customer_contrast,
int tel_phone, String redirector, Response.Listener Listener) {

super (Method.POST, REGISTER_REQUEST_URL, Listener, null);
params = new HashMap <> ();
params.put ("customer name", customer name);
params.put ("customer_surname", customer_surname);
params.put ("client_email", client_email);
params.put ("customer_contrasena", customer_contrasena);
params.put ("telephone_client", telephone_client + "");
params.put ("clienet_direction", address_client);


@Run over
public map getParams () {
Return Params;

And that's the PHP code

I made a selection in a similar way and it works so that I do not know what's going on.

php – Error while registering information in the database

Hello, I started learning PHP and MySQL some time ago. At the moment I'm trying to create a post system, but I can not write the information to the database. If you can help find what's wrong, it's great.

A form is sent and the action is directed to this file:

    conecta_mysql ();

$ sql = "Paste into posts (title, description, date, time) values ​​($ title & # 39;, & # 39; $ text_post & # 39 ;, & # 39; $ data & # 39 ;, & # 39; $ hour & # 39;) ";

// execute the query
if (mysqli_query ($ link, $ sql)) {
Echo & # 39; Successfully Saved Post & # 39 ;;
} else {
echo & # 39; Error registering the post! & # 39 ;;


And this file calls this:

<? php

Class db {

private $ host = & # 39; localhost & # 39 ;;

private $ user = & # 39; root & # 39 ;;

private $ password = & # 39; & # 39 ;;

private $ database = & # 39; system_posts & # 39 ;;

public function conecta_mysql () {

$ con = mysqli_connect ($ this-> host, $ this-> user, $ this-> password, $ this-> database);

if (mysqli_connect_errno ()) {
echo & # 39; Error trying to connect to MySQL DB: & # 39; .mysqli_connect_error ();

return $ con;



When you execute, the message "Error registering the post!" Appears.

Add a new user to a group after registering using a custom registration form

I can find a way to assign a new user to a group after registering. For example, a contributor belongs to group A when they create a subscriber user by using a custom front-end form. The subscriber user is also assigned to group A. I use the group plugin and know it has a short code [group_ join]but how can I add a check for a shortcode after submitting the form? Do you have another suggestion? Many Thanks

Paperwork – When registering with the police, if you are an EU citizen in the Czech Republic, is there a 30-day registration earlier? states:

An EU citizen is required to report his or her residency within 30 days of entering the territory of the police if his probable stay is longer than 30 days. This obligation also applies to family members of an EU citizen if that EU citizen resides in the territory. The duty to report residence to the police does not apply to a foreigner who has fulfilled this obligation at the tourist accommodation.

Is there an advantage if you register with the police 30 days ago when registering as an EU citizen to visit the Czech Republic?