theming – The website's branding block will not appear on the contact or user registration form

I have a topic and can configure the site branding block to appear on my Content-Type pages and a full-width template that I have. This is because I have {{page.branding}} in the template.

However, it does not appear on the contact page or user logon page. Is it because they are not "pages" or "content types"? What do I miss?

8 – Hide the password field during user registration?

I did not enable this option:

[ ]    Email confirmation required when a visitor creates an account

If I remove the check mark, the user must enter a password when registering. The problem is, I want the user to be able to register without a password and also not receive a new login email. This is because a user who logs on to the site can log in immediately. I can not use the blocked state for the user. I need the user to avoid being blocked. And then I added a new "real confirmation" box after clicking on the link in my own custom email.

An even better solution would be if I could use Drupal's login method, but the user can log in even if it's not verified. Maybe there is something that already does this?

[GET][NULLED] – Digits: Registration and registration of the WordPress mobile number v6.4.1


[GET][NULLED] – Digits: Registration and registration of the WordPress mobile number v6.4.1

[GET][NULLED] – Digits: Registration and registration of the WordPress mobile number v6.4.1


[GET][NULLED] – Digits: Registration and registration of the WordPress mobile number v6.4.1

7 – Registration as administrator not possible

I can no longer log in as an administrator during my Drupal 7 installation.

I tried:

  • Generate a new password with user_hash_password;
  • Generate a new password with SQL Query.
  • Delete session table;
  • Delete my browser cookies

Is there a way to create a new account? When installing Drupal 7, there is only one account, namely the administrator account. There is no Drush or Email server installed on my local machine.

Should this registration form now include a password field or after the user passed the verification?

The scenario I have can be a bit of a whim because of the nature of the website I'm working on. This page (note: it is Not an e-commerce site) requires potential users to fill in a number of fields in a registration form. After submitting the form, an administrator reviews the submission and performs a background review of the submitter with external resources. The background check may take a few days. If the submitter passes the background check and is accepted, the administrator activates the submitter's account.

My question is this: At what point in this process is the ideal time to prompt the user to create a password? Should the user create a password when completing the registration form, or should the user create a password after being accepted as a user?

Authentication – user registration across multiple services

I have several web services that need to be integrated into one solution. A frontend provides access to features of all services.
Each of the services has its own native authentication and stores the data of its own users. Services do not support OAuth or SAML.
What I need to accomplish is that when a user is logged in, they can actually access all the services with a central account. (Each service must have appropriate user data.)

When a user is created, an account is created in a centralized authentication service and in all other services.
So, if the user authenticates to the central authorization service, it would be good if the requirements for a particular service were appended to the correct credentials.

Let's say I have

  • A – authentication service
  • B – some service
  • C – another service

When a user is created / registered in A, accounts are automatically created in B and C (with the same password). If the user attempts to access a resource in B or C, it will be redirected for authentication if unauthenticated. After the authentication succeeds, credentials for this service are appended to the original request so that native authentication can be performed for service B.

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