So you can remove all design styles and scripts or cancel their registration

Maybe this will help you. To attempt

# To delete JavaScripts
Function remove_unnecessary_scripts () {
# pass name of the quoted js.
# dequeue js
wp_dequeue_script (& # 39; toaster-js & # 39;);
# unsubscribe js
wp_deregister_script (& # 39; toaster-js & # 39;);
add_action (& # 39; wp_print_scripts & # 39 ;, & # 39; remove_unnecessary_scripts & # 39;);

# Remove for styles from the queue
Function remove_unnecessary_styles () {
# pass Name of the stylesheet in the queue.
# dequeue style
wp_dequeue_style (& # 39; custom-style & # 39;);
Log off # style
wp_deregister_style (& # 39; custom-style & # 39;);
add_action (& # 39; wp_print_styles & # 39 ;, & # 39; remove_unnecessary_styles & # 39;);

Let me know if it works or not.

Registration of the Bulgarian visa type c number 2 [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Can we travel to Romania first with a Bulgarian double visa?

    1 answer

  • Bulgaria visa type C number entries 2 [duplicate]

I am Jordanian and have Bulgaria Visa Type C Number Entries 2 I want to book a flight from Amman to Bucharest Then back
When I come to Romania and back to Amman
Entering Bulgaria
Is there a problem?

WHMCS registration form with Google reCAPTCHA

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Hello everybody. I need the WHMCS registration form code with Google reCAPTCHA for a project. Can you please let me know if you know it?

Why specifically WHMCS Login Form / Recaptcha?
Google has documents that explain how they are implemented, and they are very detailed. Also, like almost all WHMCS content, it's probably coded (except for the recapthca library, which is Google's code and can be viewed). If someone provides it, it is from a zeroth version.

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Security – Best way to handle e-mail address for use with domain registration?

I have registered a domain that I use exclusively for emails. In addition to my main e-mail address (, I have,,, and so on. I'm paying an email provider for this service.

I also have a free Gmail account that I used as the contact email address for the registrar. I have concerns about the security and stability of my Gmail account and wonder how I can best handle these concerns.

I think it's a bad idea to change my registrar's contact email to (or anything @, as I might get a catch-22 error if my account compromises would.

If my Gmail account is compromised (or otherwise disabled, for example because of a Google bug), I could / could lose the proverbial "keys to the kingdom". At the moment I can not say that I like Google as gatekeeper here. The same applies to the other free e-mail services (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).

The options that I have considered include:

  • Create a separate (free? Paid?) E-mail address for use only with my registrar
  • Pay Google for emails (assuming better customer support and less chance of Google Snafu)
  • Using 2FA / U2F in Gmail for extra security (though not for added stability per se)
  • Do nothing – nobody wants my crap LOL

I feel that I generally follow a reasonable approach to safety – not too careless, not too paranoid – but I struggle with the right approach.

Every advice is appreciated.

Registration – Should I use a guided questionnaire or forms to register for a new member?

I was assigned to design a membership process for a nonprofit organization.

Is there a proven method / process for developing a login process that involves multiple steps and must also validate the user's selection? Should I use a guided wizard that asks the user for his identity and then uses his answers to determine / "tell" his options (which seems slower but more user-friendly), or just specify and allow options with descriptions (faster but less intuitive)?

I'm thinking of a multi-level form like Turbo Tax that displays your options based on your answers, as opposed to a multi-page sign-up form that prompts you to fill in / select all options and provide descriptions for each choice you choose.

The tricky part is that "who they are" determines their prices / members and their location determines their chapter selection (and is also part of their membership fees).

Thanks for any help!

PHP – How to add custom user meta during registration

I follow this tutorial and typed the code exactly as shown. The functions work, but they do not display information. When I use var_dump ($ user_id); I get this error:

"Object (WP_Error) # 1021 (2) { [“errors”]=> Array (1) { [“empty_user_login”]=> Array (1) { [0]=> string (46) "Can not create a user with a blank login name." }} [“error_data”]=> array (0) {}}

but it is not empty. I also tried to add it, as the documentation for wp_insert_user () indicates here, and I will not populate any information in the zip code. Any suggestions?

$ user_id = wp_insert_user (
Array (
& # 39; # 39 & user_login; => $ input['testeroo'].
& # 39; # 39 & user_pass; => wp_generate_password (12, false),
& # 39; first name & # 39; => $ input['first_name'].
& # 39; last_name & # 39; => $ input['last_name'].
& # 39; # 39 & user_email; => $ input['email_address'].
& # 39; # 39 & display_name; => $ input['first_name'] , & # 39; # 39 & ;. $ input['last_name'].
& # 39; nickname & # 39; => $ input['first_name'] , & # 39; # 39 & ;. $ input['last_name'].
& # 39; role & # 39; => & # 39; None & # 39;
update_user_meta ($ user_id, # zip_code, $ input['zip_code'] );
var_dump ($ user_id);

upgrade – Double registration after the upgrade to the 18.04

My Dell G5 came with Ubuntu 16, which is nice, but I wanted the GNOME desktop environment, so I upgraded to 18.04.

The just The problem I had is that I always have to enter my password twice when I log in again. Similar to this question, but I have the xsession error, so I feel that this could help:

openConnection: connect: No such file or directory
Can not connect to brltty at: 0
upstart: The main process upstart-dbus-session-bridge (2134) has been terminated with the status 1
Upstart: Gnome Session (Unity) pre-stop process (15727) terminated by HUP signal
Upstart: Main process of Gnome Session (Unity) (2415) ended with HUP signal
Upstart: Unity panel service main process (2430) terminated by HUP signal
Upstart: Indicator Bluetooth main process (2485) terminated by TERM signal
Upstart: Unity settings daemon main process (2408) terminated by HUP signal
Upstart: Main process of display performance (2486) is aborted by the TERM signal
upstart: Main process of bamfdaemon (2132) terminated by TERM signal
Upstart: Indicator date-time main process (2489) terminated by TERM signal
Upstart: HUD main process (2406) ended with HUP signal
Upstart: Indicator sound main process (2492) terminated by HUP signal
Upstart: main process of display printer (2493) terminated by TERM signal
Upstart: main process of display session (2495) terminated by TERM signal
Uptrend: Main Process of Indicator Application (2507) terminated by TERM signal
Upstart: Indicator application pre-stop process (15726) terminated by HUP signal
Upstart: Separated from the reported D-bus bus
Upstart: Unity7 main process (2517) finished with status 1
Upstart: GPG agent's post-stop process (15747) ended with 127 status

When I sign in with Wayland, I do not have this problem, but some applications that I like do not work anymore (GParted, Mailspring …)

Would love any help, because it is such a small thing, but it is so annoying!

Bottom up!

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