Character check for the problem of blockchain registration

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User Behavior – UX registration is unfortunate

The "more" icon is OK, IMO, but it lacks context. Why may users proceed without registration? How is it possible for you to receive money without completing the registration process?

At the moment I assume that it is about money waiting to be collected. Without more context I would classify the missing information as critical and nothing else is more important. In this case, a simple passport is easily overlooked. Especially with certain color-blind users. Many will miss the difference between red and green, so your color scheme will fail there.

I would suggest displaying a warning message that explains the problem and why action is required when the user opens the app and does not allow the user to take any further action until the required information is entered.

8 – Conditional registration of a user based on fields

I have a Drupal 8 user registration form with multiple text fields to gather information about the user.

I'd like to write a custom hook that examines the values ​​in these fields, and then either continues with the registration or aborts the registration, for example: For example, redirect to a static page or view static content.

What are the catch to achieve this? Do I change the form? Or am I hanging an entity_presave function?

What do I have to do to cancel the default form processing or presetting / storage routines for entities?

Many Thanks,

User registration plugin without touching the dashboard

I know there are a lot of questions about user registration plugins that replace or customize the normal one. But what I need is a plugin to register only for the content of my WordPress project (as if I were creating a normal PHP project and need a registry, so I think such a plugin should have custom users (for example, custom_users) Table in DB. And of course the plugin registry, login, password confirmation / forgot password and user area (profile) functions.

The question is, are there any such plugins or similar on the market or is it possible to simply implement them with clear PHP?

forms – Automatic generation of usernames from name fields during registration

Drupal core 8.6.5

I'm trying to change the user registration process to omit the username field and generate the username from the first name and last name.

Since I'm new to Drupal and want to learn more, I'm trying to do without project modules for this task.

So far I have set up a custom module and disabled the "username" field.
Now I should set a default value for it.

How do I set the username from first name and last name before running the process?
And remove a few spaces, unauthorized characters, …

My module so far:

<? php
Use  Drupal  Core  Form  FormStateInterface.

/ **
* Implemented hook_form_FORM_ID_alter ().
* /
Function my_register_form_user_register_form_alter (& $ form, FormStateInterface $ form_state, $ form_id)
$ form['account']['name']['#access']    = FALSE;
$ form['account']['name']['#default_value']    = & # 39; tbd & # 39 ;;

Thanks for your help!

[ Insurance & Registration ] Open question: How do I pay less for motor insurance?

At first I collected several points in my license, but I have not received tickets for nearly 2 years (my status stays for 35 months). Currently, I have been paying $ 200 a month for car insurance for over a year, which is a ridiculous amount. I had to sell my car because there were just too many problems with getting a used one from a dealer. The dealership requires full coverage of the new car, which increases my insurance to nearly $ 600 a month. For me, that's a crazy amount. I've called places and they all quote about the same amount. How do I get lower insurance costs if these points are collected? Insurance almost three times more than a car note? I can hardly afford it because of the insurance. What can I do? ,

Add a new user to a group after registering using a custom registration form

I can find a way to assign a new user to a group after registering. For example, a contributor belongs to group A when they create a subscriber user by using a custom front-end form. The subscriber user is also assigned to group A. I use the group plugin and know it has a short code [group_ join]but how can I add a check for a shortcode after submitting the form? Do you have another suggestion? Many Thanks

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