php – Do not allow latin characters in the WordPress registry

There is a plugin for WordPress to enable usernames with special characters (Russian, Cyrillic, Arabic, etc.). Unfortunately, this plugin did not work for me.
Here is the function defined to register users in the topic I'm using (QAEngine topic)

public function register () {
$ param = $ _REQUEST['content'];
$ args = array (
& # 39; # 39 & user_email; => $ param['email'],
& # 39; # 39 & user_pass; => $ param['password'],
& # 39; # 39 & user_login; => $ param['username'],
& # 39; # 39 & display_name; => isset ($ param['display_name']) $ param['display_name'] : $ param['username']
$ captcha = isset ($ _ REQUEST['captcha']) $ _REQUEST['captcha'] : & # 39; & # 39 ;;
// validate here later
To attempt {

// check Captcha
ae_verify_captcha ($ captcha, __ (& # 39; Please enter a valid captcha! & # 39 ;, ET_DOMAIN));

$ role = apply_filters (& # 39; qa_custom_role & # 39 ;, & # 39; author & # 39;);
do_action (<je_before_user_register> #, $ args);

// advertise, register and register the user
$ auto_sign = ae_get_option (& # 39; user_confirm & # 39;)? False right;
$ user_id = et_register ($ args, $ role, $ auto_sign);

if (is_wp_error ($ user_id)) {
throw a new exception ($ user_id-> get_error_message (), 401);

$ data = get_userdata ($ user_id);
$ userdata = QA_Member :: convert ($ data);
// create new nonces
$ msg = ae_get_option (& # 39; user_confirm & # 39;)? __ ("You have successfully registered an account, but can not join the discussions yet, please confirm your email address first. & # 39 ;, ET_DOMAIN): __ (& # 39; you are registered and successfully signed in.) & # 39 ;, ET_DOMAIN);
$ response = Array (
& # 39; success & # 39; => true,
& # 39; code & # 39; => 200,
& # 39; msg & # 39; => $ msg,
& # 39; data & # 39; => $ userdata,
& # 39; redirect & # 39; => apply_filters (& # 39; qa_filter_redirect_link_after_register & # 39 ;, home_url ())

} catch (exception $ e) {
$ response = Array (
& # 39; success & # 39; => wrong,
& # 39; code & # 39; => $ e-> getCode (),
& # 39; msg & # 39; => $ e-> getMessage ()
wp_send_json ($ response);

Here is a full PHP file that declares this function.

Is there a recommendation as to how non-Latin characters are allowed in usernames?

Windows Registry – How to get notepad.exe the current date format of the system

I've been trying to figure out how Notepad.exe can save the current system date format in the Windows registry without accessing the registry.

I have a filter on the HKCU Control Panel International Key in the registry with the Process Monitor tool to determine whether Notepad.exe accesses the registry or not

I tried the steps below

  1. Notepad open

  2. Process monitor started

  3. The registry editor has been opened and the value of the sShortDate subkey changed
    in the registry (HKCU Control Panel International)

  4. As expected, the process monitor shows that the HKCU Control
    The registration key "Panel International" has been accessed by the Registry Editor
  5. Activate the Notepad window and press the F5 key to insert the current one
    Date and Time
  6. A date in the new date format is inserted in Notepad

I had expected Notepad to access the HKCU Control Panel International key for the latest date format. It does not seem to be accessible

I want to know how Notepad gets the date format without accessing the registry

I want to use this information in another project where accessing the registry takes a long time

Thanks in advance for all the tips


Windows – Set a timeout for active but inactive Remote Desktop Services sessions that use the registry without rebooting

This policy setting allows you to specify the maximum amount of time that a Remote Desktop Services Active Session may be inactive (without user input) before automatically disconnecting.

I am trying to make registry changes as suggested here, but a reboot is required to take effect. Can the changes take effect immediately without rebooting?

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  SOFTWARE  Policies  Microsoft  Windows NT  Terminal Services
MaxIdleTime = 60000

I made the registry changes as above and also tried to do this via a group policy, and then kept the server idle for more than a few minutes, but I still can not get the prompt.

I tried to log out and log back in, but the changes will not be applied. Only when I restart the server will the registry settings be applied.

Idle timer expired

Change the default registry error – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I'm trying to change the standard WordPress errors that appear when I register.

I'm trying to remove the original WordPress feature and create a new one that uses this code, but no effect. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

                / * Change default WordPress registry error * /
remove_filter (& # 39; registration_errors & # 39 ;, & 39; registration_errors & # 39;);
add_filter (& # 39; registration_errors & # 39 ;, & # 39; registration_errors_so_16002591 & # 39;);

Function registration_errors_so_16002591 ($ errors)
if (isset ($ error-> error)['email_exists'] )) {
$ error-> error['email_exists'][0]    = & # 39; email alreadytook& # 39 ;;
if (isset ($ error-> error)['username_exists'] )) {
$ error-> error['username_exists'][0]    = & # 39; Nick peck& # 39 ;;
// other errors
// ['empty_email']
    // ['empty_username']

    Return $ error;

frontend – "custom attribute" is a required field Error Message – custom customer attribute to the user of the registry

Hello, I have added a custom customer attribute "Number" to my register page. Attribute was successfully created in DB.
My problem is when I submit the user registration request, the error message "customer number" is a mandatory field. is also displayed if the value is in the request text.
I implemented the frontend as follows

  1. Custom module created
  2. CustomModule / view / frontend / templates / additional.phtml added
  3. CustomModule / view / frontend / layout / customer_account_create.xml added


<input type = "text" name = "kndnumber" id = "kndnumber" value = "" title = "escapeHtmlAttr (__ (& # 39; customer number & # 39;))?> "class =" input-text "data-validate =" {required: true} ">



Register user

The error is however displayed in the picture. The backend says the field is required, which is true because I want it that way. But I have the number in my request, why does the backend say that it's not that I do not get it.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?

This is the attribute in the table & # 39; # 39 & customer_eav_attribute;

Docker registry location with error: No such picture: localhost: 5000

Good morning everyone

I have had a problem for two days that I can not solve.
I've set up a 3-machine environment with Docker Swarm, a manager machine, and two nodes.

The problem, when I start a service in the manager, I get the error: No such picture: localhost: 5000 / integracao-toa

I tried to create the local registry in Machine Manager in two ways:

1 – as a service

docker service create --name registry - public Published = 5000, destination = 5000, mode = host registry: 2

As a service, I can not move the image:

[root@tslxdocker-hlg docker]# docker service create --name registry - public Published = 5000, destination = 5000, mode = hostreg: 2
Overall Progress: 1 of 1 tasks
1/1: running   [==================================================>]
Verify: service converges
[root@tslxdocker-hlg docker]# docker push localhost: 5000 / integracao-toa
The push refers to the repository [localhost:5000/integracao-toa]
Get http: // localhost: 5000 / v2 /: dial tcp connect: connection: connection: connection: connection: connection: connection: connection: connection: connection: connection: connection: connection: connection: Connection: Connection: Connection:

As a service, I refused the connection.
However, I can connect to the registry on the other two host computers:

curl localhost: 5000 / v2 / _catalog
{ "Repositories":[]}

I created the file /etc/docker/daemon.json and restarted the docking service

[root@tslxdocker-hlg docker]# cat /etc/docker/daemon.json

I also tried commenting on the "localhost" line in / etc / hosts
The error remains

2 – as a container

Docker-Run -d -p 5000: 5000 --restart = Registration of the registry file "--name": 2

As a basic container, I can move the image in the registry, but the other nodes can not connect to the registry:

Slide the image successfully:

[root@tslxdocker-hlg docker]# docker run -d -p 5000: 5000 --restart = always --name Registry Registration: 2
[root@tslxdocker-hlg docker]# docker push localhost: 5000 / integracao-toa
The push refers to the repository [localhost:5000/integracao-toa]
82c687db4923: Pressed
bd029db62750: Pressed
03861ebeff3b: Pressed
286ab5bbe85e: Pressed
en2051a29c4c: Pressed
bac22f4e2b6a: Pressed
538ca12fd712: Pressed
f75e64f96dbc: Pressed
8f7ee6d76fd9: Pressed
c23711a84ad4: pressed
90d1009ce6fe: Pressed
last: Diga: sha256: a6adadccfc2914d4a88f74cd8fba58105d223596e5b32ef7f71754056817e3f4 Size: 2849

Error adding service in swarm:

    docker service create --name integracao-toa --constraint == group01 - replica 2 -p 3000: 80 localhost: 5000 / integracao-toa
Overall Progress: 0 of 2 tasks
1/2: No such picture: localhost: 5000 / integracao-toa: latest @ sha256: a6adadccfc2914d ...
2/2: No such picture: localhost: 5000 / integracao-toa: latest @ sha256: a6adadccfc2914d ...

It is also interesting that the nodes as containers can not connect to the registry either:

curl localhost: 5000 / v2 / _catalog
curl: (7) Connection to localhost failed: 5000; connection denied

So I do not know what else to do, and I have one more question. What's the best way to run the local registry? how service or with docker run?

Create a user registry in Java

It is my first post. I'm not sure how that works.

I am creating a user registration system for a practice and have gotten stuck.

My user class is a User ArrayList, to initialize it, I entered a username and password.

The registration method is as follows:

Public Boolean register (user u) {
User newUser = u;
if (! (this.listaUsuarios.contains (newUser.getName ()))) {)
Userlist.add (u);
return true;
return false;

Then I created another class called Registration, a graphical user interface with a button, a text box for the user and a password field. Inside the button is the ActionPerformed method.

The code is as follows:

Within the attributes of the class is the list of private users:

private user list;
private void btnRegActionPerformed (java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {

User newUser = new user (txtNewUser.getText (), pass.getText ());
if (list.register (newUser))
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (this is "The user has been created", "window", JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE);
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (this is "The user already exists", "window", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE);

The problem is that when I start the interface and try to create a user, a compile error is displayed.

Privacy – Find and delete FACEBOOK hooks from my registry

I found tons of Facebook hooks in my registry and I want them to disappear !!
I make a habit of going to FACEBOOK to block their cookie, because I DO NOT want me to be connected to it when I log out (and remember to log out of all the windows (tabs) If you are logged in as if you were logged in. Leave ONE open, you are still connected – not understandable if you do not block your cookie in your browser (and why I like the IE desktop since it is it is easy to make sure that it is locked).

Now I want to get rid of them in my registry too
Several people use my computer and I found out when another person used my computer to create a Facebook account, other IDs came up. That made me realize that my MASCHINE is addictive !!

I am tired of infiltrating all these interventions on my private machine into my privacy. and Facebook is number one on this list of intruders – but NOT alone, not at all.

Please help to DELETE all these entries of the facebook registry for sure

thanks (this question was asked and closed in 2015 because someone said it was OFF-topic, safety is never an issue)

Microsoft Excel – MS Office 2013 can not be set as default when editing the registry

I had difficulty setting MS Office 2013 as the default instead of 2007. For my work, both have to be installed on my PC, so I can not avoid having 2007 what I hate so much on my station.

My first problem was that I could not find MS 2013 in the standard program list. Trying to search the exe file did not help either.

I followed the instructions for editing the registry in this thread:
Why does Excel 2013 not work as an "Open with …" program in Windows 7?

It seemed OK, because now MS2013 appears on the Open with.. list just like this:

Open with … List

However, when I chose the Excel 2013 icon, my Excel file will start until 2007. At this point, I have no idea what keyword to find the solution.

Thanks for the help in advance.