Migrate SSD to another mac…should I reinstall macOS?

I’d like to get opinions on this situation:

A customer buys a 2012 iMac to replace his old 2010 iMac. The 2010 iMac has an SSD with macOS 10.13 and would like to replace the mechanical HDD in the new Mac with the SSD he’s got in his 2010 iMac that he recently replaced.

Which of these two is the most reasonable option?

  1. I just migrate the SSD from the old iMac to the new iMac. Then upgrade macOS from 10.13 to a newer macOS. This will account for any driver incompatibilities as the hardware on the new mac is different.

  2. I migrate the SSD likewise, but then reformat and reinstall a newer version of macOS, so as to avoid any driver incompatibilities.

Option 1 is certainly faster and will avoid having to reinstall apps etc. Is it a good option?

Any help much appreciated.

catalina – New MacBook Pro failed on OS reinstall, how do I get it out of Internet Recovery Mode?

I just got a new 16″ MacBook Pro but things have gone awry while migrating my data from another Mac. Would appreciate any advice you might have.

When I opened the new computer, I turned it on and made a new account just to make sure it worked. Seeing that it did, I began the data migration process from my old MBP (still running Mojave) using Migration Assistant. The migration seemed to be going ridiculously slowly to the point that I thought it was frozen. I then realized that I could get all the data from Time Machine on my backup drive, so I cancelled the process.

To make sure I had a clean start again, I rebooted the new computer in recovery mode and reinstalled MacOS Catalina. But unfortunately this stopped halfway through claiming there was an internet problem (I was seated right next to my router).

After this point, whenever I restarted the computer, it would either flash the folder with the question mark (i.e. no bootable drive found) or it would enter internet recovery mode. In the case of the latter, I would enter my wifi password and then it would gyrate for about 10 minutes until it gave up, showing the failed globe icon along with the message “apple.com/support -2002F“. I wasn’t able to enter the typical recovery menu at all.

Now no matter what I do, it boots into internet recovery mode: booting up normally, holding CMD + R, holding Option + Cmd + R, etc. I have created and inserted two bootable USB drives into the computer, one with Catalina and the other with Mojave. When I hold Option while starting up, it correctly displays the two drives (and the wifi menu underneath). But when either is selected, it goes back into internet recovery mode anyway.

Has anyone else experienced problems like this? Anything else I can try? I’m very excited to use my new machine but this is proving to be immensely frustrating so far. Thanks for your time!

Reinstall Magento 2.3.4 in an existing store without losing products, categories, design, etc.

After installing a new theme as a new store view, most of my product images (approx. 1000) are not displayed in the new store view. OK appears in the original business view with the old theme.
It is believed that I will most likely have some incorrect rewriting, as Magento sometimes looks for them in the wrong cache folder when viewing images, and sometimes looks for an image with the wrong name.
In addition, some of the images from the original memory view, which are works, are not at all in the Magento cache folder, so they cannot work. So it seems that they come from the cache, the CDN or something else.

The command to change the image size did not help.

Can a new installation of Magento (2.3.4) help? without losing all of my configurations?

macos – How can I save my carefully created printer preferences before I need to reinstall my printer?

My Brother MFC-L5750DW refuses to print documents (worked fine this morning), and after restarting, looking for the latest software and drivers (currently updated), it is probably time to get the printer through SysPrefs remove and add again.

In the past few months, I have carefully saved numerous print presets that AFAIK will lose when I remove the printer.

I don't want this – what steps can I do to keep these presets – is there a .pref file somewhere?

What else should I do?

OS 10.15.4
Mac Mini (late 2012)
Update printer driver (and firmware) as we speak (released yesterday) …

Thank you so much!

ubuntu 16.04 – Reinstall MySQL

We are currently trying to reinstall MySQL 5.7 on an Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS box

However, the installation fails with the following error:

#sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client --fix-broken --fix-missing

dpkg: error processing package mysql-server (--configure):
 dependency problems — leaving unconfigured
Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.23-0ubuntu11) ...
Processing triggers for ureadahead (0.100.0-19.1) ...
Processing triggers for systemd (229-4ubuntu21.27) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

We deleted the previous installation.
sudo apt-get purge mysql-server mysql-client mysql-common mysql-server-core-* mysql-client-core-*

Seems to work well, no error messages. Then we check with:

#dpkg-query -l mysql-server
dpkg-query: no packages found matching mysql-server

In addition, we manually removed the remaining folders to ensure that there are no remnants that could affect reinstallation.

rm -rf /etc/mysql /var/lib/mysql

However, any new attempt to install will fail with this error.
Does anyone know what we can do to fix this situation?

Fastboot – How do I reinstall TWRP on Linux?

Android version:       4.4.3
HTC Sense version:     6.0
software number:       2.23.661.2
HTC SDK API level:     6.25

kernel version:        3.4.0-g52343b3
                       and @ABM105 #1
                       SMP PREEMPT
build version:         2.23.661.2.CL3568029 release-keys

Previously, I was locked in a loop only where TWRP was available. The developer option is certainly activated. Not sure at the moment how I get back to TWRP Menu.

How do I reinstall a new version of? TWRP? I wanted to connect it to Linux.

TWRP says:

How can I uninstall or remove TWRP from my device?

Most devices do not remove TWRP
Return to the stock recovery. Another restore is to be installed
Your only real option. Just install the recovery you want
and that will overwrite or replace TWRP. You can usually follow that
Instructions on our website for manual installation of TWRP use only the
Recovery file that you want to install instead of
TWRP file.

Please note that we do not maintain or maintain a database with inventory restores. If you
If you try to reinstall the inventory recovery, you will need to find one
Copy of the inventory recovery on your own.

I'm not quite sure what they mean by "another restore", but how do I actually install them on Linux?

see also:


basically it is pretty easy as long as i get the right picture? Since it was already installed, don't I have to mess around with locked boot loaders?

What does "Fastboot OEM Lock" do?

dom – I deleted PHP and now reinstall it with the following error. I can't find the ini.pp file

Enter the image description hereFatal Error: Unrecognized Error: Class & # 39; DOMDocument & # 39; not found in /var/www/html/magento211/vendor/magento/framework/Config/Dom.php:384
Stacking track:

1: https://i.stack.imgur.com/Cu7H7.png (I can find the php / 7.1 / apache2 / php.ini file or the php / 7.1 / cli / php.ini file for each version of PHP
(2)Enter the image description here even when i install sudo apt-get, php7.1-xml install errors at the bottom below

Network – How do I reinstall a WiFi adapter / driver without an internet connection?

I just removed Ubuntu Desktop with Tasksel from my Ubuntu Desktop installation to free up space because I'm no longer using the desktop. During the process, however, my WiFi stopped working and the device is no longer displayed ifconfig or iwconfig.

When running lshw -C networkis displayed as UNCLAIMED, Realltek RTL8188EE.

When running a live Ubuntu desktop hard drive, the network device was identified and I can connect without any problems. However, I can't figure out how to fix it on my main installation.

This device no longer has Internet access, but I can transfer debs / files from another PC if necessary.

How would I restore the device and allow it to connect to the WiFi again?

Turkey, Poland, German Netherlands, Canada, France, Great Britain, USA VDS server – Reinstall panel + KVM access

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How soon is my account ready?

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Any content restrictions?

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Where are the servers located?

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