linux – I need a working solution for “X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.” on a Rasbpian buster host with MacOS Big Sur client

Host: Raspberry Pi 4B
Host Display: Osoyoo 3.5″ DSI Touch Screen
Host OS: Raspbian (Buster)
Client: MacBook Air 2011
Client OS: MacOS Big Sur
Client App: Terminal
Connection string: ssh -Y pihost.local

What happened: a broken pipe occurred due to loss of wi-fi connection.
Consequence: “X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.” appears each time I try to run my python3 code that was fully functional before losing the X connection.

I’ve tried several reported solutions listed on this and other sites and none have worked so far. xeyes works fine. I’m the only user on ssh. Here’s my xauth output after renaming my ~/.Xauthority and reconnecting.

pi@pihost:~ $ xauth list
pihost/unix:10  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  495386a19d88503faea5d118e41ce73e

Before the rename and reconnect, my ~/.Xauthority file had similar lines for :11 and :12 as well as a more generic looking line. This change didn’t seem to change anything.

I stepped through the solution shown at the following URL and it also had no visible effect.


Here’s my active sessions list:

pi@pihost:~ $ w
 18:44:12 up  6:25,  3 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
USER     TTY      FROM             LOGIN@   IDLE   JCPU   PCPU WHAT
pi       tty7     :0               12:19    6:25m 10.71s  0.88s /usr/bin/lxsession -s LXDE-pi -e LXDE
pi       tty1     -                12:19    6:25m  0.12s  0.09s -bash
pi       pts/0    <<hidden IP>>: 18:20    2.00s  0.14s  0.04s w
pi@pihost:~ $ 

Note: The actual host name and IP address are replaced here for security purposes.

I previously had a similar problem and had to build my raspbian installation all over again, with several add-ons I need for this project. I’m hoping there’s an easier solution this time around, as it took several days to get that all installed and working before. I’m still in the process of creating a shell script to do the full installation, so it’ll mean piecemeal installation for now and a great loss of time if I have to repeat that.

Any further ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Mortgage application rejected

Dear Forum Peoples,

I have a problem. Last March I bought a office without binding conditions. Purchase agreement and everything is signed, only now I get my 2nd rejection on my mortgage application.

Reason: there is doubt with regard to stability and continuity of income.

Salary is therefore too high for my age and work experience.

Anyone an idea how to solve this?

Thanks in advance, time is running out.


permissions – background SMS sending application rejected

We have developed an Application with hardware integration. Also, we have an SOS feature in the application, where we send SMS in the background when the user presses the key on the device.

We have submitted an application on Play Store, with a Default SMS handler but not worked.
also tried with Physical safety/emergency alert apps (e.g. senior safety)

We have used android.permission.SEND_SMS in the application.

Please help to fix this.

python – Rejected Heroku Push

I’m at my wits end for why this heroku push won’t work.

I’m trying to push a single python script which is a Snake Game developed with the pygame library.

using the git push heroku master command

I’m receiving this response

Enumerating objects: 8, done.
Counting objects: 100% (8/8), done.
Delta compression using up to 12 threads
Compressing objects: 100% (6/6), done.
Writing objects: 100% (8/8), 6.00 KiB | 6.00 MiB/s, done.
Total 8 (delta 1), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 0
remote: Compressing source files... done.
remote: Building source:
remote: -----> Building on the Heroku-20 stack
remote: -----> Using buildpack: heroku/python
remote: -----> Python app detected
remote: -----> No Python version was specified. Using the buildpack default: python-3.9.5
remote:        To use a different version, see:
remote: -----> Installing python-3.9.5
remote: -----> Installing pip 20.2.4, setuptools 47.1.1 and wheel 0.36.2
remote: -----> Installing SQLite3
remote: -----> Installing requirements with pip
remote:        ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement python-3.7.2 (from -r /tmp/build_85605c02/requirements.txt (line 1)) (from versions: none)
remote:        ERROR: No matching distribution found for python-3.7.2 (from -r /tmp/build_85605c02/requirements.txt (line 1))
remote:  !     Push rejected, failed to compile Python app.
remote:  !     Push failed
remote:  !
remote:  ! ## Warning - The same version of this code has already been built: 670f2543a9261d8b214f620cbcd3982830890dc7
remote:  !
remote:  ! We have detected that you have triggered a build from source code with version 670f2543a9261d8b214f620cbcd3982830890dc7
remote:  ! at least twice. One common cause of this behavior is attempting to deploy code from a different branch.
remote:  !
remote:  ! If you are developing on a branch and deploying via git you must run:
remote:  !
remote:  !     git push heroku <branchname>:main
remote:  !
remote:  ! This article goes into details on the behavior:
remote:  !
remote: Verifying deploy...
remote: !       Push rejected to snake-game-nick.

my requirements.txt file contains the below data: