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magento2 – Data migration tool: is it possible to exclude specific websites/stores (and all of their related settings, products, etc.) from the migration?

I have a Magento 1 website with a bunch of legacy websites (stores) which haven’t been used for years but which still contain a bunch of old products/settings/etc.

I’m migrating to Magento 2 but don’t want to migrate the old stores.

What’s the best way to exclude these old stores and only migrate the store(s) I need?

Obviously I would want to exclude not only the store data itself but all of the product associations and store-specific settings related to the old stores.

performance – How do I further debug this Internal Server Error problem? (mod_fcgid related)

I was asked to help with a Drupal 7 site that I’ve helped to tweak several times before. The problem is, most of the site pages are not shown and “Internal Server Error” 500 page is shown instead (it started at the 6th of may). There are some exceptions though:

/user  (but not /user/1 for example)
/admin/modules  (but not  /admin/config or /admin/reports)

(may be these are not all the exceptions, but I don’t know others yet)

Now, here’s what I know (I don’t have full root access, but I can request access for some resources):

  • PHPMyAdmin shows over 10K requests per minute (84% are select, 6% delete, 6% insert, ..). By the way, it also shows that it was started at the 7th of May (may be administrator has rebooted it)

  • httpd access_log consists of lines like (I splitted into 2 for readability)

    ::1 - - (13/May/2020:02:07:32 +0300) "OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0" 200 - "-"
     "Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) OpenSSL/1.0.2k-fips mod_fcgid/2.3.9 PHP/5.4.16 (internal dummy connection)"

    it seems there’s nothing except these ones; these ones are added with frequency of about 5-20 lines per second

  • httpd error_log consists mostly of lines like

    (Wed May 13 09:16:09.487641 2020) (fcgid:warn) (pid 27860) mod_fcgid: process 25947 graceful kill fail, sending SIGKILL

    and these are added even less frequently: about 10 times per hour

  • processor is highly loaded: it varies from 10% to 75% CPU consumed by /usr/bin/php-cgi php (which can be seen by using /usr/bin/php-cgi php)

Looks like something’s wrong with mod_fcgid, but I have very little idea of what I can do to debug and fix this. Can anybody help with this?

`pass` not asking for password anymore – gnome-keyring or gpg-agent related? How can I force password asking?

I have gnome-keyring running for sure, not sure it’s gnome-keyring or gpg-agent or ssh-agent related…

I use pass as command line password manager for many things. Usually, when querying pass, a dialog would appear asking me to enter a password first. I assume it was gnome-keyring asking me for my password.

However, since some time ago, it does not ask my password anymore – thus, anyone with access to my shell can use pass to see my passwords, as they are printed on STDOUT. I must have clicked on the option to somehow save my password I guess.

I want to enable pass to ask me for my password again. How do I do that?

rt.representation theory – A question related to newform and irreducible cuspidal representation og GLn

I was reading adelization of classical automorphic forms and learnt there each each cusp form correspond to a automorphic representation of $GL_n(A_mathbb{Q})$. I understood the proof. But then I found a statement like that there is a one-to-one correspondance between newforms of the congruence subgroup $Gamma_1(N)$ and the irreducible cuspidal representations of $GL_n(A_mathbb{Q})$.

But I couldn’t find any proof of it.
Please suggest some references.

Thank you.

Probability – Bayesian theorem related question

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magento2 – Magento 2.3 How do I add a modal slide for related products to the custom page in the administration area of ​​ui_form?

I have created a button in ui_form for custom page and I want that Modal film that appears when I click the button to add related products but I don't know how to do it

I try to repeat the logic of it

Enter the image description here
Enter the image description here

Now I've added a button, but I can't design it to show a modal slide with products when clicked

Enter the image description here

Please tell me how I can do that. I really need help, thanks

Next previous link with title / related posts for custom post type and custom taxonomies

Need help with cpt with links to titles or related posts. I'm using the oceanwp theme. Related posts are shown for normal posts. However, part of the code must be edited for CPT.

In the child topic I copied some files and I can see related posts in cpt, but with standard categories, not with custom taxonomy associated with CPT. This is the code in the topic that I need help with:

    // Term
$term_tax = get_theme_mod( 'ocean_single_post_next_prev_taxonomy', 'post_tag' );
$term_tax = $term_tax ? $term_tax : 'post_tag';

It is in my child topic next-prev-subjects.php and related posts-subjects.php.

How can I edit this code to use custom taxonomies? I have CPT named Subjects and 3 categories like custom taxonomies: physics, chemistry, math and a tag like custom taxonomy called tagsubject.

I tried but it didn't work

// Term
    $term_tax = get_theme_mod( 'ocean_single_post_next_prev_taxonomy', 'subject_category' );
    $term_tax = $term_tax ? $term_tax : 'subject_category';

Any help in one way or another is greatly appreciated. In other ways I found similar questions in this forum, but I don't know which files in the child topic should be edited or created.