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release management – Tracking stories and code to be released after its tested and out of the sprint

We will finish a sprint with stories tested and “Done” and thereby closed in Jira. They often sit in a branch somewhere until someone remembers we have code waiting to be pushed live. Or worse, we go to push something live and someone will pipe up with “oh that also includes xyz change…”, or even worse we push one change not realising it includes another one. Usually, it works, because it’s tested, but kinda scary we don’t often know exactly what going live without doing a thorough code review of all merge requests and diffs across multiple services/components.

Often we can’t push things live immediately as there are dependencies, related work in progress, marketing or any number of other reasons. I know feature flags are a good solution but we’re not currently planning to implement.

How do you track issues and related code that is Done, but not yet released in a methodical manner so you can see the code changes involved and the issues involved across any environment at any time?

Architecture – What is the pattern to release the database for other modules for security reasons?

In a large iOS application, I have a database module that is intended for processing application databases with public read / write APIs for other modules. The UI module has a function for releasing the database. To attach my database for the UI module for release functions, my database path is required. Therefore, the UI team requested the provision of a public API to get the database path.

I am concerned about the security perspective of making database paths available as a public API. What is the general guideline to share the database with other modules? Should I make my database path available through a public API? If so, is there an impact on further security gaps and does this violate abstraction?

Is it better to mask an encryption key or to release it directly?

For a system that releases files for client-side decryption, where the server does not know the encryption keys (only stores them in encrypted form), it is better if a file is released for a non-user

  • Release the file encryption key directly (e.g. client loads the
    File-specific encryption key, decrypts it and appends it to the URL hash of the
    Share URL, basically what Firefox Send does) or
  • In addition, encrypt the file-specific encryption key with a newly generated encryption key and release this key (The client downloads the file-specific encryption key, decrypts it, re-encrypts it with the newly generated key and saves a copy of the result. The client then shares the generated key with which the downloading client can decrypt the actual file-specific key.)

The advantage I see with option 2 is that the underlying key is not immediately made available in the URL hash. The downloading client must first download the actual file key. However, the downloading client will do so still You get the actual file key, so it's not necessarily more secure and may just add an unnecessary level of abstraction.

What would be the right way to get here?

client – When did Satoshi Nakamoto release Bitcoin v.0.1 to the public? 08 Jan 09 or 09 Jan 09?

It depends on how you define the share.

Satoshi sent the email to the Cryptography mailing list on January 8, 2009 UTC. However, since the cryptography mailing list is moderated, this email only reached email subscribers on January 9 or 10, 2009 (actually January 10, 2009 at 1:00 UTC).

The discrepancy you see is that many people point to the source of the mail archive. The mail archive is a subscriber to mailing lists and publishes the emails received. So it received the email on January 9th in its local time. The source of is "more accurate" because the list is actually hosted there. It therefore shows the time at which the mailing list server received the email.

The link that Satoshi provides was probably accessible on or before the email was sent, so it can be said that Bitcoin was actually released on January 8th.

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