The trading software provider who managed to remain profitable in the global crisis

The world got into a pandemonium state after the outbreak of Covid-19. The global stock markets are all slumping after slumps with little hope of stability soon. Analysts predict the impact of this pandemic on the global economy will be unprecedented. The pandemic has caused unimaginable losses to investors and businesses alike.

In March 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^ DJI) recorded the worst decline in history. Things weren't so bad for the Dow even during the Great Depression. It's safe to say that no one, not even seasoned analysts and investors, was expecting the scale of the crisis we're experiencing today.

The Covid 19 outbreak showed us how volatile the financial markets can be and how quickly our investments can become "sour". Many investors are looking for alternative investment vehicles that reduce risk while remaining profitable in uncertain times. Given the crisis in the financial markets, it seems impossible to seek / wish for such investment solutions. However, there is one company that does just that. 8topuz.

8topuz is an award-winning FinTech company that offers risk-regulated trading software (bot) based on artificial intelligence. This software uses the FX market and works with only a few selected currency pairs.

8topuz – pronounced “octopuz” – offers investors access to a kind of system that would only be possible if an army of high-quality risk managers gathered for this purpose.

This is how it works

The technology behind 8topuz enables investors to benefit from an AI-automated risk management-oriented system that is designed to achieve a verified ROI of 3-4% per month as efficiently as possible. This means that inexperienced traders can benefit from this AI system, which is based on machine-learned risk management algorithms.

The risk management attribute is very adaptable to fluctuations and offers the additional possibility of human intervention for luxury. This means that the automated trading system can be overridden in abnormal situations.

What are the returns?

8topuz's unique approach has placed it ahead of stock and other financial markets in terms of returns over the past few years. While stocks typically have an average annual return of 8-12%, 8topuz delivers an annual return of 24-48%.

To make it even better, their software has managed to keep up with monthly earnings since the beginning of the year, regardless of the volatility and crisis of today's financial sector. The following is a table that compares 8topuz's performance with the S&P 500 and DJIA from January through March 2020:

January 2020 February 2020 March 2020 Total
8topuz 3.62% 1.35% 4.97% 9.94%
S & P 500 -0.04% -7.92% -13% -20.96%
DJIA -0.9% -10.07% -13.74% -24.80%

8topuz offers stability in a market that is currently characterized by ridiculous volatility. This provider of automated trading systems not only has consistently high returns, but is also a more stable investment option. For example, since December 2016, 8topuz has only had one month of loss compared to the S&P 500, which has had a total of 11 months of loss since the same period. 8topuz's ability to value and adapt to unprecedented or unusual market conditions is one of its key functions to deliver constant returns to its investors. 8topuz is without a doubt unique in these markets.


Why are all red states ready to give up their lives to open their economies too early while the blue states remain locked in responsibly?

You left are idiots. Just as stupid as brick.

Would you like to have a real conversation about it?

Even democratic governors like Cuomo and Newsom say that we cannot lock indefinitely. Red states were least affected and had the fewest cases. They are also the most common, and the virus thrives in cities, not rural areas.

That is why red states will open earlier. It's not rocket science here. The data is pretty clear about everything I have stated.

Why are you leftists not talking about data or science? The corona virus is protected by a layer of fat, which is why it does not live that long in warmer places. Trump talks about the summer that kills him and you laugh and then have the audacity to insult when I tell you the science behind his testimony.

They refuse to think more. You just EMOTE your hateful TDS rhetoric all the time, insanely accusing anyone who dares to have a different opinion than you that grandma should die.

huawei – USB debugging does not remain active

I want to use my phone as a webcam and I want to use the cable because when I try over WiFi the video stays like crazy.

I installed droidcam, which allows my phone to be used as a webcam when I enable USB debugging. The first time I tested it, it worked. However, I just tried it and for some reason USB debugging is disabled as soon as I exit the settings and go to the Droidcam app on my phone. Can someone help me fix this?

The phone is an honor 9. I'm really not good with technology, so any help would be greatly appreciated !!!

18.04 – Bluetooth headphones stop audio output after a while, but remain connected to the laptop

I tried 2 different headphones that I paired with my Dell XPS 13 on Ubuntu 18.04. Every time I play media in my Chrome browser, the audio stops working. When I check the connectivity, the headphones appear connected to my computer.

I've looked up a lot of posts on this topic. I tried Blueman, although it makes no difference for this behavior.

MacBook Pro 15 "2018 Touch Bar buttons / icons on the right do not light up (they remain dark, e.g. Siri and mute icons)

I have a rather strange problem with the touch bar of my MacBook Pro 2018. Some time ago I noticed that the right side of the touch bar is suddenly dark and I can no longer see the Siri icon, for example. The button itself works, so Siri arrives.

Here is a photo of the situation:

As you can see, even half the volume mute icon appears. It seems that the "lights" (for lack of a better expression) are not shown on the far right of the touch bar. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this problem? I came across a couple of posts where people describe that the touch bar is not lit at all, but never something (where it is only partially lit). Thanks in advance for any help!

Old page hardly accessible, but must remain alive, WWYD

Looking for advice on a customer's php5.2.9 site that cannot be updated because the code is a super-custom library with 50 GB of media files.

The site has no hits and a page that is advancing into place. Still, they want to keep these 50 GB media files with this PHP5.2.9 wrapper that only they can access that was created in 2011.

My VPS provider forces a downgrade from cpanel to directadmin in order to reduce costs so that these old PHP versions cannot be executed. The spot is dead in the water, by the way. My only option is to migrate to another VPS provider that offers alternative free panels to ensure compatibility with PHP 5.2.9. In summary, it can be said that this client only needs the hosting once a year to access the library of files that it has created with a PHP5.2.9 framework.

I wonder what you would do to keep things going smoothly. Thank you very much.

Probability – probabilities improve if the odds remain the same (for repeated games)?

Study for the finale. My teacher's answer to a sample question from the study guide on Vegas games is hard to understand. The question is, "If you play a Vegas game multiple times, you declare which of the following changes you made: probability, chance of winning, and / or expected value?" His answer: "Opportunities improve, but probability and expectancy are not." I thought the chances are P (A) divided by P (not A). From this simple formula, for me, if the probability is fixed, the probability is also established. Can you explain why the teacher believes that opportunities can improve?

Applications – Why does nova launcher in Vivo Y51L not remain my standard launcher?

I use Vivo Y51L (Andriod 5.0.2) and whenever I set Nova Launcher as my default launcher it works. But if I open the nova settings and then remove them from the background, the launcher will switch back to BBK Launcher and say it's my default launcher. The same thing happens when I either install or uninstall an application. So, how can I get rid of it?