postgresql – Exports table data from remote to local in postgres

I have connected to the remote server and try to do a table backup with the following command:

Copy finance.coa to & # 39; home@ /home/kedarisettyakhiles/akki.csv' DELIMITER & # 39 ;, & # 39; CSV HEADER;

I get the error:

The relative path is not allowed for COPY to file

Is this due to a syntax error?

Remote access – remotely execute local functions

The following

Attributes[remoteExecute] = {HoldAllComplete};
remoteExecute[expr_] := 
   ubuntuBox = RemoteConnect[ip, "username", "password"]}, 
  compressed = Compress[Unevaluated[expr]]; 
     "wolframscript -format InputForm -code 'Uncompress["``"]'", 
     compressed], "StandardOutput"]]]

is able to remotely perform functions as long as its function is not locally defined. So for example ~/only_on_ubuntu_bux If a file exists only on your remote computer, this feature fails for:

How can you overcome this limitation?

Remote connection – Windows Server 2012 R2 server logs me out at random

I tried many solutions, but nothing worked, so I post that question.
Windows Server 2012 R2 server randomly logs me off with Event ID 7002:
"User Experience Improvement Program User Logout Notification" After I Disconnect a Session Using a Remote Desktop Connection I have already tried disconnecting an RDP session (with Windows Server 2012 R2) as suggested in this link, without the user being logged off An attempt was made to change the lock screen and screen saver settings to keep the user logged in. Unfortunately, they did not work either, is there any way to keep the user logged in with this Event ID 7002?

Set up the Android SDK path for Android Remote to work in Unity

I use the Unit 2019.1.12, If I go to To edit > Settings … > External tools it is said that the Unity installed Android SDK tools (recommended),

Now I have downloaded this Unity Remote 5 on my Android device and try to debug a game in Notepad.

But when I start the game, I see the output in the Unity console saying:

Set up the Android SDK path for Android Remote to work

So, should I disable the check near the check Unity installed Android SDK tools (recommended), download the Android SDK itself and specify the path to it?

Are there any other ways to fix this problem? Because Unity has simplified the process of installing the SDK and it is very sad that I can not use the Unity Hub for this purpose.

Many thanks.

So I went to Unity 2019.1.12f1 modules.json File the path to the Unity SDK found in the file. And manually provided the path. That solved the problem. I do not like the solution, because the Unity Hub assumes that the path to the SDK is automatically provided.

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Migrate a Remote Oracle Database (11g) to a Docker Oracle XE Database (11g)

I'm brand new to Oracle, and I'm trying to migrate an existing VM running deployment scripts on each release to use a Docker container instead. Then I can run the version scripts and mark a new container for each version (for use with our integration tests).

Unfortunately, no matter what I try (exp, expdp, ddl generate from datagrip, ddl generate from data studio, expdp in toad), it seems to be impossible to completely copy a remote database into the XE database without lots of bugs in it packages or key condition errors.

What do I miss?

I've done the following:

expdp user/pass@XE directory=dp_dir FULL=YES dumpfile=8_17.dmp logfile=8_17.log network_link=XE_BUILD content=ALL TRANSPORT_FULL_CHECK=YES

This creates a snapshot file that should appear to be valid.

Then I do that;
impdp importer/importer@XE directory=dp_dir full=Y dumpfile=8_17.dmp logfile=imp_full.log

This also concludes with a relatively small number of errors. However, I am constantly getting errors due to key constraints and bad packages that do not occur when using the remote database.

I tried to rebuild all the packages and things, still no luck.

Create an Oracle database on remote server from scratch

Greetings to all.

I make an independent program of the database, using System.Data.Common, DBProviderfactory, etc; I need to create a database on an Oracle server from scratch and then create tables, stored procedures, and functions. The program runs from a location other than the Oracle server. I have already done this with a SQL Server and now I have to do it with Oracle.

I share the code for SQL Server:

dpf = DbProviderFactories.GetFactory(dp); //dp = "System.Data.SqlClient"

conexion = dpf.CreateConnection();
using (conexion)
     //Cadena de conexión a la master para crear la base de datos
     this.conexion.ConnectionString =
          "server=" + this.txt_SD_Servidor.Text +
          ";database=master" +
          ";user id=" + this.txt_SD_UserId.Text +
          ";password=" + this.txt_SD_Pwd.Text;

     dbcmd = conexion.CreateCommand();
     dbcmd.CommandText = "CREATE DATABASE " + this.txt_SD_BD.Text;


     //Cadena de conexión a la nueva base de datos para crear las tablas, procedimientos y funciones.
     this.conexion.ConnectionString = this.txt_CnStr.Text;

     dbcmd = conexion.CreateCommand();

     dbcmd.CommandText = "CREATE TABLE ..."

     dbcmd.CommandText = "CREATE PROCEDURE ..."

     dbcmd.CommandText = "CREATE FUNCTION ..."

I have no experience with Oracle, I only used it to connect to existing databases and manipulate records.

I saw an example in an earlier post, but this article uses a local server, that is, the program resides on the same machine as Oracle.

This is the link to the post office:

Create Oracle database and schema programmatically ADO.NET

As you can see in the previous post, the location of the oradata route is local:

string oracleDataPath = "C:\PATH_TO_ORADATA\";

I have to do the same but direct it to a remote server.

Thank you in advance for the help you can give me.