The mysql cluster localhost mix can not be started with the remote address

I am trying to use the mysql cluster installer to set up the mysql cluster with 2 nodes and get an error

2018-12-13 00:25:50 [MgmtSrvr] WARNING – in line 35: [DB]
BackupMaxWriteSize is outdated. Use the maximum size of the file system
made by backup (in bytes) instead of 2018-12-13 00:25:50 [MgmtSrvr]
WARNING – in line 36: [DB] BackupWriteSize is out of date, use
Default size of file system writes made by backup (in bytes)
2018-12-13 00:25:50 [MgmtSrvr] WARNING – in line 37: [DB]
BackupDataBufferSize is deprecated, use the default size of the data buffer for
a backup (in bytes) instead of 2018-12-13 00:25:50 [MgmtSrvr] ERROR –
on line 128: mixing localhost (defaults to [NDBD]HostName) with
other hostname (XX.XX.XX.XX) is invalid 2018-12-13 00:25:50 [MgmtSrvr]
ERROR – in line 128: Previous section of could not be saved
Configuration file. 2018-12-13 00:25:50 [MgmtSrvr] ERROR – Could
Do not load configuration from
& # 39; /home/mysql/mysql-cluster/management/config.ini'

Here is my config.ini provided by the tool


ArbitrationRank = 1
HeartbeatIntervalMgmdMgmd = 1500
Port number = 1186

NodeId = 49
HostName = xx.xx.xx.xx
DataDir = / home / mysql / mysql-cluster / management /
Port number = 1186

NodeId = 50
DataDir = / home / mysql / mysql-cluster / management /
Port number = 1186

SendBufferMemory = 4M
ReceiveBufferMemory = 4M

NoOfReplicas = 2
LateAlloc = 1
StartNoNodeGroupTimeout = 0
MaxBufferedEpochs = 100
MaxBufferedEpochBytes = 26214400
MaxDiskWriteSpeed ​​= 20M
MinDiskWriteSpeed ​​= 10M
MaxDiskWriteSpeedOtherNodeRestart = 50M
MaxDiskWriteSpeedOwnRestart = 200M
BackupMaxWriteSize = 1024K
BackupWriteSize = 256K
BackupDataBufferSize = 1024K
BackupLogBufferSize = 16M
BackupReportFrequency = 10
BackupDiskWriteSpeedPct = 50
CompressedBackup = true
CompressedLCP = false
MemReportFrequency = 0
LogLevelStartup = 1
LogLevelShutdown = 0
LogLevelStatistic = 0
LogLevelCheckpoint = 0
LogLevelNodeRestart = 0
LogLevelConnection = 0
LogLevelError = 0
LogLevelCongestion = 0
LogLevelInfo = 0
EventLogBufferSize = 8K
StartupStatusReportFrequency = 0
MinFreePct = 5
MaxNoOfAttributes = 1000
MaxNoOfTables = 128
MaxNoOfOrderedIndexes = 128
MaxNoOfTriggers = 768
MaxNoOfSubscriptions = 0
MaxNoOfSubscribers = 0
MaxNoOfConcurrentSubOperations = 256
StringMemory = 25
MaxAllocate = 32M
MaxNoOfSavedMessages = 25
LcpScanProgressTimeout = 60
Diskless = false
LockPagesInMainMemory = 1
Arbitration = standard
DiskPageBufferEntries = 10
DiskPageBufferMemory = 64M
SharedGlobalMemory = 32M
DiskIOThreadPool = 2
DiskSyncSize = 4096 KB
LongMessageBuffer = 64M
MaxParallelCopyInstances = 0
MaxNoOfConcurrentTransactions = 4096
MaxNoOfConcurrentOperations = 131072
MaxDMLOperationsPerTransaction = 4294967295
MaxNoOfConcurrentScans = 256
MaxParallelScansPerFragment = 256
BatchSizePerLocalScan = 256
FragmentLogFileSize = 256M
NoOfFragmentLogFiles = 16
InitFragmentLogFiles = SPARSE
RedoBuffer = 32M
RedoOverCommitCounter = 3
RedoOverCommitLimit = 20
TwoPassInitialNodeRestartCopy = false
BuildIndexThreads = 0
RealtimeScheduler = false
SchedulerResponsiveness = 5
SchedulerSpinTimer = 0
TimeBetweenLocalCheckpoints = 20
TimeBetweenGlobalCheckpoints = 2000
TimeBetweenGlobalCheckpointsTimeout = 120000
TimeBetweenEpochs = 100
TimeBetweenEpochsTimeout = 32000
TimeBetweenWatchdogCheck = 6000
TimeBetweenWatchdogCheckInitial = 60000
TransactionInactiveTimeout = 4294967039
TransactionDeadlockDetectionTimeout = 1200
TimeBetweenInactiveTransactionAbortCheck = 1000
HeartbeatIntervalDbDb = 15000
HeartbeatIntervalDbApi = 15000
ConnectCheckIntervalDelay = 0
StartPartialTimeout = 30000
StartPartitionedTimeout = 4294967039
StartFailureTimeout = 0
ArbitrationTimeout = 7500
RestartSubscriberConnectTimeout = 12000
StopOnError = 0
CrashOnCorruptedTuple = true
StartFailRetryDelay = 0
MaxStartFailRetries = 3

NodeId = 1
HostName = xx.xx.xx.xx
DataDir = / home / mysql / mysql-cluster / data_node /
ServerPort = 11860

NodeId = 2
DataDir = / home / mysql / mysql-cluster / data_node /
ServerPort = 11860

AutoReconnect = false
BatchByteSize = 16 KB
BatchSize = 256
MaxScanBatchSize = 256K

NodeId = 53
HostName = xx.xx.xx.xx

NodeId = 54

NodeId = 231
HostName = xx.xx.xx.xx

NodeId = 233

Remote Desktop – Automatic logon to a Windows 2008 R2 server does not work

I have thoroughly tested and tried all these hints.
AutoLogin after reboot
I tried both system internals & # 39; autologin & # 39; as well as the screen Run -> & # 39; control userpasswords2 & # 39; to use. In different ways.
We have a hustler application that's not in session-0 & # 39; must be executed. I start the application in a scheduled task & # 39; on-logon & # 39; the administrator account. I also tell the machine to switch to the lock screen in the task.

I'm not here to look into why we're running this app or how it's run as a "service." Just understand that it has to be interactive.

Currently after a reboot: The computer "does not log in automatically" or does not start the task until I set it rDP. As soon as I enter the server RDP, the task is started and everything is fine.

What prevents the functioning of the "autologin"?

postgresql – Retrieve database dump after copying from the remote server

I used the command

pg_dump -C -h remote host U remoteuser database name | psql localhost -U localuser

to copy the database on the remote server to my local computer.

Can I somehow retrieve the dump retrieved after the first part of the command? H.

pg_dump -C -h remote host U remote user database name 

is running? Can it be stored in a temporary place?

wp remote get – Where should I call wp_remote_get?

I suspect I should create a function that:

  • Calls wp_remote_get ("")
  • Returns the array of job posting objects

Yes, there is still the question of where to call it

in functions.php, but I'm not sure how I would export it so it would be available in the view.

Functions in functions.php If you use WordPress design templates correctly, the availability in the view is not a problem

Where would you call this function? At the point where you want to display it. However, there are disadvantages to your approach:

  • A remote request in PHP to another server in the frontend is one of the worst ways you can do in terms of performance and scalability
  • If it is only a remote control RECEIVE Request without authentication, you can do this in JS

If you do this in Javascript, the work will instead be relocated to the browser and page caching improved, as no stale results are cached.

So you could do something in Javascript like this:

fetch (& # 39; https: //')
then (function (response) {
return response.json (); // decode the JSON
then (function (json) {
// Create a container dome node and populate it with ToDo elements
const container = jQuery (& # 39;
& # 39 ;, id: "todos" const todos = (todo => jQuery (& # 39;

& # 39 ;, text: todo.title) ); container.append (todos); // add it to the page in a div with an ID, we'll add it for performance reasons at once jQuery (& # 39; # sidebartodos & # 39;). attach (container); });

Remote Control – Access the same instance of the app from two devices while you're on the move

Me and my friend need to access the same instance of an app at the same time. Not only can we install the app because they both need access to the same instance, account, and so on. We may be in different locations but still want to access the app. We both occasionally turn off our phones and the other of us may need access to the app while the other person has turned off their phone.

We both have Android phones. We also have a cheap third Android device that we do not use.


Device 1: My device

Device 2: Friend's device

Device 3: Cheap device is currently not used.

I'm thinking about installing the app Device 3, and then leave at home, with the app always running, connected to Wi-Fi and electricity. I think we could then use remote access software to access the app from anywhere.

My priorities are that accessing the app should be as easy as possible. I do not want to access every access to login screens, permissions, and so on. Ideally, it should just be an icon on the home screen that you can click on. The best way I should go directly into the app. If this is not possible, it should at least be as fast as possible, with the minimum number of steps required to access it.

We do not need a remote control, only remote display. Remote control would be nice too.

We can use root, xposed framework, magisk modules and whatever is needed.

backup – Crash / Restore remote apps from / Applications and deleted / Library / Frameworks

I had one in my opinion a "crash" of my 500SSD, which was my system hard drive. I have a MacPro 2008, where I had to boot into recovery mode and recover from Time Machine. Then the folder "Applications" was completely empty and I had a pretty useless machine. I found the Time Machine files (in the Backups.backupdb folder of an external drive) and refilled the application folder sequentially with Finder and some other apps (including Chrome, with which I do). The system disk used to be called SSD_1 and htat as it appears on my backup displayed in Time Machine. It is currently displayed as "Macintosh HD2", which was previously my system hard drive before the SSD was installed. There is also the old Macintosh HD in the device area, which will be displayed as "Macintosh HD 1" when Get Info is displayed. I am a bit worried that a clean system installation will throw all my applications in the trash. I'm also worried that my "end of life" computer will not get the right OS files from the Apple servers.


Limited Special – Full Cabinet – 20A 120V – Remote Reboot PDU – 1000Mbps – $ 250 / month

We offer a short quote on our co-location offers for startups, customers who want to move into a new building or add a new location!

1/2 price for the first 3 months with a 1-year contract!

If something does not fit your needs, please contact us and we can create an individual location solution.

Full Rack Colo

* 42U rack space

* 100 Mbps over 1000 Mbps port

* Total power of 20 AMP / 16 AMP Uasble / 120V

* Remote Reboot PDU access included

* VPN access via private network to IPMI / OOB

* Free rack & stack

$ 250 / month for the first 3 months
500 USD / month for the rest of the contract

https: //www.reliablehostingservices….de=COLOBLOWOUT

Half Rack Colo

* 21U rack space

* 20000 GB bandwidth over 1000 Mbps port

* Total power of 20 AMP / 16 AMP Uasble / 120V

* Remote Reboot PDU access included

* VPN access via private network to IPMI / OOB

* Free rack & stack

$ 150 / month for the first 3 months
300 USD / month for the rest of the contract

https: //www.reliablehostingservices….de=COLOBLOWOUT

Quarter Rack Colo

* 10U rack space

* 10000 GB bandwidth over 1000 Mbps port

* Total power of 10 AMP / 8 AMP Uasble / 120V

* Remote Reboot PDU access included

* VPN access via private network to IPMI / OOB

* Free rack & stack

$ 100 / month for the first 3 months
200 USD / month for the rest of the contract

https: //www.reliablehostingservices….de=COLOBLOWOUT

1U / 2U rack color

* 1-2U rack space

* 5000 GB bandwidth over 1000 Mbit / s port

* 1-2 AMP 120V power

* Remote Reboot PDU access included

* VPN access via private network to IPMI / OOB

* Free rack & stack

$ 25 / month for the first 3 months
$ 50 / month for the rest of the contract

https: //www.reliablehostingservices….de=COLOBLOWOUT

Network and peering providers:

Tinet Spa
Equinix Exchange in Ashburn, VA
Cogent Communications
Black Lotus Communications
NTT America, Inc.
GTT Communications, Inc.
Hurricane Electric, Inc.


Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Test file / IP / Mirror:
1000MB FILE:

Abuse / Spam Policy

We have a zero tolerance policy against spam / abuse / mass mailings, including CAN SPAM compatible and OPT IN / OUT mailings.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept PayPal and 2checkout

Is IPv6 available?

We can provide IPv6 at no extra cost, just open and request a support ticket

How long have you been in business?

Since 2008 we offer dedicated servers, co-location and VPS services. We own and operate our equipment and all our equipment. We are not resellers of other suppliers.

Telephone: 888-428-0811

[Remote (GRE) DDoS Protection]✔️BGP + Web Panel + Attack Alarm + Layer 7 Protection / UPTO + 2Tb✅

Who we are ?

In February 2018, the Digiturunc Company was founded in the Turkish city of Istanbul with the aim of responding and providing professional services needed by IT industry activists and all webmasters. This company consists of a network of network, operating system and server experts as well as professional designers and programmers.

The policy of Digiturunc Company is to provide professional services with professional configurations at competitive prices and high privacy. With regard to the partnership of Cpanel, Plesk, Cloudlinux, the presentation of all licenses with ideal price is another goal of the company.

To ensure the quality of the network and hosting services, the private server and the authorization of all devices and network devices used by Digiturunc are owned by the company. The availability and high quality of the services offered are therefore guaranteed.
Digiturunc with use of the network team and 24-hour support answers all your questions and requirements.
————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————-
Which locations and upstream carriers do we have?

We have our own equipment and equipment in the following locations in the best data centers:

  • Turkey Istanbul
  • Romania, Bucharest
  • USA, New York
  • Great Britain, London

We use the following airlines, depending on the locations:

  • TurkTelekom
  • Euroweb
  • Voxility
  • XO Communications
  • DE-CIX (Turkey)
  • Net-IX (Turkey)
  • Linx (London)

————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————-
Our DDoS protection features

  • Access to the web interface for audit logs and change of settings per IP
  • E-mail notification of an attack (SMS alert (SOON))
  • Source IP, destination IP, source ports and destination ports are available in logs and you can access them via the web interface
  • Layer 7 protection
  • API access
  • Protect up to + 2 TBit / s without restriction (number of attacks or attack size)
  • Set up BGP session via GRE tunnel
  • No limit on the number of prefixes to announce
  • Set up a tunnel with cabinet location to your network!
  • Layer 7 protection!
  • Enter the desired prefix size!
  • Protection up to + 2 TBit / s BPS / + 2500M PPS
  • Layer 2 Connection is available in Istanbul, Bucharest
  • WHMCS module (to view attack logs and alerts your customers) (coming soon)

Price lists for remote DDoS protection

Action:% 15 Recurring lifetime
Action code: RFCF265YRY DDoS

Plan # 1:

Uplink: 50 Mbps of clean traffic / protection up to + 2 TBit / s
Price: $ 99
Order now!

Plan # 2:

Uplink: 100 Mbps of clean traffic / protection up to + 2 TBit / s
Price: $ 189
Order now!

Plan # 3:

Uplink: 150 MBit / s clean traffic / protection up to + 2 TBit / s
Price: 269 US dollars
Order now!

Plan # 4:

Uplink: 200 Mbps of clean traffic / protection up to + 2 TBit / s
Price: $ 339
Order now!

For custom uplink offer Contact us!

————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————-
How can you contact us?

  • You can reach us under the phone number

+90 850 8888002 | +90 850 2555551
* Phone calls are answered by our Turkish / English staff

  • You can reach us via LiveChat

Click here to chat with us!

  • You can reach us with tickets

Click here to send a ticket!

  • You can arrange a meeting with our team

For a meeting with our team please send us a ticket or call us to make an appointment. Our meetings are organized in our Turkey office. You can check our office location by clicking here.