windows 10 – Remove OneDrive icon from Navigation Pane while keeping active use of OneDrive itself

Many users here ask how to get rid of OneDrive completely and these questions already have answers.

My situation is different. I want to remove only OneDrive icon from Navigation Pane in Windows Explorer. However, I want to continue using OneDrive, I use it in an active way, I just don’t need the icon there.

I’ve already tried removing corresponding OneDrive Registry key in HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerDesktopNameSpace.

It helps until I reboot or sign out, then the icon re-appears as soon as OneDrive app starts in tray (I guess the OneDrive app re-creates missing entries on its startup).

  • Currently I suppose that my only option is to write a script/scheduled task that will delete that Registry key every time it re-appears.

  • Can you advise an alternative, ‘cleaner’ solution?

timelapse – What software could I use for aligning time lapse stills to remove camera shake?

Aligning can be done for example with stitching-programs like Hugin.

  • add all you pictures to the hugin-project
  • let the pictures be analyzed/matched by “align image stack” (Images – Tab: Feature-Matching)
  • add some points if needed (Control Points – Tab)
  • set optimization to Position and Translation at the most (Optimiser-Tab)
  • Optimize (Optimiser-Tab)
  • check with “Preview panorama” (button above)
  • go to Stitcher-Tab, set Projection to “Rectilinear”
  • choose Output as “Remapped images”
  • stitch! 😀

You will get your pictures remapped into several exactly overlapping ones in the choosen format/size (Stitcher-Tab: Autocrop can remove nonoverlapping borders). It’s a nice side-effect and prerequisite of stitching, I used it to create ghost-images (people swinging down a slope: put them five times into one picture), just stitching them together later (using enfuse/enblend on command line).

Hugin can do much more (like every decent stitcher, I guess), for example remove your barrel distortion and also vignetting. Look into optimizations for that.

apache 2.4 – .htaccess: Remove everything after ‘/index.php’

I’ve spent hours looking for the ultimate way to optimize my URLs in a way they cannot break the pages and their structure.

I first needed a way to remove the trailing slash at the end of the URL – resolved! used to be a problem but now the / at the end of the URL is gone, no matter what!

Then I found out that directories themselves can also cause problems. So I had to find a way to turn something like to No extra slashes. Resolved!

Now, I jumped onto the next problem. Putting something after will cause problems. For instance: or will not throw you a 404 error but you will remain at the current page with all the URLs (for stylesheets and scripts) broken. Which… is not good.

I actually found a few similar problems out there but none of them really helped me resolve this case. Any help would be appreciated!


RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)/$ /$1 (L,R=302)

RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} //
RewriteRule ^.*$ $0 (R=302,L,NE)

orders – Buy Etizolam 1mg online to remove anxiety

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How would i remove all the kali linux tools from kali linux

So i recently installed Kali Linux on my PC(replacing windows) and i realized pen testing is not for me and i realized Kali is just Ubuntu for pen testing so i was wondering how would i remove all the Kali packages to make it like Ubuntu? I have all the stock Kali tools like all the pen testing stuff i just want to know how to remove it to make it like Ubuntu with a Kali style. Also the reason i cant switch back is cause i lost my USB. I like the style of Kali but i want it to not look like im going to hack into the pentagon.

7 – Remove duplicated results – Apache Solr

English is not my native language so please be patient.

Good afternoon, my Drupal 7 site is currently holding several articles, help topics, and document guides that are versioned, i.e search the “chocolate” word :

Product Cake:

  • title: Old aunt’s Chocolate Cake. Version: 1.0
  • title: Old aunt’s Chocolate Cake. Version: 1.2
  • title: Colombian Cake, Coffee, and Chocolate. Version: 1.0

Product Candy:

  • title: Chocolate candy for fitness. version: 1.0
  • title: Gretel’s Chocolate recipe. version: 2.2
  • title: Gretel’s Chocolate recipe. version: 3.0
  • title: Gretel’s Chocolate recipe. version: 1.0

Product Beverage:

  • title: Milk & Chocolate. version: 1.0
  • title: Milkshake for the boys in the yard: Vanilla, Chocolate, and More. version: 1.0
  • title: Milkshake for the boys in the yard: Vanilla, Chocolate, and More. version: 2.1
  • title: Hot Chocolate for Cold Winters. version: 1.0

Currently, the site is using Apache Solr Search and related modules. I haven’t been able to set a hook that would allow removing the duplicate results for versions with the same title but different versions, ideally I would like to have results for the latest version only.

The Apache Solr Sort module supposedly would do the trick, sadly I’m still getting the same results sorted by most recent creation, but due to those articles having (almost) the same score none of the duplicated versions are removed.

To handle the sort by most recent creation date I have modified the score using the creation date.

Also, is possible to achieve the sort using the Apache Solr search module.

But to remove duplicate results, still haven’t found a solution. The documentation says that my necessity would be solved implementing Grouping, but no result comes from Apache Solr using the following hook_apachesolr_query_prepare which is based in the Sort module, Is this the correct way to implement Grouping? Is there another option to remove the duplicate versions?

 * Implements hook_apachesolr_query_prepare().
function custom_search_apachesolr_query_prepare($query) {

  $env_id = $query->solr('getId');
  $process_callback = apachesolr_environment_variable_get($env_id, 'process_response_callback', 'apachesolr_search_process_response');
  $group_field = apachesolr_environment_variable_get($env_id, 'group_field', 'title');
  $group_limit = apachesolr_environment_variable_get($env_id, 'group_limit', '10');

  if ($process_callback == "apachesolr_sort_process_response") {
        'group' => 'true',
        'group.field' => $group_field,
        'group.limit' => $group_limit,
        'group.ngroups' => 'true',
        'group.sort' => 'ds_created desc',
        'group.facet' => 'true',
    // start params are different. You should move similar to the group.limit amount
    if (isset($query->page)) {
    if (isset($query->page)) {
      $query->addParam('group.offset', $query->page * $group_limit);

Thanks in advance for your time.

regex – I have multiple words in my file, how do I remove certain characters from all those file. (Notepad++)

I’m making a random ck2 character generator and after a few days of struggle I managed(with some help) to parse the culture file in ck2’s game directory into a json file where everything is now organized,

but many of the words are like this “Helena_Helen” or “Inga_Inge”, so my question is this, how do I remove the underscore character and the text after that character with the Notepad++ regex and there are some random numbers and character at random places in the names,
is there a way for me to remove those as well(Example: Adu00e0mu_Adam or Adu00e9mar_Adu00e9mar)? Here’s an example of the code:

kubuntu – Remove System leave entries from Kickoff at Plasma

I have stared exploring kickoff source files but still haven’t not found the answer to remove K → Leave → System {Sleep,Reboot,Shutdown} entries ever possible?
I believe there should be something to enter to ~/.config/kickoffrc.

I was searching at:

/usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.kickoff/ subfolders's files

Setting permisions to /bin/systemctl is not an option for me.