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java – How to remove a @Query in Spring's JPARepository

I am using Spring BOOT with the JPA and Java 8 Starter and I have this query in my repository:

    @Query("select p from Product p where p.name like %:name% and p.costValue = :costValue and p.costValue = :costValue")
List findByExemple(@Param("name") String name, @Param("costValue") Float costValue, @Param("saleValue") Float saleValue);

I need this if the float parameters become null to remove the condition or bring everything, it would be a% in the number field. How do I have an idea?

canon – remove focus rectangle on M6 Mark II during clean HDMI output to Elgato Cam Link with activated autofocus?

I have a Canon M6 Mark II camera and recently bought an Elgato Cam Link so I can use it as a very high quality webcam during social distance. I got it working fairly quickly, but even with a "clean" HDMI output, the autofocus rectangle still appears regardless of the focus setting. I would prefer autofocus, but can live with manual focus, but even if MF is set, the rectangle is still displayed.

I tried the following (with result):

  • Switching the physical body from AF to MF (removes the AF rectangle from live view but still appears on my PC)
  • Disable Movie Servo AF in the menu options (gray AF rectangle in live view and servo AF icon not shown)
  • Temporarily deactivate film servo AF in live view (like deactivating it in the menu, except that the symbol is still present)
  • The same as above, but in FHD instead of 4k (no difference)

This is frustrating because there is nothing "clean" about the display of the AF rectangle IMO. This usage was not expected before buying the camera, because so far I have only taken still pictures and have not used any videos. If necessary, I use the Canon 22mm EF-M lens.

I've seen a lot of recommendations online for cameras of the same family (M50, M100, M6 I) and not many specifically for the M6 ​​II. Either it says that you can't remove the box, or switching to MF removes it. Neither seems to be the case unless there is a way to switch to MF that I haven't tried yet.

This is not particularly important to me, but I wanted to ask whether there really is a solution and for clearer search engine optimization than the many outdated camera forums in which I used to look for a solution.

How do I remove spaces from a string in Python without removing breaks?

Hello everybody! I need to remove unnecessary spaces from strings, but don't break them between lines. I used the following command, which removes spaces, but also the & # 39; / n & # 39; away. Does anyone know how to solve?

" ".join("   minha  n string do python    ".split())

Console result:
& # 39; my python string & # 39;

Result I'm trying to do:
& # 39; my n python string & # 39;

gimp – remove low frequency background

I have a series of images that are vignetted – an artifact that I want to reduce from the images (see the smoothed and sampled image). Enter the image description here

My approach is to subtract a highly smoothed version from the actual image to remove the inhomongeious background brightness, but the results from it were far from satisfactory.
Changing the black point of the image obviously doesn't work either.

Is there a way to deal with such a problem?

Information on the behavior of lens vignetting is not available other than what I see in the pictures.

One approach I can think of is to subtract a frequency filtered version of the image that only retains the very low radially symmetrical frequencies from the original, leaving the high frequency content of stars and galaxies intact. However, I find no way to do this safely by writing such a plugin myself. Do I miss an approach with Gimp (or another program that I can work with on Linux)?