zsh continues to remove the trailing slash from the paths when I call a third-party word-replacement tool

zsh continues to remove the trailing slash from the paths when I call a third-party word-replacement tool.

How can I stop it?

For example, if I type:
cd /tmp/ and then call my text replacement app, zsh reduces my command cd /tmp, If the text substitution adds their text (eg "foo"), I have now cd /tmpfoo Instead of cd /tmp/foo,

Is there an option to disable the function to remove the trailing slashes?

404 Error – How to Remove 404 Image on WordPress?

I'm trying to remove a 404 image from my WordPress site. I tried the Broken Link Checker plugin, but this plugin does not recognize this link.

I want to completely remove this link so it will not load in 404.

Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/pk9nns

GT Metrix Report: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.test.ivgeliquids.com/wH9HZGsJ

Website link: https://www.test.ivgeliquids.com

Missing image URL: https://www.test.ivgeliquids.com/storage/2019/07/IVG-BG.png

Please lead. Thanks!

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Search Engines – Is it OK for SEO to remove 10 of 16 translations of our site into subdirectories?

If you use an analytics platform like Google Analytics, you can check how much organic traffic these languages ​​generate. If you remove them, you will not be ranked anymore They will lose all traffic,

If you use Google Search Console, you can also review the SEO impact of filtering performance reports on individual language subfolders.

Enter image description here

Even if you use a 301 redirect To relocate those languages, the vast majority of traffic is lost because you do not have an optimized structure to rank for them.

python – Remove matching elements from two numpy arrays

Consider two assorted numpy arrays:

import numpy as np

a = np.array((1,2,4,4,6,8,10,10,21))
b = np.array((3,3,4,6,10,18,22))

How do I:
1. Find the items that appear in both lists and
2. Remove only one Instance of this occurrence from each list.

That's the output should be:

a = (1,2,4,8,10,21)

b = (3,3,18,22)

Even if duplicates exist, only one instance is removed. This post was closest to my question, but was removed all Repetitions from both lists.

Remove the last x elements of an array and reinsert them in front of position y

I am looking for an algorithm to move a subarray before an element (which is not part of this subarray) in the same array where the last element of the subarray is the last element of the array with O (1) extra space and O (n ) Running time.

e.g. where * p1 = 5 and * p2 = 3:

1 2 5 6 7 3 4


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This is what I have so far (written in C programming language). Problems occur when p1 reaches p2.

void swap(long* p1, long* p2, long* array_end) {
  long* p2_i = p2;
  while (p1 < array_end) {
    if (p2_i > array_end) {
      p2_i = p2;

    // swap *p1 and *p2_i
    long* temp = p1;
    *p1 = *p2_i;
    *p2_i = temp;


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Website Design – Should we remove the site and stop the site shortly while we are redesigning?

"It depends" is probably the correct answer.

Is the old site inaccurate or misleading? Take it down.
If the old page is ok, but a redsign is being done, keep it up.

If you provide more information about redesign, the validity of the old site, the timescale, traffic, and the impact on the business, if you do not have a site, etc., you can provide a more complete answer