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Are you trying our host?

We ignored that DMCA has both PPD and PPD plans

PPD% 100 +% 20 from sales
PPS% 60 from sales and billing.

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sharepoint online – Sponsored Links Edit the floating behavior or remove the animation

Is there a way to change the behavior of the advertised links or to remove the animation with CSS?

I do not have access to the Design Suite (online portal only) due to company policies, so I have to do everything on the page in a script editor web part (I think). When floating, the background of the tile should change from blue to cyan and underline the text title, but to keep it in place and not move it up. I am very new to coding (no previous experience with HTML, CSS or any other website coding (graphic designer by profession)), what I'm currently managing is from a lot of google and trial and error (a lot of mistake).

My webpart style for advertised links

Below is the code I used to make my advertised links look like this.

Any help would be very grateful, I'm so helpless

Partitioning – Ubuntu remove 19.04

That's why I have been using Ubuntu 19.04 for a while, but I had many issues that I would like to remove. I once installed 19.04 and then removed it to reinstall it due to some issues, but this time this procedure does not work. The process was to delete the volume allocated for Ubuntu. When I open Disk Management now, the Ubuntu partition appears as the primary partition on my hard drive. And between my Windows D: partition and my Ubuntu partition, there's an EFI file system with 500 MB of which I have no idea. My laptop has a 128 GB SSD + 1 TB hard drive. I had reserved 200 GB for Ubuntu. When I open diskpart and check the SSD and HDD, I realize that Ubuntu is present in both. How do I remove Ubuntu or solve this problem?

This is the disk management window. Disk Management

And I can not delete my volume, because the option to delete the volume is not present (not greyed out) (see figure): only help option, if you right-click on the partition

This article is directly related to my other Ubuntu issue, which I posted at https://askubuntu.com/questions/1191871/grub-issue-with-ubuntu-19-04

Many thanks

Functions – FileMaker: Remove extra return from the median calculation

I have a database where I want to calculate the median of 3 different fields. I used the code found here.

In my setup it looks like this:

Let ((
beak.trait = List (beak_depthA; beak_depthB; beak_depthC);
valuelist = SortValues ( beak.trait; 1);
count = WordCount ( valueList );
odd =  MiddleValues ( valueList ; Truncate (count/2;0) +1 ; 1 ); 
even = MiddleValues ( valueList ; Truncate (count/2;0)    ; 1 ));
Case( Mod ( count ; 2 ) ; odd ; (even+ odd) / 2))

If there is an even number of data in the cells, the following will be generated:

For 3 measurements, however, I get the following:
Enter image description here

But when I look at the data, it's there, with an extra line break …
Enter image description here

Is there a way to find the value if the number of fields is odd without an extra return?

How would the code be affected?

java – Use status patterns to remove if else statements

I have to get rid of if, else statements from my code because it's a smell. I know that you can implement the status pattern to remove it. However, in my code, I check that the string input is a specific operator, and then execute the steps on a stack. How would I do that? Should I create different states that also perform the math and stack operations? My main problem is that I do not understand how to implement it without using an if statement. For example, if I encounter an operator, I want to do something, but since there are a number of different operators, I need to check that the input is a "+" to do the code necessary for that section.

Here is my code:

package src;

import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Stack;

public class RPNCalculator {

    public int solveEquation(final String input) {
        final Stack operands = new Stack();

        List tokenizedInput = Arrays.asList(input.split(" "));

        for (String currentToken : tokenizedInput) {
            try {
                int inputAsInt = Integer.parseInt(currentToken);
                continue; //
            } catch (NumberFormatException exception) {
                // do nothing, just continue

            if (currentToken.contains("+")) {
                int total = operands.pop() + operands.pop();

            } else if (currentToken.contains("-")) {
                int secondNum = operands.pop();
                int total = operands.pop() - secondNum;

            } else if (currentToken.contains("*")) {
                int total = operands.pop() * operands.pop();

            } else if (currentToken.contains("/")) {
                int secondNum = operands.pop();
                int total = operands.pop() / secondNum;


magento2 – Magento 2.3.2 LayoutXML Update canonical remove

Under Stores> Configuration> Catalog> Catalog we set "Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Categories" to "Yes"

There are some category pages for which we want to edit the Canonical Link.
I can add a Canonical via XML Update with the following code


However, this causes our category page to contain 2 canonical links.
I am looking for a way to remove the canonical link established by the configuration setting or to edit the existing canonical link for some of our categories.

Any help would be great.

Many thanks,

Remove vertices from a labeled graph

To let $ G $ Let be an undirected graph, where each vertex is identified by an integer. Is there an algorithm to remove a subset of vertices so that in the resulting deleted vertex diagram, no vertices with different integer identifiers are joined to an edge, but also the smallest group size among all groups of vertices labeled with the same integer ( ie the number of vertices) is maximum possible?

For example, the following figure shows a graphic in which v1, v7, v8, v9 are labeled 0, and the remaining vertices are labeled 1. You can either remove v1 and have 3 vertices labeled 0 and 5 with 1 vertices, so the size of the smallest set is 3. Or we can remove v4, v3, and v2, then we have 4 vertices labeled 0 and 2 with 1 vertices, so the size of the smallest group is 2. We can also remove isolated vertices, but this will reduce or not change the size of the smallest group, so this does not make sense. The total number of vertices removed is not of interest, it only matches the size of the smallest group.

Example graph

php – Remove Metabox from the WordPress Menu Editor Page?

I'm trying to remove meta-boxes added to the WordPress Menu Editor page from a topic, but I can not figure out how to do that. I found this answer, but I have to do something wrong, because it does not work.

I would like to remove the following:

Enter image description here

My code:

add_action( 'do_meta_boxes', 'blm_remove_plugin_metaboxes' );

function blm_remove_plugin_metaboxes() {
    remove_meta_box('_menu_icon', 'nav-menus', 'side');

I tried the following for the ID, but none worked:

  • _menu_icon
  • menu_icon
  • add-_menu_icon
  • add_menu_icon

Do I miss something?