sierra – Removes shadows displayed in frames when the Show Desktop command is invoked in macOS

On my MacBook Pro, when I use the keyboard shortcut command + F3 To display the desktop, the desktop is displayed, but with a shadow in the margin. When I click on it, the last opened app opens, as shown in the image:

Is there anyway to disable the shadow? I want that when I use it command + F3I should be able to open the desktop without this shadow in the edge.

Web Development – Adsense on a website that removes data from Instagram

I've written some Python scripts that delete data from a specific Instagram account. The scripts then do some basic but useful analysis on this scratched data.

I've now incorporated these Python scripts behind a Flask API, so only a basic endpoint call is needed to parse a specific Instagram account, which we can specify in the request text.

My question is whether I can develop a website with my API as a backend and a decent frontend, generate traffic and add Adsense to my website. Or is this something Google marks?

Exporting Google Sheets to PDF removes emoji

I've created a timeline in Google Sheets that uses Emoji to identify the nature of daily activities. They are displayed perfectly in Google Sheets. I physically want to print the sheet, but when I try to export it as a PDF, they disappear and leave the dreaded, crossed boxes. I also tried to export to HTML and then print the resulting page. This preserves the emoji, but the layout is badly damaged when printing.

My question is: Can you do that? Can I print emoji from Google Sheets, or do I have to repeat my work in another program?

magento2 – Magento 2 removes the effects on the version number

I noticed that when entering / magento_version together with the site URL our Magento version is displayed. So anyone who has bad intentions can check and exploit my version.

To prevent this, I can disable the magento_version module from the command line, but I'm not sure if disabling this module will affect other features. The code struck me that they only use the controller to display the information. But I am not sure if it will be used elsewhere or not. Can Magento also use it for APIs or similar, or for Composer-based upgrades?

Will there be any negative impact if we disable? Should I hide my version number publicly? Is it good to hide it?

Any help would be appreciated.

Plugin Development – Woocommerce removes negative charge after Ajax update

I'm trying to implement a system that automatically charges fees based on product attributes. The code initially adds the fee correctly, but after the order review area loader spins slightly, the fee is removed. I have been looking around the internet for some time and have not found a solution.

These are the requirements that occur at the same time as loading the order review:

/? wc-ajax = update_order_review <- this is probably the problem


And that's the code snippet in question:

$ product = wc_get_product ($ product_id);
$ attributes = $ product-> get_attributes ();
foreach ($ attributes as $ key => $ attribute) {
if ($ ending === $ attribute-> get_options ()[0]) {
$ cart-> add_fee (& # 39; discount for students at & # 39;. $ attribute-> get_name (), $ attribute-> get_options ()[1]- $ product-> get_price ());

I attach to woocommerce_cart_calculate_fees

gnome – Removes an icon from the top bar of an application that does not provide this functionality

The symbol in question stands for Discord. I've attached a screenshot that shows where it's on the tablet. Alt-clicking the right mouse button will only show the app's regular context menu, and Gnome tweaks will not show any setting for it. This is on Ubuntu 18.10 with GNOME 3.30.1.My top bar shows the icon

jquery – Removes the class of an element two levels above the clicked element

Galera, I have several DIVs right now:


If my user clicks on the DIV to see the functionality, I would like him to remove the class (dark blue) from the DIV "image functionality".

I can do all the rest of the process, but I can not remove that DIV. I can not just ask him to give a FIND, since I only have to remove the specific DIV that was clicked on.
I tried to do it with parent (), but I can only go back one level. I have also done some tests with the parentElement, but it does not allow the removeClass ("dark blue") to be used together.

Tests performed:

$ (this) .parent ("image functionality"). removeClass ("dark blue");
this.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.removeClass ("dark blue");
this.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.parent (".function-image") removeClass (".blue")

filters – Removes status & # 39; archives & # 39; from the standard view for posts and pages

I have a page status on my WordPress platform:
All, my, designs, published and archived, as you can see in the picture below

WordPress pages status

When I go to pages, the default view is on All pages I have 62 pages in my example.

I want to hide the archived page in the default view. Soon ALL (62) I want to see all pages except the archived status pages. The archived Pages must still be visible when we leave Archived tab,

Thanks for your help.

magento2 – Magento 2.3 – Onepage Checkout: With a click on the payment method, Ajax Call removes articles from the order overview

I selected an Ajax call with the payment method:

function (quote, fullScreenLoader, jQuery, getTotalsAction) {
# Use strict & # 39 ;;
Return function (paymentMethod) {
quote.paymentMethod (paymentMethod);

fullScreenLoader.startLoader ();
var tooltipText = "";
jQuery.ajax (& # 39; / module_name / checkout / applyPaymentMethod & # 39 ;, {
Data: {payment_method: paymentMethod},
complete: function () {
getTotalsAction ([]);
fullScreenLoader.stopLoader ();


ApplyPaymentMethod.php -> execute ()

$ result = $ this-> resultJsonFactory-> create ();

$ pMethod = $ this-> getRequest () -> getParam (& # 39; payment_method & # 39;);

$ quote = $ this-> checkoutSession-> getQuote ();

$ quote-> getPayment () -> setMethod ($ pMethod['method']);

$ quote-> setTotalsCollectedFlag (false);
$ quote-> collectTotals ();
$ this-> quoteResource-> save ($ quote);

Return $ result-> setData (['quote' => $quote->getData()]);

Result: The total calculation will be correct, but the items rendered in the order summary section will be removed.

See the screenshot!
Before choosing the payment method:
Enter image description here

After selecting the payment method:
Enter image description here

Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks!