google chrome – Recover Chromium Edge session that couldn’t reopen

I have it set to “continue where you left off” in the startup settings, but this time, it didn’t. I had several windows with a total of over 1000 tabs. Whenever I started them up, they froze on white windows for several minutes. This time, I decided to terminate them in the middle of it and now it acted like those windows didn’t exist. There’s almost nothing in the “recently closed” menu and just one group/window of a few tabs. I tried running but I only got less than 500 listed. I ran this on Chrome because it’s part of the linked thread’s answer:
enter image description here

There’s also only “Sessions” and “Session Storage”
enter image description here

lightning network – What are the best practices to close and reopen channels in order to increase capacity

I am new in the lightning so I opened a small channel with 50k sats to get started. After some research and try-and-error I would like to increase the capacity of this channel. I know that this is not possible and the only way to do that is to close the channel and open a new one since having a double channel with the same node is not recommended.
In the meanwhile a payment has been routed with this channel, so my local balance is 10k sats and in the remote balance is 30k (10k sats are gone on fees). If I close the channel now I will only get 10k sats minus fees. I will lose more than 80% of my initial amount!

The only thing I can think of is doing a rebalance of the channel so the most of the capacity is on my side and then close the channel. But since it only has 50k sats I cannot do a loop in (minimum 250k sats), or balance of satoshi (minimum 50k sats). Circular rebalance fails all the time. As an alternative I can create an invoice and route it to my self as described here (

But is it ok what I am doing? Is there a cheaper (smarter) way?

macos – Is there a way to get Finder to remember all my tabs and reopen them after restarting?

macos – Is there a way to get Finder to remember all my tabs and reopen them after restarting? – Ask Different

Are libtards too dumb to figure out how to reopen our schools as every other nation has figured out how to do this already?

Every other nation, other than the ones run by Trump class idiots (Russia, Brazil) are flattening the infection curves and rates, while under Fat Donnie’s willful stupidity, the Covid infection rate is skyrocketing.

Apparently, according to his crooked administration, it’s too dangerous for Micheal Cohen to stay in prison, but it’s just fine to send millions of kids into infection centrals.

Make The GOP Extinct 2020

air travel – When do German borders reopen for EU members exactly?

As I commented, the sentence you mention in the question isn’t directly relevant, as it relates to the German Foreign Office’s warnings against travel from Germany to other countries. Rules regarding travel to Germany are a matter for the Ministry of the Interior.

According to the German Ministry of the Interior

Bundesinnenminister Horst Seehofer hat das Bundeskabinett heute darüber unterrichtet, dass die wegen der Corona-Pandemie eingeführten Grenzkontrollen an unseren innereuropäischen Binnengrenzen mit Ablauf des 15. Juni 2020 enden. Das betrifft die Grenzen zu Österreich, Frankreich, der Schweiz, Italien und Dänemark. Die temporären Binnengrenzkontrollen im Luftverkehr bei Einreisen aus Spanien enden nach gemeinsamer Abstimmung in beiden Richtungen zum 21. Juni 2020.

Mit dieser Entscheidung entfällt generell bei Reisen aus anderen Staaten der EU nach Deutschland das Erfordernis eines triftigen Einreisegrundes. Dies gilt auch für Einreisen aus den Schengen-assoziierten Staaten Norwegen, Liechtenstein und Island sowie dem Vereinigten Königreich.

The statement is mostly about controls on the borders to Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy (presumably by air), and Denmark, but also covers general requirements for entry from other EU countries.

I’ve quoted the German because the English version omits some important details of the German statement. My translation of the above, with added emphasis on the most relevant sections:

Federal interior minister Horst Seehofer has today instructed the federal cabinet that the border controls on our European internal borders will end at the end of 15th June 2020. This affects the borders to Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Denmark. The temporary interior border controls for air travel arrivals from Spain will end by joint agreement in both directions on 21st June 2020.

With this decision the requirement of good justification for travel from other EU countries to Germany is lifted. This also applies to travel from the Schengen associated states of Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, as well as the United Kingdom.

Specifically, the German text’s use of the word “Ablauf” (~”expiration”) makes it clear that the border controls are to be lifted at midnight at the end of the 15th.

air travel – When do German borders re-open for EU-members exactly?

In Germany, there is an entry restriction in place for most of the EU citizen who were not German citizens or residents. According to the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, “This warning was lifted as of 15 June” (source).

It is not clear when exactly the border’s open- after 15th June i.e. June 16th, or from the beginning of 15th June i.e. 00:00:00 on 15th? Asking for an Estonian citizen visting Germany for ‘non-essential’ travel.

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