Find and replace the text in a cell with Google Script and Google Sheets

I have a google sheet where I collect responses and another tab where I see a report for each record.

I want to add manually a number in the cell Writing Points (as in the image below) and click Update to update the cell of that specific record in the responses tab.

enter image description here

I managed to get the row number depending on the student the formula is:

MATCH($D$3,Responses!D:D, 0)

And the column is always BG of the repsonses tab.

How can I achieve this through google script? I have an idea but I don’t know how to do it.

My try:

row = MATCH($D$3,Responses!D:D, 0)

I don’t know how to conver the match formula into google script syntax and how to copy and paste the value from that cell to the responses tab.

Google Sheet link:

Any help would be much appreciated.


conditional – Replace the values of second position in a list with the values of another list given a condition

If I have the following two lists:



where the first element of both list is the same. How can I replace the values in the second position in list1 with the values of the sencond position of list2 multiplied by 1.2, only when the values of the first position in list1 and list2 are greater than 74?. For example, I would like to obtain a list that would look like: {{40,0.0712996},{40.,0.0712996},{40.,0.0712996}......{74.0202,0.0594163*1.2},{74.0404,0.059451*1.2},{74.0606,2.5}....etc. where 0.0594163*1.2, 0.059451*1.2 and 0.0594857*1.2 are the values of list2 at the same temperature greater than 74 multiplied by 1.2.

Thank you in advanced,

replace with fee – Can entries in a transaction have different values ​​for the order?

Enter the image description here

Nice day. Please I have an account with BlockChain, but I find that my account withdraws all of my BTC, which was not done by me. It has replace-by-fee

What could have happened
How can I get my money back?

BTC sent
May 21, 2020 at 2:22 am
Replace with fee
To: bc1q52vem2cnzps34reymhw0v07wgzme8gq92dzc5p
From: My Bitcoin Wallet
$ 3,461.91
0.38223108 BTC
Add a description
Value when sending
$ 3,645.37
Sent by
Receive from
Transaction confirmed
Transaction fee
0.00113524 BTC
$ 10.28

woocommerce – Replace Qty in cart for Bookable Product at the backend with persons for all subsequent actions

I am using the following code to replaced the quantity column in cart with persons for bookable products (i am using WooCommerce Bookings plugin). However, it only changes the cart Qty in the front end but other actions like shipping costs / cart fees set based on qty in cart is not getting updated.

    // Only for bookable product items
    if( isset($cart_item('booking')) && isset($cart_item('booking')('_qty')) ){
        $quantity  = '<span style="text-align:center; display:inline-block; line-height:10px">'.$cart_item('booking')('_qty').'<br>
        <small>(' . __('persons','woocommerce') . ')</small><span>';

    return $quantity;

How to force Google Docs “Replace URL with its title” on heading links to instead replace the URL with heading text

I need to be able to more efficiently change a link to the heading text the link points to, without having to do cumbersome steps.

This a workaround for the more ideal feature that, as of 2020-05-22, has yet to be implemented by Google: How to insert links to headings in Google Docs without brute force (incremental completion and narrowing)

See the image below which explains the problem. Below that image, see the steps to reproduce this problem:

enter image description here


  1. Open an existing Google Doc, or create new one.
  2. Add a heading.
  3. Click on the link of that heading inside the Outline view to the left.
  4. Move the mouse into the browsers address bar, select the URL, and type CTRL+c to copy it into the clipboard.
  5. Move the mouse into the document, and type CTRL+v to paste the URL.
  6. Left mouse click into the URL just pasted.
  7. See the popup (see image below).
  8. Notice that it has the text of the whole document, which is not what I want. Instead, I want that to be the heading text of that section.

I do not want to workaround this by having to edit the URL text, or have to use method of adding links to headings using CTRL+k, as that is taking up too much time when this operation is done many, many times during an editing session: It is cumbersome because it forces you to scroll down a list of all headings in the document, versus driving to it directly, and that list of headings can be quite large. As the number of headings increases, it becomes impractical to scroll down that list every single time to find the heading.

macos – Completely replace main monitor with external monitor MacBoo Pro

I have a MacBook Pro 8,1 running macOS Mojave (I used a patch to get it, the warranty was already expired). I hooked it up to an external monitor, but when it restarts or when I shut it down and try to power it up again, the login is not displayed on the monitor. I have to login on the laptop, then the monitor displays a white screen before showing the opened computer. When I log out or it goes to sleep it acts as expected. Is there any way to fix this issue? Thanks!