Apple Mail replies to next-to-last message in email strand instead of most recent

For some reason when I reply to an email message strand in Apple Mail on my MacBook Air, it has started replying not to the most recent message in the strand but to the next-to-last one. As you can imagine, this is confusing and infuriating. I can go fix it by selecting the reply button within the last email message, but I should be able just to click Reply and respond to the latest. Any ideas what’s going on and how to fix it? Thanks.

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email – Need a “keyboard shortcut” to change selected text’s “text color” in Gmail replies

I use the GMail web interface, in Firefox, for all my email needs.

I frequently change the color of text that I quoted from the Sender in my GMail replies.



          You wrote, “. . . a;sdkfjasl;fkjasl;kfj . . . ,”

          and I just want to say that I agree totally.

I’m having to select the Sender’s text and then mouse & click to change its color 
and this is tedious.

I need a keyboard shortcut to change selected text to, say, black, from my default 
color of blue.



social media – ‘View previous replies’ on Instagram and LinkedIn… but why?

Instagram and LinkedIn both show the most recent replies to comments first, and then you have to click to ‘view previous replies’, effectively working your way backwards towards the first reply. So if you want to follow a thread of conversation you have to click many times (depending on how many total replies there are) until all the replies are visible and then read back through them in the order they were posted. I just can’t figure out why this is the way they both choose to do it, as for me it provides an frustrating experience on the regs! Can anyone explain why this is their chosen UX?

user expectation – Data visualisation – how to visualize relative size of data charts related to each dimension rather than the overall amount of replies

Currently, I redesign a data-driven platform and what is confusing is a presentation of data on a comparison view. As you can see the bar’s size is relative for each value (rows), but not relative to overall data. Each dimension (row) has a different total amount so that’s also not relative /proportional in comparison to another dimension(rows). I’m concerned about how to visualize data to make it more clear for the user. Currently for instance in the example below the value of 3 is more than double the size of a chart with 8 replies. So it’s totally confusing…example