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How quickly do you usually respond to threads as an employee or owner of various forums? I know if there isn't much general activity at first, you might think that a delay in answering new topics doesn't matter, but in the long run it can be disadvantageous for a forum if no responses to content are made quickly or on time get up.

Microsoft Outlook – To bring up a dialog box asking the user to change the "text format" to HTML when inserting an image into an email reply

I used to be able to use the Ctrl + V key combination to insert an image into an email that I read in the preview window and replied to through the preview window. A pop-up message appears, asking if you want to change the format of the email response to HTML and click Yes. I can then insert elements for which the email must be in HTML format. Well, the last time I clicked "No" and accidentally activated the "Don't ask me again" dialog box, I can't figure out how to turn it on again, so I am asked to allow this type of format with it I can insert images and Excel spreadsheets in the email reply.

I can still change the format if I use the pop-out message and then open a full reply window. Then I can select the "Format Text" menu and then select "HTML" in the format group.

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Waiting for reply – signature cannot be added | Forum Promotion

It's been happening for a few days. So this is the next time I've been trying it for a few days. At first, the bug suggested that it did not meet guidelines such as size, but the resolution is lower than the maximum explained in the forum guides. Of course, being inadequate is impossible to determine immediately from an Imgur link. : p

does anyone know the problem?