How do I apply a label to a reply message in Gmail?

I want to keep my reply messages with the original message instead of looking for them in the Sent folder. However, I don't see a way to put a label on when I reply to a reply, and when I click send, Gmail doesn't seem to take the label from the original message either. Can I do anything to either automatically label the answer as the original or add a label to the answer?

Google Groups – Reply to an external recipient

I have a little problem with Google Groups – this is sending an email to an external recipient.

The situation is as follows:

  1. An outside party (let's call it EXT) sends an email to the Google Group email address you provided.
  2. Since the Google group is set to publish = Internet permission, an email from EXT will be converted to a new topic, which will appear in the Google Groups forum.
  3. If you reply to the EXT topic as a Google group member, an email will be sent to all other group members. That is correct.
  4. However, EXT does not receive an email with a reply and does not receive a message.

I wonder if it will be possible to get answers from EXT.
Am I missing something obvious? Or is there a permit that needs to be set?

Thanks for your help,

Gmail – Automatic reply to emails with a specific word in the subject or text

I'm not sure where else to ask, so apologize in advance.

It looks like an idiot with the same initial I used my email address to subscribe to a number of mailing lists for car and home sales in Milwaukee (I'm not even in the U.S.).

I want to be able to reply to any email that contains that person's name with a message like

"This is an automated answer. I am not (idiot with the same initial as
me). This person accidentally gave you my address. Please remove
me off your mailing list "

I tried to do this using Gmail templates, but in the Gmail filters, the "Send template" option doesn't provide an option to choose who to send it to. There is no way to reply with a template.

I know that I can just insert (and did) a delete filter or click "unsubscribe". However, based on my years of experience with spam, it’s practically pointless to click the "unsubscribe" link in emails, and I’d like to inform people who have received my email address that they accidentally received it, so that they don’t waste time anymore.

I tested the rule by sending myself emails with the name. The deletion rule seems to be working, but I am not getting automatic replies.

Is there an alternative way to automatically answer emails containing a specific word in Gmail?

ubuntu – Error sending the email (from to with a reply to (reply-to header) to undefined)

I installed a Drupal 8 site on an Ubuntu 18.04 server with PostFix.

I can send and receive emails, but the server cannot send notifications to itself.

The address of the email server is

When a user uses the contact form on my website, the following error message appears:

Error sending email (from to
with a reply to (reply-to header) to undefined)

How can I fix it?

Computer Networks – This is a bandwidth issue. Please reply to it

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Reply to threads Forum funding

How quickly do you usually respond to threads as an employee or owner of various forums? I know if there isn't much general activity at first, you might think that a delay in answering new topics doesn't matter, but in the long run it can be disadvantageous for a forum if no responses to content are made quickly or on time get up.

Microsoft Outlook – To bring up a dialog box asking the user to change the "text format" to HTML when inserting an image into an email reply

I used to be able to use the Ctrl + V key combination to insert an image into an email that I read in the preview window and replied to through the preview window. A pop-up message appears, asking if you want to change the format of the email response to HTML and click Yes. I can then insert elements for which the email must be in HTML format. Well, the last time I clicked "No" and accidentally activated the "Don't ask me again" dialog box, I can't figure out how to turn it on again, so I am asked to allow this type of format with it I can insert images and Excel spreadsheets in the email reply.

I can still change the format if I use the pop-out message and then open a full reply window. Then I can select the "Format Text" menu and then select "HTML" in the format group.

Enter image description here

Waiting for reply – signature cannot be added | Forum Promotion

It's been happening for a few days. So this is the next time I've been trying it for a few days. At first, the bug suggested that it did not meet guidelines such as size, but the resolution is lower than the maximum explained in the forum guides. Of course, being inadequate is impossible to determine immediately from an Imgur link. : p

does anyone know the problem?