[ Horoscopes ] Open question: Why are fish so damn rude?

Like Jesus! I do not understand it, although fish should be nice, caring and compassionate, but no! All the fish I have seen and met in my experience are the most rude people I have met! Even celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Tamar Braxton, etc., show no TRUE fishes characteristics. They are so irritable, unhappy, mean and too heated. I only met a fish girl from 2 years ago and she was nice, sweet, smart and happy and behaves like a real fish, but the rest is mean. She was born in February, so the fact that she's a February fish could be a reason. The worst fish I have met in my life were my eighth grade teachers. Oh god, I hated her out of passion! She was so unprofessional, she called our class stupid, was unhappy, was a liar, cursed in our class, did not accept students for who they are, and even went so far as to kill one of her classmates! I'm sorry for fish who read this, but my goodness! What's wrong with you? Even scorpions, lions and rams are better in my experience! Please, I need answers, why fish are like that and also libras, why are some so rude if they are to be nice people? Incidentally, I'm a twin. ,