Usa – What should the visa category and required documents be for my parents?

My home country is India. I'm going to the US to do my doctorate there. with an F1 visa. I have already applied for the upcoming interview. My parents want to travel with me to visit the US as a tourist and get settled there. For this purpose my parents' visa category (B2 ??) should be. Should they also state that they will travel for tourism purposes, or is it better if they say that they will accompany me? Also, which documents are generally sufficient to prove this purpose sufficiently?

Blogging help required

Hello everybody,

I have a blog on the Nobedad website. Can anyone suggest good Google Ranking activities?

Also, kindly review my blog and let me know what I can add to the ranking and traffic.

My blog: –


Privacy – Am I required by law to log users' IP addresses on my website with user-generated content?

Is the administrator legally required to log the user's IP address on a website where each user can create textual and media content?
I would assume that it is necessary to comply with legal requests for information in the case of illegal content posted by a user or threats such as fire threats. If this is the case?

Require suggestions and reviews in my blog

Hello everybody,

Can anyone suggest some steps or ways to get ranked in Google for long term keywords?

This is my blog, WhiteVox India: –

Which changes I have to make for the ranking and which activities I do more in it brings traffic and backlink.

Waiting for suggestions.


c ++ – The cleanest way to make the Friend with Templates feature visible with the required template parameters for ADL

For example, consider the following example:

struct foo
    Friend foo cast (foo const &) {return {}; }
Friend foo bar (foo const &) {return {}; }

int main (int, char **)
foo on;
car b = bar (a);
car c = cast(on);
return 0;

occupation is not visible to the argument-dependent search (ADL) while bar is. This is due to the fact that cast is a friend function with a required template parameter. What is the cleanest way to do it occupation visible to ADL?

The shortest is likely

template Cancel cast ();

which can be extended by adding Clear To make it clear that it can not be called at compile time but at connection time:

template void cast () = delete;

In addition, any argument could be added to make the expected number of parameters visible, such as:

template null cast (void *) = delete;

The type here, however, does not match the actual final type. In this simple case I could use

template void occupation (foo const &) = delete;

But if I add another class later, e.g. quxthat also occupies a friend, this could actually be more misleading.
A template template parameter may seem possible, but too complex.

Which version would you prefer and why, or do you have better suggestions?

The actual code has a special cast function (with a longer, more meaningful name).

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