commerce – This field is required but not captured by server-side validation

I have a multi-level checkout form in my Commerce module. Within the order types, I've added a field called Phone Number and set it to Required. And then I have a custom module that contains a ContactInformation.php file under CheckoutPane that adds the field to buildPaneForm

 * Provides the contact information pane.
 * @CommerceCheckoutPane(
 *   id = "contact_information",
 *   label = @Translation("

Contact information

"), * default_step = "order_information", * wrapper_element = "fieldset", * ) */ class ContactInformation extends Drupalcommerce_checkoutPluginCommerceCheckoutPaneContactInformation implements CheckoutPaneInterface { /** * {@inheritdoc} */ public function buildPaneForm(array $pane_form, FormStateInterface $form_state, array &$complete_form) { $pane_form = parent::buildPaneForm($pane_form, $form_state, $complete_form); $form_builder = Drupal::service('entity.form_builder'); $order_form = $form_builder->getForm($this->order, 'default'); $user_entry = $form_state->getUserInput(); $pane_form('field_phone_number') = $order_form('field_phone_number'); $pane_form('field_phone_number')('#weight') = 99; if (isset($user_entry('field_phone_number'))) { $pane_form('field_phone_number')('widget')(0)('value')('#value') = $user_entry('field_phone_number')(0)('value'); } return $pane_form; }

In my checkout form, I disable HTML5 validation by specifying $ form (# attributes #) (& # 39; novalidate & # 39; = & # 39; novalidate & # 39; sit.

After submitting the form without entering any data, the server will intercept all required fields but empty with a message that the field is required (e-mail, first name, last name, etc.). All fields except my phone number field.

In debug mode, I see that the field has a key (# required; # 39;) = true, but the server-side check does not catch this field.

Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need anything else to solve this problem.

Gene. Dir, Classified, Local Dir, SB Submissions are required monthly

If you are a Linkbuilder and the submission works perfectly, I need you in the following points:
100 Common Directory Entries
30 classified contributions
25 local directory entries
20 Submitting bookmarks
4 unique article contributions

I have 2 projects and in a few days more will be added. Please send me your price for above. I prefer service providers from India.

I will provide the submission details and the article / content.

Also tell me the approval rates from the above number of submissions. 70% or 80% or 90%.

Contact me now.

Many thanks

nrt – Is a visa required at Narita airport to change terminals from T2 to T1?

You can change with a shuttle bus on the air side between T2 and T1. (This is different from the land-based shuttle bus between terminals that most people seem to know about.)

You can get the bus at two points in T2: at gate 80 in the satellite building or at gate 70 in the main building. These drop off at gate 28 and gate 59 in T1, respectively. In any case, you will go through the security check before getting on the transit bus. Follow the signs "International Connecting Flights" to the security checkpoint for transit.

If you do not have a boarding pass for your next flight segment, first go to the transfer desk to pick it up. It's next to safety.

navigation – Is a feature landing page required if there is only one feature?

We have a web portal with a main menu and a submenu. The elements in the submenu link to an overview page with further articles.

There are 6 submenu items. 5 Link to an overview page where the user can select an article and then go directly to the details page. 1 of them is linked to a calculation tool. Currently there is only one tool, but in the future there will be more (1-2 years), so that the link 1 leads directly to the detail page with the calculation tool.

Some of my colleagues do not find that logical. You say that since the previous 5 submenu items first navigate to an overview page, Link 1 should also lead to an overview page (and also to the one item) before the user can switch to the details page.

Expiration of my designs:

submenu item 1 - overview page of articles - detail page  
submenu item 2 - overview page of articles - detail page  
submenu item 3 - overview page of articles - detail page  
submenu item 4 - overview page of articles - detail page  
submenu item 5 - overview page of articles - detail page  
submenu item 6 - calculation tool (detail page)

Flow of what they propose:

submenu item 1 - overview page of articles - detail page  
submenu item 2 - overview page of articles - detail page  
submenu item 3 - overview page of articles - detail page  
submenu item 4 - overview page of articles - detail page  
submenu item 5 - overview page of articles - detail page  
submenu item 6 - overview page of the one calculation tool - calculation tool (detail page)

For consistency reasons, is it really necessary to direct the user to an overview page that displays a single item?

NVMe Consulting Required – PCIe HHHL vs. U.2 2.5 "

Hello everybody,

Need advice. You want to buy a Dell R640 server that supports 3x PCIE HHHL memory cards and 10x 2.5 "U.2.

Both NVMe.

Would it be better to place 3 RAID cards in the PCIE HHHL slots, or would it be better to use RAID at half the speed of 10X slots?

The HHHL form factor store I consider = 6.4GB / s
The U.2 2.5 "= 3.2GB / s

What is the best option for maximum reading speed?

How do CPU cores come into play? Does the CPU even come into play when accessing data via NVMe? If so, would using 10X U.2 slots improve the use of multiple cores, or does it make any difference?

Is an LLC and terms of use required?

I would recommend the terms of use. Mostly because you're likely to win hosting customers (you'd like to offer this as an option if, as mentioned earlier, you get a reseller account). Some of these customers who approach you on site may not be technically savvy. As a result, you're likely to offer not only web design services, but also hosting and domain registration and possibly content management services.

You may ask your provider (the one you are considering) for permission to use its terms of use with minor changes as you want to comply with its terms of use and expect the same from your end users.

This only helps your customers and themselves, nothing is transparent. It also sounds like you're new to this (just beginning) thing. I think an LLC should be a destination on your roadmap as you grow your business – not immediately.

First, put the website online, define your products, capabilities, pricing, and portfolio. As soon as you book customers, you can choose the next best tax option for you, and so on.

I wish you the best – crush it!

How can your website be optimized for local search?

The first thing that is always required for any type of SEO is the optimization of the website. For local search engine optimization, you need to do some work that is useful for local search. Here are some of the things you need to do on your website

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Python – Calculate the movement required to move from one angle to another on a compass

The goal of the function is to find out how to get from one angle to another. It's about two things: the amount you have to move around and the direction (+ means turn right, – means turn left). The angle does not have to move more than 180 degrees. The function is rather short. I wanted to avoid using and triggering functions or pi. I want this as fast as possible while maintaining readability.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

def get_wind_dir_difd(dir_1, dir_2):
    Figures out the shortest way to get from dir_1 to dir_2. Positive nunber go clockwise, negative numbers go counter clockwise.
    NOTE: The direction 0 and 360 are the same.
    :param dir_1: int. The direction of the first wind.
    :param dir_2: The direction of the second wind.
    :return: int. The what to add (can be a negative number too) to the first wind dir to get to the second wind dir.
    diff = dir_2 - dir_1

    if diff > 180:  # the highest diff can be is 180
        diff = 360 - diff

    elif diff < -180:  # the lowest diff can be is -180
        diff = 360 + diff

    if dir_2 > dir_1 and (dir_2 - dir_1 > 180):  # ensures the correct sign is used when dir_2 is larger and the difference betwene the two is more than 180, EX 10, 310 or 40, 360
        diff = -diff

    return diff


get_wind_dir_dif_vec = np.vectorize(get_wind_dir_difd)

df = pd.read_csv('test.csv')

df('diff') = get_wind_dir_dif_vec(df('val1'), df('val2'))

for i in range(len(df)):
    row = df.iloc(i)
    correct_or_not = row('diff') == row('what_diff_should_be')
    if correct_or_not:
        correct_or_not = ''
        correct_or_not = 'X'
    df.set_value(i, ' bad_answer ', correct_or_not)


To give you a better overview of the program

    val1  val2  diff  what_diff_should_be  bad_answer 
0    120    30   -90                  -90             
1    340    20    40                   40             
2     20   340   -40                  -40             
3    310    10    60                   60             
4     10   310   -60                  -60             
5      0   300   -60                  -60             
6    300     0    60                   60             
7    190   180   -10                  -10             
8    180   190    10                   10             
9    200   220    20                   20             
10   220   200   -20                  -20             
11    10   190   180                  180             
12   360     0     0                    0             
13     0   360     0                    0             
14   340    20    40                   40             
15   350     0    10                   10             
16   350   360    10                   10             
17    40   360   -40                  -40             
18   180     0  -180                 -180             
19     0   180   180                  180             

This is the CSV I tested it on.


china – Are tickets required to apply for a Chinese visa?

I read that a Chinese visa is valid for about 3 months after issue and you should send copies of flight reservations when applying. I guess you could cancel these tickets after receiving the tourist visa and switch to other dates within the 3 month period.

Can you get a Chinese tourist visa without airline tickets and just say "I want to go next week"? Should a bank statement be insufficient?

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