gui design – deletion: double-click instead of confirmation required?

I have an idea about delete buttons …

The usual idea is either to present verification models or to allow undo.

My idea to avoid accidental destructive actions is something different: Click the Delete button twice for the action to take effect.

  • If a user accidentally clicks the Delete button and sees no effect, the mission completes successfully. If they wanted to do X instead, but did not see X done, they would most likely try X again, but I think that this delay should be enough to get them out of "auto mode" and get more attention where they are click
  • If the user purposely clicks the Delete button and sees no effect, it is not a big deal and he will probably click on it again. I assume that this should work without messages; However, to avoid unpleasant surprises of the type "WTF The app does not respond", it makes sense to put an unobstructed message under the "Delete" button in the lines of "."Click again to confirm"Or maybe just the button of"Clear"to"Delete (1/2)"or something similar.
  • Once the user gets used to the pattern, he knows he has to click twice to delete things. Double-clicking is not a big burden for the user, but should make sure that every click on the "Delete" button is intentional: every second click is a click.

mock up

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mock up

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mock up

Download bmml source

Does the water stop? Is this worth a try? Or is that a stupid idea, but I do not see why?

Plugins – How do I implement the required input validation?

For example, in WordPress, the Add New User page has a jQuery check to make sure the username is not empty. It provides visual feedback like the following:

Enter the image description here

I am working on a custom plugin page and would like to implement exactly the same check for required inputs. I do not want to write my own jQuery validation because it's already integrated with WordPress. I tried to apply the classes I saw on the Add-New-User page form.validate and tr.form-field.form-required without success. I am clearly missing something (like a dependency) and I would like to know if anyone with this problem already has experience.

Many Thanks!

sharepoint online – How do I set a date / time field that is required when a person / group field contains a value?

I'm working on a custom list within the classic classic Sharepoint interface. and in the custom list I have 2 fields: –

  1. "ResponsibilityOwner" -> people / group that allow a single value.
  2. "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" -> Date Only.

Now I want to force the "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" if "ResponsibilityOwner" is not empty.

So I've added this script to the New / Edit Lists forms to check if "ResponsibilityOwner" contains a user value: –

function PreSaveItem () {
var result = true;
var owner = $ ("Enter[id*='ResponsibilityOwner_']");
var attr = owner.attr (& # 39; value & # 39;);
Alarm (attr);
if (typeof attr! == typeof undefined && attr! == false || attr! == "[]") {

Return result;


However, I have not found a way to verify that the ResponsibilityAssignedDate contains a date value or not. If I select a date from the calendar, I can not find how to save it in the associated input field "ResponsibilityAssignedDate".

Here are the 2 fields: –
Enter the image description here

So someone can ask for advice?

magento2 – TypeError: required is not a function

I add JS file in the custom module

Manufacturer Modules view / adminhtml / layout / default.xml