office 365 – Retention Policies for OneDrive and SharePoint Onlie – Licensing Requirements

We have a tenant with the Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription. Having this license, are we allowed to setup the retention policies for SharePoint Online?

When I go to the Compliance Center > Policies, I don’t see the “Retention” link. Is it because Microsoft 365 Business Premium does not include retention policies?

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I have checked a different tenant with the Microsoft 365 Business Essentials subscription. And I can see the Retention option available:

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public key infrastructure – What are requirements of Key Usage extension of parent and child certificates? has this to say:

If the keyUsage extension is present, then the subject public key
MUST NOT be used to verify signatures on certificates or CRLs unless
the corresponding keyCertSign or cRLSign bit is set. If the subject
public key is only to be used for verifying signatures on
certificates and/or CRLs, then the digitalSignature and
nonRepudiation bits SHOULD NOT be set. However, the digitalSignature
and/or nonRepudiation bits MAY be set in addition to the keyCertSign
and/or cRLSign bits if the subject public key is to be used to verify
signatures on certificates and/or CRLs as well as other objects.

So the expectation is that a CA’s KeyUsage will assert { keyCertSign | cRLSign } without asserting digitalSignature. And the end-entity/leaf cert will of course want to assert digitalSignature, therefore there’s no expectation of subsetting.

Need Host with these Rough Requirements

[*]I was looking at A2 Mach 16 as a possibility. Any suggestions you can offer are much appreciated. Thanks!

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