I am new here and am happy! Many Thanks

I am new here and am happy! Many Thanks

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  1. I am new here and am happy! Many Thanks

    Hello, I am a designer, small business owner and photographer currently living in the United States. My interests range from technology to innovation. I am also interested in digital search engine marketing and web development as required today. I hope I can share ideas here and also gain more ideas. Many Thanks

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Is this a correct way to build an application from the initial requirements?

I'm trying to train on how to create the right software specifications and documentation for a food ordering system that I set up for training purposes.

I've put my feet in the shoes of the client who wants the project and written initial requirements that I want to implement in the system (you can find them here on GitHub).

After that, I started to create use cases based on these initial functional requirements, but I'm not sure I'm on the right path or not.

So I was wondering if the following image is a correct way to create a simple use case for user registration. and should I continue to create all use cases with this template?

Enter image description here

Thank you in advance.

Transit – visa requirements for entry from Pakistan to Taiwan to China

Me and a few of my colleagues are planning to travel to China (Hangzhou) in a few to several months to attend a conference. The flights to China are either directly or otherwise out of the budget. So, there are only two ways to go. On the road, take the bus that is offered as part of the Pak-China Corridor to enter China, and then take the rest of the trains, but it will take too long (about 4 hours) Days in one direction), or take a flight to Taiwan and then take a ferry to China and then the train the rest of the way.

Now we have the necessary documents to get the visa for China (and we will undoubtedly get it), like the invitation letter and so on. But we do not know whether or not we can get the visa to Taiwan with these documents, and whether we can even get a visa to Taiwan for such a reason. So, could you please let me know a bit? Whether we can get this visa or not and what we need to get it.

Legacy Code – Are Missing Functional Requirements Flexible?

Everyone wants to be agile nowadays. In every team I worked with, the form of flexibility was different. Some things are common – like daily uprisings or plans, but other parts vary considerably.

There is a detail in my current team that bothers me. There are no functional requirements. Not only are there no written expectations, but also in the tasks is quite vaguely defined what to do.

The project goal is to rewrite the old system with new technologies. The old system also has no reasonable documentation. Certainly there is no current version. The description of the requirements by the business owners is: Do the same in the new implementation as in the old one. It seems reasonable, but it is not. Old system is a kind of spaghetti code and extracting business requirements is expensive. It seems that the situation has a negative impact on the planning. Of course, it is error prone and prone to error in the reimplementation (omit some details).

So I think, is it really agile to have no business needs when rewriting an old system?

aggregate – Is it worth it to migrate from PostgreSQL to my requirements?

The situation is as follows.

We need to track the activity of every user in our system. This means that every time you click on a link, we need to remember many details about the referral link, the layout you were in, and so on.

We almost never update or delete lines (unless it's a cascade), but queries often group data (such as browser, country, layout, and so on).

We used PostgreSQL, but recent benchmarks have shown that things are not going as fast as we had imagined. The most common suggestion was to migrate to a NoSQL database, but after consulting Riak KV and Cassandra, I'm not sure we're on the right track. Maybe we should just re-evaluate the modeling work we have done with PostgreSQL?

Currently we have about 40 million lines. I was told that it is not much, but I do not want short-sighted solutions as the system is likely to grow.

The 7 basic requirements for a successful blog | Forum Promotion

Hello forum action! Here's a guide to the 7 key points of a successful blog. If this is a great success, I will try to create more tutorials and similar things and maybe even start my own blog for you.

1. Write from the heart, I mean, you can write very interesting posts without getting involved. You can pick a popular topic and write about it to post some popular posts on your blog. This will publish the name of your blog. It can be done, but I would not recommend it. The best blogs come from the heart. They are written with authenticity and soul, they are personal.

Second To be useful, It is possible to create a successful blog without being useful, but it is rarely done. Most of the popular blogs are useful in one way or another.

Third Think of your audience, That is part of being useful. It is important that you know your audience. You should know; Who are your readers? What is your target audience? And how well do you know her? If you do not know your audience, try to get to know it by asking what it wants you to hear. Maybe ask them what topics they want to see on your blog. Check out other blogs for an idea of ​​how to reach the audience you want.

4th Do not just write about yourself, That is what I often see. I mean, it's always good to put a piece of yourself in every post, but your blog should not just be about you. If you want people to come back, write about useful topics. I have seen many personal diaries, but to be honest, many people are not interested in what you did for your 18th birthday. They write for an audience. Make it about her and you in a mutual conversation. Integrate your questions, their stories. Share what you have learned, but also what you have learned.

5th Interact with readers, A blog is basically a conversation. It starts with your post and then continues with comments from readers, and these comments are criticized by other bloggers. Get the conversation going by posting questions, polls and possibly some contests. This will deeply engage your readers in your blog.

6th Give them a reason to come back, Why should this reader return to your blog? Why should you subscribe to emails when there are so many other blogs? You have to give them a reason. The reason should be that they can see that you are really engaged in the blog and want to give them amazing content that you know they will enjoy. You have to do it, so you do not want to miss it.

7th Write catchy titles, Headlines are one of the most important parts of the article. Think about it, what's the first thing you see when you read a blog? That's right, the title. If they are not very good, nobody will read the posts. It might be the most amazing content, but if the title is shit, you have nothing. Most people will only read the content if it has a good title that appeals to them and lets them know what's going on.

It took a while for me to write. If you think I really deserve it, please repeat it.

If you liked it, make sure you subscribe to www.forum-aid.com

Algorithms – Requirements for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

I'm a beginner in AI and ML. Before I jump into something or learn something, I have a habit of searching for the preconditions needed in my learning process, and I also need to get a clear definition on the subject.

I wanted to learn AI and ML, but I always get stuck in both definitions. Please help me to understand this terminology. I also wanted to know what algorithm they use. Besides, which mathematics should I know before getting started and what further research do I have to do?
Please familiarize yourself step by step before you deal with AI and ML. If possible, please provide a list of projects to work on after completing the course to improve my skills.

hash – Cryptographic requirements for GDPR

I'm looking into how to store emails and data within GDPR. The reasoning is that it would be beneficial to store emails linked to certain data. E.g.

  • User u email
  • User u purchased product x
  • User questionnaire about experience of product x

I've read this, but I'm not sure if this is enough, for example.

"Although you no longer have the email addresses of all your users, you could easily choose which one to use."

There is always a situation in which people would be able to recover the anonymised data, so my question is, is hashing of emails enough for GDPR? If not, what is the minimum requirement from a cryptographic point of view?

How do I search for WordPress users with different search / wildcard requirements?

I want to search for WordPress users in 2 different areas:

  1. user_login – exact match
  2. Display name – placeholder

Below is our current implementation. how can anyone do that? search Parameter has different search criteria?

                                $ users = new WP_User_Query (array ()
& # 39; search & # 39; => esc_attr ($ search_string). & # 39; * & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # 39 & search_columns; => array (
& # 39; user registration & # 39 ;,
& # 39; Display name & # 39;

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