Suggestion – Minimum Postal Requirements for Websites | Forum Promotion

This may not necessarily be accepted, but I think it could provide some useful discussions.
I'd like to suggest a minimum number of postings before a website can be included in the promotion directory.

From time to time, users seem to create relatively low-quality, low-cost websites and quickly post their website in several different promotional forums, without much effort. While FP rel = nofollow uses to prevent a real page tank from expiring, it still distracts users who have made even the smallest contributions.

There are several parts of this proposal, a subset of this proposal can be accepted and debated without necessarily having to accept everything, if any:

  • Absolute minimum number of mail. A minimum number of posts a user has to submit to Forum Promotion (not the number of posts on their site, although that would be a logical extension of that proposal) must be present before they can submit their site to the doctorate directories. The exact threshold is questionable, but could be between 5 and 15 digits.
  • Number of recent posts This is somewhat more controversial and I assume that it will likely be shot down immediately. However, it may be necessary for users to create a certain number of posts within a given period of time to maintain the visibility of their dissertation topic. Possible numbers could be 1 contribution per month or every three months.
  • Temporary Filing Issues for users who drop out of the current postcount criteria may be archived in a location that they can not access until they meet the criteria again, so that the topic contains relevant information and discussions from previous incarnations.
  • Exceptions. Users with a long history of activity can be exempted from these criteria unless they cease publication for very long periods of time such as a few years or even a year.

Indian Citizens – Requirements and Opportunities for Short-term Schengen Visa Documents

I recently applied for a short-term Schengen visa for Austria and Italy. I traveled to Schengen for the first time while my wife visited the area 3 times.

I have provided the following documents:

  1. Valid passport that does not expire in the next 5 years
  2. Travel insurance for £ 30000
  3. Confirmed air tickets (round trip)
  4. Confirmed hotel bookings, the majority (12 days of 16 days stay) has been paid in advance.
  5. Income tax returns of the last 3 years
  6. Wage deductions for the last 3 months (INR 1372000, this corresponds to about 14500 EUR per year)
  7. Bank balance of (INR 400000 or 5000 EUR) in two accounts.
  8. Cover letter with intended purpose as well as complete travel route.
  9. NOC from my employer about the exact number of days off and the provisional return date.

We stay for 8 days in Austria, travel on the 9th day from Austria to Italy and stay for 8 days in Italy (including the travel day).

I applied for Austria because it is my first destination, even if my stay in both countries is the same.

The reason for refusal is usually that the submitted evidence is insufficient to cover the whole stay in the Schengen area. In view of this, the above balance and salary statements are sufficient to obtain a short-term visa. What is the expected minimum balance or ability to receive a short-term tourist visa?

In another note, I've applied for multiple submission since the vFS employee was asked globally to enter multiple entries. Will it be a problem?

(Edit the last part if the question is not relevant.)

British Family Visa – Is the job offer acceptable to an applicant to meet the income requirements?

I am not an EU citizen, married to a British citizen, and we currently live in my home country, which we have been doing for over three years.
A few months ago, we decided to move to the UK to be closer to my husband's family, but I need a visa for that. By the time we made our decision, we ruled out the family visa because it had a condition that we firmly believed we could not meet, the minimum income stated here.

Basically, only money or savings earned in the UK can be realized. Since we currently do not live or work in the United Kingdom or have enough savings, we have abandoned this approach and decided to opt for a work visa instead.

This turned out to be quite frustrating because I was rejected for several dozen positions for which I am highly qualified simply because companies can not offer visa sponsorship to applicants.

Shortly before the lecture, I was contacted by a UK recruiting agency, and unlike all previous recruiting agents who would simply close any contact as soon as I needed a visa, I was told that I was definitely eligible for the family visa. I referred to the Minimum Income Requirement, but they claim that this requirement can be met with a confirmed job offer in the UK, and has historically been successful for several other clients. This led me to do more research and find documents like these, which clearly show the following

Only income sources and evidence set out in the immigration rules can be taken into account

─ sponsorship income in the United Kingdom or sponsor income abroad and confirmed job offer in
the United Kingdom

Employment earned income of the spouses of migrants (if they are in the UK with work permits)

Abroad working spouses or employment offers in the United Kingdom and
Offers from third parties can not be considered

I'm pretty sure I've seen other similar documents that say so. For one thing, I have a recruiter who claims with absolute certainty that a job offer would be enough, they have done it in the past, and second, I have a set of British government documents saying otherwise.

I really want to believe them, because a legitimate family visa with a UK job offer would greatly facilitate our move to the UK. Without finding a company that offers sponsorship it is not difficult for me, and the job opportunities I would get would be well over £ 18.6k.

But if I believe them to apply for a family visa and are denied, not only will this offset most of our current visa fee savings, but I will also have a visa refusal, which makes future visa trials even harder, and after all I have seen it is hard enough, as there are no previous disapprovals.

I suppose my question here is really: Is my research flawed, are I missing something or have these recruiters not understood my situation or are they simply incompetent? (I exclude the option that they only lie because they have absolutely nothing to gain by lying, they are always paid only by successfully hired candidates, so it is in their interest for me to succeed and set the setting I am ready for a certain failure, it would also be a loss of time and money for them.

Many Thanks

Questions about UK visas for short-term visitors Financial requirements for STUDENT

I am 20 years old, I am currently in my second year studying at the University of Algeria. I would like to apply for 2 weeks in General Liverpool at Liverpool School of English, so I have to apply for a short-term student visa. I have a financial needs problem. I need to get some advice for you:

_ I have a bank account in my name (£ 1500) plus housekeeping and registration fees.
My mother has been a teacher for three years (£ 200 per month) and she has only one savings account, she has no bank account.
My father has been a retired teacher for more than 7 years (£ 250 per month) and has no bank account or just a postal account from which he was paid.
_ My brother has a professional commercial bank account in his name, he got a lot of money on it, he has a trade register and everything, but at the moment he has no money on his account for 5 months since he did not receive any money on it

My questions are:

What should I submit in my application for financial documents should I create proof of salary for my parents or open bank accounts and make them my official sponsor, or should I withdraw my money from my bank account and put it in my brother's bank account and make him my sponsor or what do you do?

Thank you for the progress!

Doubt CURL (PHP) Requirements – Stack overflow in Portuguese

I would like to ask a question …
I leave a little lengeda before the explanation to understand what I want to go through:

Site x = Original Site

Site y = Site with curl content.

Do the requirements of site y (with the content of site x) go through the curl as if the person were directly connected to site y or site x?
Example of a request: A post, access to an external iframe that was on site x …

I can not solve the doubt in the PHP wiki, so here's a doubt for the community …
Thank you

Ranking fluctuation problem

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