What are your 3 favorite keyword research tools?

Hello SEO marketers,

Hope you are well today! I'm here to learn more about your favorite keyword research tools. Please share your 3 favorite keyword research tools that you use for your keyword research every day. I'm writing a post about "Pretty keywords research tools that are loved by SEO marketers". I hope I'll post my favorite keyword tools in my blog post and mention your list of popular keyword tools. :] :]

I look forward to hearing from you … Have fun !!!!

What functions / additions would you use to switch to a new UX research platform?

I am working on the development of the online platform for user testing and usability UXtweak – we are very agile and are looking for feedback from UX experts (mainly UX researchers and designers). What would you need in a new UX research platform to switch to? Suggestions and feedback are helpful.
Thank you very much

empirical research – How can I index and search a range of mathematical formulas? (with MathWebSearch or similar systems)

I have a number of documents and need to search for mathematical formulas in those documents. These formulas must be classified in a similar way to how Google websites rate them.

I found the MathWebSearch open source system through Google, but there is no good documentation of the system.

Is there anyone here who has worked with MathWebSearch and can help me use MathWebSearch?

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4 go-to apps for revision and exam preparation

After so many weeks of writing essays, reports, homework and other academic assignments, it is high time to start revising for exams. This time of student life is really difficult, especially for those who weren't serious enough about classroom activities. Students who did not take notes during the lectures have great problems preparing for the exams. As a rule, her memory is not sharp enough to take into account all the details that her professor said. The learners have big problems before their exams. You need to spend long hours in libraries reading a stack of sources and doing thorough research. Wouldn't you like to be one of those students who have their hands full? Benefit from the most popular academic help apps that make revision more effective and stress-free. Download them to your phone and revise them like a pro for college exams.
Study blue
If you're a fan of flash cards, consider a Study Blue study application. It's a free app that you can use to download it to your device and get help quickly from the crowdsourcing materials library. This app can be used to create and share flash cards, to add audio and visual material to your learning materials, to test the subject's knowledge, who is testing and making progress. After downloading this app, you will have access to an impressive library of study materials and helpful guides created by students.

Speedy Paper consultant
Another useful application for all students is SpeedyPaper Adviser. This writing app helps you improve your grades and prepare you for exams more effectively. When you have SpeedyPaper Adviser on your phone, you have unlimited access to the huge database of college and university newspapers. You can see examples of various academic tasks. Find necessary essays, reports, research papers, coursework and improve your grades. Students know how to create, structure and cite tasks. Customer support is available around the clock. So if you have trouble finding a paper you need, you can contact the managers and ask all your questions. Numerous positive reviews of this app prove that it is really great and worth trying. To get to know all the functions, download an app on your mobile phone or visit their website.

This application was created to allow students a smooth revision. Students can use Gojimo both online and on mobile devices. An app contains helpful content for learners and some quiz questions. You can choose an exam for which you want to review, and it includes a list of questions you may be asked. If you haven't found a required topic, you can contact support via instant messaging.

It is another helpful application for students preparing for exams. It's free, easy to use, and a great choice for self-study. If you have Quizlet on your device, you can use flash cards to learn, share with your colleagues, learn foreign languages, and learn more about coding, math, science, history, and other college subjects. Many students benefit from Quizlet and leave their positive reviews for this study app.

User research – How are categories, subcategories and articles managed in the restaurant partner app?

Another side of the food delivery app is the restaurant partner app, which a hotel owner / manager can use to manage the items in his menu. How does a hotel manager add or delete categories, subcategories and elements (including variants)?
Are there links to UX case studies that help me in research?

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User Research – How can a usability test be carried out for a portfolio project?

I'm moving from graphic design to a UX / UI career. I'm currently working on an app redesign for my portfolio and I don't know if I can afford to do usability tests. Some of my challenges are:

  • I have a very limited budget and cannot afford to incentivize the recruitment of participants.
  • I only have about 2-3 friends and family nearby that match the target user.
  • Given the nature of the project, I had to design for several devices (PC / laptop, TV, mobile phone), so in a real project like this I would expect to have to carry out a test for each device type (approx. 15-20 participants) overall), which would cost me a lot of time and money.
  • Testing a TV app would be really impractical in a guerrilla test context. It would be hard to get a television into a cafe without drawing a few glances.

I've done a lot of user and market research for this project, but I'm not sure if the time and money invested in simple usability testing is worth it if I want to demonstrate that I have general UX knowledge of employers. I also tend more to the user interface and the visual side of the design. So this is another factor that is crucial for this decision.

Should I bite the bullet and test it now? Or should I leave it open and do as much as possible with the research I have? Would it be a deal breaker for employers if I didn't submit tests for this type of project?