interaction design – How can I conduct user research on a product that already exists?

How can I conduct user research on a product that already exists?

Remember that User Research is a tool for discovering information about actual or potential users. This being said, don’t worry if the product already exist it’s perfectly normal to still perform a User Research.

Isn’t this backwards?

Not really. User Research can be done before or after a product launches. In both cases the goal will be to acquire information from users for a better understanding of them.

How can I conduct user research after the product already exists? // How should I go about this?

There are many ways on how to conduct a User Research. Mainly, information can be qualitative or quantitative. Some of the methods for acquiring information from users can be:

  • Analytics
  • Surverys
  • Tree Jacking
  • Eye Tracking
  • A/B Testing
  • Card Sorting
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Diary Study and more…

Remember that the role of the UX Designer will be to determine which methods will gain the information needed for the project and business goals.

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interaction design – I need your help .There is no User Research

I am working on a school project. My role is UX researcher; the product has already been designed, prototyped, and launched. There is no existing research for me to start with.

The team wants me to create UXR questions on the already existing features and concepts. It seems as though I am putting technology first, not the user. I have never really worked on a project where UX research was not conducted first (find need and desire). The project is a hot topic, cv19. Any suggestions or resources? How should I go about this?

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user research – Inactive states for buttons

I am currently working on an interface for an internal ticketing system. We are using a tile system to illustrate different services. Think about a grid of tiles on the screen. A requirement we got was to add a button on the tile that the user can click to open related articles. Catch here is that not ALL tiles have related articles……

I went with adding a button which has an inactive state that is greyed out IF there are no related articles for that tile. The inactive state ALSO has a hover which tells the user WHY it’s inactive. The feedback I got was to hide the button when we don’t have any related articles.

My question for you guys is, in cases like this does it make sense to hide the button entirely? You’re going to have a grid of tiles with some having buttons and some don’t…..I would imagine users would be confused why it exists for some of the tiles but not others? Am I overthinking this? Are inactive states a UX faux pas?

(I’ve come across another situation where I wanted to go with inactive states and am already getting some resistance from our internal team to it. Would love if there is some secondary research anyone’s come across about this too)

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bitcoin core – Finding legitimate sources of research and info regarding crypto, mining and the blockchain

I’m relatively new to Bitcoin, crypto and the blockchain and mining etc, however due to having over 15 years experience in IT Ive followed BTC etc since it kicked off in (2009?), and would like to learn more about it from a tech point of view and get involved in this exciting new tech that is, in my opinion kind of like e.g Linux (Ubuntu etc) and open source SW, where knowledge and freedom are more important than profit and all of its problems (eg greed , power, etc) and Linux Desktop open source is amazingly secure reliable OS that is available as an alternative to MS, IOS etc.

I am a firm believer in the internet and IT (even its all its current problems eg scams , hacking, etc) and shortfalls is the great leveler for the “the people” to connect, learn, collaborate etc without government or political and corporate interference or control.

I believe that BTC and its decentralized automatic system of transactions is the way of the future, but with so much -ve press its hard to find good sources of learning/info and how to get involved as a “genuine supporter of the new digital tech”

BTC, crypt etc is fast, very secure, and offers an alternative to corporate, government controlled and owned currency assets.

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