magento2.4.1 – Reset password email Set a New Password button not working

Customers can’t able to reset their password, they received reset password email after entering passwords then click Set a New Password button the link not working, i mean link not trigger,
Email reset templates i am using customize templates from the admin panel extends from the default forget password email template.

Unable to reset Bluetooth cache on macOS

Unable to reset Bluetooth cache on macOS – Ask Different

Someone factory reset my android phone. How do I know more?

I am looking for my smartphone. I found it on my pants. It is factory resetted. Last time I check I was doing fine using the phone to call gojek (like uber in Indonesia)

And then I got message after I restart the computer that my phone is factory resetted without authorization.

I have no idea. How can my phone got factory resetted without authorization? Is this because while the phone is in the pocket somehow it register 15+ false finger prints or what? I did set things up that way.

In any case, I wanted to know more. Is there a log or something that I can check to see what’s happening.

I lost quite a lot of data, but most I can recover.

bootloader – How factory reset process looks in details?

So I tried to find answer for this question, but it is very hard to find something other than simple instruction of doing factory reset and backuping data.

I’m interested of detailed process of the factory reset.
When I force system to do this, what is going under the shell.
It is some image on hidden partition from bootloader boots “clear” system? Or maybe it’s just deleting user configuration files, and every corrupted system file states same as before reset. Or maybe there is the way of checking hash of critical files and repair them from some kind of recovery image?

macbook pro – Cannot see drive when trying to factory reset

I’m currently trying to factory reset my 2015 macbook pro, but when I start it up, click cmd+r and try to erase it from disk utility, it doesn’t show up. I also tried doing a diskutil list command, and my main hard drive wasn’t listed on there. When I ran the same command on a normal boot, it was listed.

One important thing to note is that I installed an aftermarket SSD since my old Apple one was too small. Could that have something to do with it?

Overall, I’m not too sure why it’s not showing up in the boot screen. Anyone have any idea why? Thanks in advance.

linux – How should i factory reset SD card / USB drive st MacOS can automatically mount it?

After taking SD card from my IP camera (some version of linux), the card could not be mounted in MacOS anymore. In Mac DiskUtils, the card was said to have 0 free space and 100% used even after formatting to FAT32 using Mac DiskUtils.

On the other hand, the card could be mounted in linux. I wiped the filesystem, dd zeros to the disk, created a new partition (W95 FAT32), and mkfs.vfat. It worked just fine in linux. But when put it back in Mac, it still could not be mounted automatically. It can only be mounted using command line in Mac Terminal.

Is there a way to “factory reset” a USB drive or SD card such that it’s like new to Mac or Windows?

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