automation – How to resize several images in Pages efficiently?

I have a document with illustrations that are 350px square. It’s a kind of a catalogue with a picture, a title, and product description.

The images are all too large in my first layout. I would like to smallify all of them to 35px square using some action such as ‘find and replace’ rather than doing one at a time using the Format > Arrange found in the right-hand side bar.

Is there more production-oriented capability in Pages to do such things?

How do you resize image in PHP, without imagecopyresampled?

How do you resize image in PHP, without imagecopyresampled?

I know we can use PHP inbuilt functions like imagecopyresampled etc to resize an image in php.

But what I want to know is, how to do it without using any of those functions.
In other words, what is the algo used to resize an image?

Say if I want to resize an image of 100 x 100 to a size of 200 x 200
100 x 100 to a size of 150 x 150



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How to resize the image?

What is wrong with this signature of mine? For this set of instructions? I have resized the image well enough but where did I go wrong? How am I supposed to edit the image?

enter image description here

ffmpeg – resize video to fit into 16:9 with blurred background

I have random videos with bad aspect ratios e.g. recorded in portrait mode on a phone and I want a 16:9 video.

I found a similar a question Resizing videos with ffmpeg/avconv to fit into static sized player but I need the “Crop to fit” with applied blurr and then the “Pillarbox” on top of that.

I can do blurrs with ffmpeg with this:

ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -vf “boxblur=10:1” out.mp4

but I don’t know how to combine them to achieve my desired effect.

The end result should look like this:

Can anyone help please? :]

dslr – Is it possible to resize a large picture by file size and not resolution?

Save (export) it from any graphics/photo app as a JPG or PNG.

I tested a 180 MB 16-bit TIF file. (Saved as an 8-bit TIF this would be only ~23 MB, which is what I imagine your photographer will be supplying.)

It saved to a 6.5 MB JPG, even at 100% quality (same size, no other adjustments). Reducing that to just a ‘high’ quality got it down to 1.3 MB. This would be more than sufficient quality for such as LinkedIn.

As an 8-bit PNG (which is a lossless format), it was 8 MB.