gmail – I can’t send emails or respond to emails. I click “send” and nothing happens.

If it happens on gmail, and you use an app to send/receive, it might be because you use a “less secure app” (eg. a depreciated email smartphone app)

Try to enable less secure app access in

(If you have several gmail account, check if this page is connected to the right account).

In my case it was OFF, I could download the mail (which is weird) but could not send them.

permissions – How to allow people to respond to a survey in SharePoint but not to add questions?

I am trying to create a survey in SharePoint that I plan to share with some colleagues. The problem I am facing is that if I assign users with the “Visitor” (reader) profile, they are not given access to respond to the survey, while if they are assigned with the “Member” (contributor) profile, they can respond to the survey but can also get access to the survey setting and can therefore add their own questions (which I don’t want them to do).

I am guessing there must be some specific permissions I need to assign or remove but I am not sure which.

Can anyone please help?



php – Respond to original e-mail sender on forwarded e-mail with software

Is it technically possible to respond to the original sender of an e-mail on a forwarded E-Mail?

Example: Bob sends Mail “Due invoice” to Lisa. Lisa forward the mail to her task application (her id is connected to a new mail address where the original mail was forwarded to). Once she completes the task and pays the invoice the system answers bob that Lisa has done the task over application name XY. Sender of the mail would be her email address of the task manager.

Working Steps

  1. sends email “due invoice” to
  2. forward that mail to and creates a task
  3. Lisa pays the invoice and set task status done
  4. respond to that the requested action have been done

Is point 4 possible to automate?

webforms – Some images are not loaded- server respond with 404

I’ve made a web, the problem is that 2 images don’t load and show me this error “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404”.One is called “mostres.jpg” and the pther is the icon of the page “favicon.png/ favicon.ico” The website is the next one
I’ve tried all I could, but I can’t understand this error, thanks for your atention.

How to respond to loading of iframe in javascript?

I want to detect an event inside of an iframe that is hosted on another domain. Is this possible? To get started, I figured I would just do an alert when the iframe loads. Here is what I tried:

(function ($, Drupal) {
  Drupal.behaviors.donate = {
    attach: function () {

        alert("just testing");

})(jQuery, Drupal);

The ID of the iframe is “donationForm”. Yet when the iframe loads, the alert doesn’t appear.

windows 10 – Outlook won’t respond to clicks or keystrokes, but it’s not frozen

Intermittently, I run into cases where Outlook doesn’t respond. When I say “doesn’t respond”, I don’t mean the usual kind of freeze where it turns grey and says “Not Responding”. Instead, it continues to download emails, and to update the Outlook window, but it will not respond to any clicks or keystrokes. Outlook seems to instead treat clicks on the Outlook window, as though I were clicking out of focus, so that Outlook is no longer the active window.

I have tried quick repair, full repair, and windows update. None of these resolve this issue. Has anyone run into a solution to this?

testing – How to respond to a customer when their bug can’t be reproduced

A customer has reported a bug that neither them nor us have been able to reproduce. This is the only report of this bug happening so far.

We’ve spent a lot of time trying to replicate the issue (followed the customers’ exact path, with their same browser, and even set the server and local machine clock to replicate the time the bug occurred).

Given that we can’t fix a bug we can’t get to happen again – how should we proceed? Should we log the bug and wait to see if it happens again or is it critical that we not move on until it is reproduced? What point is it acceptable to “cut our losses” with finding the problem? What should be communicated to the customer?

Thank you all for your advise!