rest API to send a response from multiple APIs in C #

I need to create an application that integrates multiple services into a useful and time-saving workflow.

I need to create an application in one of the languages ​​listed below that provides an API that uses an IP address or a domain as input and collects information from more than one
Sources that return a single result. The application must provide individual parts of the search for different workers performing the action. The
The application should then combine the results and return a single payload.

The API should accept:

  • IP or domain
  • A list of services to query. This input should be optional with one
    Default list is used if none is specified.

The API should then:

  • Validate input

  • Split the requirement into several individual tasks

  • Send these tasks to a pool of more than 2 employees. The API must support
    Workers on separate processes / machines / port containers as the

  • Employees should then complete the tasks and return the results to
    the application

  • The application should wait for all tasks until a request is made
    completed, combine the results and return

Some suggested services available for query:

  • GeoIP

  • RDAP

  • Reverse DNS

  • Ring

http – Does it need to be tested if there are security headers in response to the API in javascript code?

I've found in one of the client-side libraries that it checks to see if the answer contains all the following headers with appropriate values ​​(for security reasons):

'content-type', 'application/json'
'content-type', 'charset=utf-8'
'X-Content-Type-Options', 'nosniff'
'content-disposition', 'attachment'
'X-Frame-Options', 'DENY'

If a header does not exist, the library will throw an exception.

I can see no reason how this can improve security by checking client-side libraries.

Does anyone have any idea if this makes sense or does not make sense?

P.S. This is not about whether these headers should be set by the server.

P.P.S. I've found this out, because for some reason, even if the header is present, I can see in logs that sometimes this exception is thrown for them X-... Headlines. I do not really know why, but I suppose either remove proxies headers or some browsers will remove them for some reason in js do not return. I would be happy to hear why, when someone knows reason.

How can I shorten the response time of the server?

How can I shorten the response time of the server? | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39);
var sidebar_align = & right; & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. How can I shorten the response time of the server?

    I received a ticket from one of our customers to reduce the response time of the server.
    He uses an SEO tool and after scanning his website, he sees a warning: "Reduce server response time, page speed 60 out of 100".
    I checked the speed of his website on gtmetrix and it shows 2 seconds, which is very good.
    Now my question is how can I reduce this server response time?
    Or should I suggest him to go with VPS?

  2. Some customers' website content contains many files (js, css, etc.). Loading the pages takes a long time. Or if the ping times are high, you can think about changing the server location in your area.

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Access channel impulse response of LTE signals on the mobile phone

Is there a way to access channel impulse response information on ios / android or any other mobile software? I've searched for features on the Android developer website that provide information about the signal strength of LTE signals. But I have to get the channel impulse response from a cellphone. Does anyone have an idea how to do that?

Upgrade to Magento 2.3.2 and receive this error main.CRITICAL: Payment Error: The authenticity of the gateway response could not be verified. [] []

I did a test on Authorize.Net and the fee was billed, but on the client side, "The authenticity of the gateway response could not be verified" and the order is not accepted. Any idea why?

Differential Equations – Nonlinear Loop and Response Non-linear ODE (Part II)

I need help again with the Mathematica.
We have the following affine system.
I need expressions that describe the changes of $ x_ {1} left (t right) $ or $ x_ {2} left (t right) $, The only thing that turned out for me was creating a numerical representation in the graph.
1. Which command is used in Maple to obtain the equation of the desired output variable? I tried to use the Extract command, but the only answer to the math was "$ x_ {1} left (t right) $";
2. It can be seen that the ODE is essentially nonlinear. How can mathematics not necessarily present an exact solution, but at least in the form of a series in a fixed time interval?

Here is my code:

asys = AffineStateSpaceModel({Subscript(x, 1)'(
     t) == (Power(Subscript(x, 1)(t), 2) + 
        Power(Subscript(x, 2)(t), 2)) 0.2 Sin(4 t) - 0.2 Cos(4 t) + 
     Subscript(u, 1)(t), 
   Subscript(x, 2)'(
     t) == (Power(Subscript(x, 1)(t), 2) + 
        Power(Subscript(x, 2)(t), 2)) 0.3 Sin(5 t) - 0.3 Cos(5 t) + 
     Subscript(u, 2)(t)}, {Subscript(x, 1)(t), 
   Subscript(x, 2)(t)}, {Subscript(u, 1)(t), 
   Subscript(u, 2)(t)}, {Subscript(x, 1)(t), Subscript(x, 2)(t)}, t)

Plot(OutputResponse({asys, -1}, {0, 0}, {t, 0, 500}) // Evaluate, {t, 
  0, 500})

Comment response is not displayed in the frontend when pasted with the wp_insert_comment () function

I have a cron that adds comments to the database wp_insert_comment() Function.

Part of Cron looks like this

 $commentdata = (
                'comment_author'        => $original_comment->comment_author,
                'comment_author_email'  => $original_comment->comment_author_email,
                'comment_author_url'    => $original_comment->comment_author_url,
                'comment_author_IP'     => $original_comment->comment_author_IP,
                'comment_date'          => $original_comment->comment_date,
                'comment_date_gmt'      => $original_comment->comment_date_gmt,
                'comment_post_ID'       => $softcover->ID,
                'comment_content'       => $original_comment->comment_content,
                'comment_karma'         => $original_comment->comment_karma,
                'comment_approved'      => 1,
                'comment_agent'         => $original_comment->comment_agent,
                'comment_type'          => $original_comment->comment_type,
                'comment_parent'        => $original_comment->comment_parent,
                'user_id'               => $original_comment->user_id,
                'comment_meta' => (
                    'reply' => 1,


This works fine with the database, everything is inserted correctly without any problems. They are also displayed in the admin area.

The only thing that "does not work" is that they do not appear in the frontend at all. If you are wondering if comment_parent that's right, yes, I checked that out three times. I have no idea what's going on here and any kind of help is appreciated.

spv – Bloom Filter Response Processing Regarding the full node

An SPV node has to work a bit to see if its transaction exists or not.

  1. Construct its filter with a hash of transactions (its transactions, other1, other2, …, otherN)
  2. filterload is filled to process its filter after full node (after BIP-0037)
  3. Send to full node

Okay, these are responsible for SPV nodes and let me take a look at full nodes that have received the filter.

  1. Search string to find Transaction (K) With filterload

What…? wait .. how can the full knot know that Transaction (K) is what? filterload has no information from Transactions (K),
filterload = {filter, nHashFuncs, nTweak, nFalgs}
Nobody explains this on the Web, including BIP-0037. Explains only what a flower filter is.
I think the full node needs to know which transactions (K) are in its ledger, otherwise the full node needs to see the entire chain, and that does not make sense.

So .. I would like to know how to proceed correctly when the full node gets the filter via SPV node.

Excuse my English.

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