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I think that a person who is working should use that time to prepare for retirement. This means setting up businesses while still working then do it full time after retirement. Not just waiting until you retire is when you start thinking of what to do. I have seen many people I know who have built rental houses while still at work. Then when they retire, they still earn money from the monthly rent payments from tenants.

SharePoint 2010 workflows will be retired in 2020

Microsoft has announced that it will be ending support this year for the “workflows” component of SharePoint 2010, how is it going to impact on my SharePoint 2010 workflow on-premise? is that mean there is no support but I still can run the workflow? Please advise
Microsoft has announced that it will be ending support this year for the “workflows” component of SharePoint 2010.

Trump quickly commented that Bernie Sanders retired from the President's race. Shouldn't he deal with the virus crisis?

Of course, he made a quick comment, dummy. Old Bernie was a fan favorite of the far left. That deserves a comment or two.

With Bernie and most of the other jobs on the far left, Trump is worried more and more. With bids at the top, this means that the demes chase the swing voters in the middle. These are the voters who decide the outcome of each election.

Just like Trump turned to the Wall Street gang and the crowd of Guns & Jesus, Bernie turned to the feminists with the colored pit hair and the crowd of I'm-a-victim. This is not a wise campaign strategy because it completely ignores the average sensible voter. Double-down campaigns are pointless because they are only supported by hardcore supporters. Hardcore supporters have already made a decision so they don't have to be convinced how to vote.

However, the average swing voter is worth competing for. They are the vast majority and they keep the balance of power. Swing voters don't give loyalty to a candidate or party, they expect it from them. They will vote for whoever offers them the best deal, and their votes are absolutely for sale.

Hello from a retired real estate investor

Hi everyone … I stop learning and contributing where I can … my strength is investing in real estate. So, if there was an issue to invest in real estate, I would much better offer my personal help. Anyway, I am also a copywriting and marketing student, which would probably be better for DP. But as for the rest of the topics, I am here to learn.

A little bit about me … I worked full-time as a police officer for about 14 years and worked on real estate investments that had a damn good result (14 real estate after bankruptcy without cash or credit). I had written a course, written a book, an e-book and trained others to invest in real estate. The market collapsed and I was pushed into the night shift so real estate management (and fatigue) was a problem and I sold the real estate but did not lose my tail as many investors did.

And then … just over a year ago, when I was blocking a highway exit due to an accident on duty, a drunken driver drove me at full speed. One year of physiotherapy, injections, epidural, etc. in rapid succession. Just over a week ago, two discs were replaced in my neck, and I was eventually sent to an outstanding neurosurgeon. I will probably also have back surgery in the near future. The city forced me to go into "medical retirement" and hopefully the "retirement income" will start until December (anywhere between 25 and 50% of my salary … oh, and they have also taken our insurance). On the positive side, I got a nice shiny medal and a badge. But sarcasm excluded, I am very grateful and happy that I live and not paralyzed, so my children have a father and my wife has a husband … some police officers (and military personnel) are not so lucky!

Start working on a podcast so I can help at least some people in the real estate niche while I'm in bed healing myself! If I can help you, do not hesitate to ask, and if you are the "praying kind" and reading this … Please take a few seconds and pray for me (and my wife and children). .. the last year he was !! on them.)

All the best … nice to meet you "virtually", and please … do not drink and drive !!



Retired ecommerce owner

Hello everybody,

I wish I had found this community earlier in my journey.

I happily sold my e-commerce business a few months ago before the competition destroyed it, and am now retired.

In my free time, I build new projects, mostly online.

Glad to be here

Have a nice day!


Question – Valued Contributor / Retired Admin Removal | Forum Promotion

Is forex for bankers retired easy to understand? – Discussions & Help

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Webcrawler – Retired thousands of bot hits for the domain

In May of last year we withdrew a domain and redirected to a new domain. This was done to consolidate two sites from a corporate merger into one site.

We shut down the CMS for and set the DNS code on We've developed a redirection engine with over a thousand rules to redirect requests to the appropriate page on Therefore, it is not possible to get a 200 result from You always get a 301 that turns into a 200 or a 404 on

We are now ten months away from the site and I still get 40,000 requests from bots a day on (80% of Bing, but everyone else is there too). There is nowhere on any links pointing to All sitemaps reference

If you're looking for our primary keywords that were on prior to migration, we'll still rank on the first page of URLs. SEO is not a problem.

I have other projects to consolidate websites along the way, and I do not want to build any additional resources to handle redirects for bots.

We redirect 301 to Should I configure my server to deliver a global server? Do not allow on This should not affect the crawling of Site2 or SEO, right?

In short, how can I get the bots to stop crawling Site1?

Proposal – From a Retired Admin with Love | Forum Promotion

"Through three methods we can learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is the noblest, second, by imitation, which is the simplest, and third by experience, which is most bitter." Confucius had conveyed these words about 2,500 years ago, but they are still valid today for the modern world. Since some of the feedback discussions are bitter, the quote describes the current situation well. Maybe then we should turn to the reflection.

I chose this post after reading a bit of drama in the Community Matters section. There are many people who want to see the success of Forum Promotion in the future, especially Valued Contributors (VCs) and Retired Admins (RAs). And I want to wish all of you good luck. I know very well that life is taking us in different directions and I am aware that this may be one of my last contributions to this forum. This year means a decade FP for me. I can remember everything from a new member, through my first exchange, to different teams. It was definitely an experience.

The advice that I would like to give FP in good faith is that the future of Forum Promotion lies in the community. The future is not the same as it used to be in logistics, naming or SEO, but is based on networking and connecting people who have used forums. The current forum landscape has changed, and most 13-year-olds do not make any more forums. Therefore, FP demography is an aging one. Removing forums, renaming teams, or changing the colors of user groups will not restore FP. Instead, FP must again be a friendly place for discussion. Focus on the community. Focus on the discussion. Do not be afraid to screw down the service teams when demand falls. And most of all, fight back against the spam. Low-quality posts and spam are probably the primary responsible for engaging in activities.

In conclusion, I would suggest the following. Prioritizing the community as the most important aspect of forum promotion. Clean up the spam and have stricter rules for low-quality items. And last but not least, improve the atmosphere so members feel that the administration is listening to their concerns. I had a hard time making an impression on myself when I was an administrator. There will always be people who disagree with you. But on the positive side, there are also people who appreciate your efforts. :) I wish you a good day!

Question – Retired admins and former employees | Forum Promotion

Man, I really do not try to work like the old grumpy RA. : p

Anyway, to use the RA example; Any person who has ever held the Admin Rank for more than an hour (except two) has the rank. I agree that this is a bit stupid, but every member of this group would be in the VC group if they were not in the RA group. I think the recognition is valid.

The VC group is something completely different. Each member of the VC group has done something else to achieve rank. People like Sshadow kept the package team down for three years (God), while others like Empire posted a ton and worked with the community for several years. There is something that each individual has done to achieve rank, and it is something that, in my opinion, the current staff could not judge. People like Mr. Money have not been around for years, and few people could tell you what he (or maybe I really did not) did to achieve that rank. At that time, however, the administrators saw at the time their contributions impacted FP and rewarded them as such with rank. I do not feel that the member team could (or should) do nothing if the member is banned or becomes a poison to the community. It just is not worth the time, I do not think so.