photo editing and retouching by photoshop for $5

photo editing and retouching by photoshop

Professional photo editing retouching, assure you to give you best service and fast delivery.My offer the most efficient workflow for image editing.

My Services :

  • Retouching, high-end, and beauty retouching
  • Photo editing for online store.
  • Background remove and add white background.
  • Background transparent
  • Removal blemish
  • Color correction
  • Product Photo Editing for Amazon, e-Stores
  • Background Change
  • Add Shadow and Effects
  • Resize Images and crop
  • Masking
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Jewelry Retouching
  • Clipping Path
  • Model Retouching
  • Beauty Retouching

My Compare Packages

  1. BASIC Packages $5 For 10 Images
  2. STANDARD Packages $20 For 50 Images
  3. Premium Packages $30 For 100 Images

Why Choose Me:

  • Free trial
  • 24 hours Customer support.
  • Unlimited revision
  • any format that you want.

Thanks for your the time to visit my profile. Look forward to working with you.

Thank you

SHipon ahamed


i will create Adobe photoshop editing and image retouching any manipulation for $3

i will create Adobe photoshop editing and image retouching any manipulation

Welcome to Land my page and Service . I have More than 6 YEARS of Photoshop experience, Great communication and customer satisfaction.I am

here to work on your photo to make it just complete as per the


I am excited to offer you my services and Adobe Photoshop your images to make them out-of-this-world Beautiful and

Graceful.The Best Quick & Fastest Photoshop Editing Service Ever.

A Professional Photoshop Editor at your service.

  • Image Background Removal/ Transparent
  • Brochures Wedding Photography Touch Ups

Why Hire Me For This Services?

  1. 24 Hours Service
  2. Fast and friendly customer service
  3. 06+ years of experience in Photoshop
  4. 100% refund if not satisfied
  5. Any Photoshop Editing, or Graphic designing Retouching, Manipulation gig will handle professionally Redesign
  6. Unlimited Revisions on all gigs

Please Contact me Before and place an Order or Tex Message me


do professional portrait retouching business photo for $10

do professional portrait retouching business photo

Professional retouching of portrait photos (skin color correction, blemishes removal, enhancing color, liquifying, teeth

whitening, eye color pop, changing eye color, dodge and burn, or other

according to your preferences) using Photoshop.

  • E-commerce portrait retouching
  • Banner model retouching
  • Billboard model retouching
  • Magazine portrait retouching
  • Editorial look retouching
  • Personal usage
  • …and many more

I am using frequency separation for skin retouching, so this gig is not only perfect for lower quality photos but for large photos with lots

of details as well (the texture of the skin is not lost with this

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


I will photoshop editing and photo retouching for $1


General Image Enhancements (Lighting, Color, Contrast, Sharpen, Cropping) Color Correction Color Grading Simple Background Removal (one colored backgrounds without different structures/textures) STANDARD

Adding/Removing objects/persons Product Retouching Skin Retouching (Evening Skin Tone, Improving Skin Texture) Beauty Retouching Fashion Retouching Hair Retouching Body Shaping Complex Background Removal PREMIUM

High Resolution Retouching High End Retouching Advanced Skin Retouching (Frequency Separation, Dodging & Burning) Creating Makeup From Scratch Composite & Manipulation (use of multiple images) Old Photo Retouch & Restoration Colorization of Black & White photos Changing Facial Features(like a Photoshop Surgeon. I use a “golden ratio mask”. You can see an example retouch of this in the following artice, where I did the editing for Germany:

by: Designersaon
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I will do Image Retouching for you within 10 hours for $2

I will do Image Retouching for you within 10 hours

Hello there, I am a professional graphic designer. My objective is to satisfy you with my designs and creativity. I assure you that I do my work with a lot of dedication, responsibility and a high priority. I can also assure you that I will help you making the designs that you love.

About this Gig

In this gig I will create outstanding, professional and elegant Image Retouching for your business.

Things I design:

• Food Menu

• Social Media banner

• Unique Business Card

• Flyer

• Background remove

• Poster

The different layout you will get from me:

•Single sided

•Double Sided

•Bi fold

•Tri fold

•A4 Size

•Customer’s desired size

Files delivered in-






Why would you choose me?

•As a full time graphics designer, I work more than 19+ hours per day.

•I always focus on quality and detailing

•I always work with complete dedication and effort.

•Make ultimate revision until my clients satisfies.

•Give 100% priority to client satisfaction

•clients would get superfast delivery

Place your order with complete trust of getting the best supply. Always feel free to contact with me for any kind of queries.

Thank you

Jayedi Hoque


post processing – How do you compose the price for the end product if it needs more then usual amount of retouching?

If you shoot a session, where the end product will have much exposed skin (face/body), how do you compose the price for the end product? Do you have fixed prices? Or do you calculate retouching separately from the whole post-processing?

I’m new in this business and would very like to know opinions of those who makes photos for life.

A variant appearing to me as logical, is:

  • client pays for the shooting on the hour basis, like hours amount X hour price,
  • client pays pays for the end product depending on how many images should be delivered, like amount of delivered images X average price for one completely retouched and post-processed image, because of retouching of each image could take different amount of time.

So the price formula would be like b hours X c $ (for shooting) + m images X n $ (for retouching/post-processing).

I will do professional photo editing, retouching, background removal for $5

I will do professional photo editing, retouching, background removal

Are You looking for Photoshop Editing services? such as: PhotoBackground Removal, Shadows creation, photo Retouching, Image processing for your web stores or e-commerce platforms. You have just come to the right place!

I will provide top quality Photoshop Editing / Photo Background Removing Services in this GIG. I invest quality time on each project and deliver the best-edited photos. That will aid your online business growth with good quality images.

My services:

  • Professional photo edit
  • background removal and change to any color
  • Amazon (eBay) product photo editing
  • Photo manipulation
  • Color-correction
  • Professional skin retouch
  • Change background
  • Clipping path/multi clipping path
  • Image optimization
  • Change the color of items
  • Change the shape of body/face
  • Adjust Lightning /Contrast
  • Add or remove people/items from a photo
  • And anything else you can think of really

why choose Me:

  • unlimited revisions
  • Source file (IF Needed)
  • MoneyBack Guaranteed
  • OnTime Delivery
  • Quick Response

#I will charge only $5 for 20 image background removal or clipping path. other services charge $5 for 2image

#If You have any questions feel free to send me a text..


retouching – Why did Canon DPP ignore and then lose dust removal edits?

I had two RAW files, in the same folder, taken with the same Canon camera. Then spent ninety minutes in Canon Digital Photo Professional (latest version) using the dust removal tools (“light” dust removal, and also source clone). Then used batch process to generate JPEG files from the finished edits.

The first JPEG was fine, showing none of the dust spots that I’d removed. The second JPEG was a mess, showing every spot of dust that I’d spent so much time carefully removing. I tried regenerating the JPEG for the second image, but no change. Tried going back into dust removal mode (which was still showing all of the dust as removed), making a trivial edit, and saving again, but still no effect on the resulting JPEG. Then I exited DPP and reopened it, to find that now even in dust removal mode none of my retouching had been kept. So that was forty-five minutes out the window.

So my question is: did I do something obviously stupid to lose the dust removal changes (even though I saved the RAW file changes several times while the retouches were still visible), or is this a known bug in Canon’s RAW processing software?

I will 2 photos background removal cut out within 4 hours for $1

I will 2 photos background removal cut out within 4 hours



welcome to my service

if you are looking for a fast professional background remove services.

I will REMOVE BACKGROUND your images and become your reliable Photoshop Specialist.

==Our Services ==

My services Include:

  • Excellent Quality
  • Delivery On Time
  • Prompt Response
  • Affordable Price Range


remove background face swap photoshop editing retouching resizing in 24 hours for $5

remove background face swap photoshop editing retouching resizing in 24 hours

Hi, Welcome to my gig.

I am Shahriar.I am a Qualified Graphic Designer.I am offering you the best image retouching and fast Photoshop editing services.

My Photoshop Editing Services:

<|> Remove blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles, scars
<|> Photo enhancement
<|> Skin Retouching
<|> Retouch images, Headshot
<|> Resizing
<|> Background Work:
=> New background
=> Blur background
=> Remove background/Object for Transparent
=> Amazon & eBay Background editing ?Photo Manipulation
<|> Body shaping
<|> Removing/adding people, objects, effects

Why me?

Photoshop expert

100% Customer Satisfaction

On Time Delivery

Thank You