javascript – Retrieve dialog flow error " is not a function"

I am writing a feature in the Dialogflow Inline Editor that makes changes to a Google Calendar that I have linked, and I keep getting the error:

        "error": " is not a function"

If I look in the logs for Firebase or the fulfillment repository. I swear the function worked the other day, but no matter what I do, it does not work.

Here is the function:

app.intent (& # 39; schedule appointment & # 39 ;, (conv) => {
const dateTimeStart = new date (Date.parse ( (& # 39; T & # 39;) [0] + & # 39; T & # 39; T & # 39; T & # 39; + conv.parameters.time.split (& # 39; T & # 39;[1].Teilt (# 39 - # 39 &)[0] + timeZoneOffset));
const dateTimeEnd = new date (new date (dateTimeStart) .setHours (dateTimeStart.getHours () + 1));
constointTimeString = dateTimeStart.toLocaleString (
{month: & # 39; long, day: & # 39; numeric & # 39; hour: & # 39; numeric & # 39 ;, timeZone: timeZone}

// Check the availability of the time and make an appointment if there is time in the calendar
return createCalendarEvent (dateTimeStart, dateTimeEnd) .then (() => {
conv.add (`OK, your reservation for. $ {appointmentTimeString} is booked.);
}). catch (() => {
conv.add (`I'm sorry, there are no slots available for $ {appointmentTimeString} .`);

I understand what the mistake is. I wonder if anyone knows a way to do the same in a different way that works for "conv".

Many Thanks!

Note: All my credentials in the code are correct for the Google Calendar API.

Extensions – Ability to retrieve custom information from custom payment methods in Magento 1.9

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sharepoint designer – Data from 2013 Retrieve WorkFlow Start Task Task Task

First, I can not use the 2010 SPD platform.

I created a custom 2013 SPD workflow with conditional approvers. Currently, I have conditional statements that create an "email list" variable with different users, which is then used as an argument to the Start Task Approval action.

I need to be able to get feedback from these users if they reject it. I know that there is no Task ID like the Assign Task action, but is there a way to get feedback from these Approvers? Or maybe you break them down into individual tasks that are nested in a parallel block?

Every guide / help is highly appreciated!

Retrieve the higher-level hierarchy unit

I have the following table structure:

CREATE TABLE "Material" (
"Content" TEXT NULL,
"Title" TEXT NULL,
"ParentMaterialId" TEXT NULL,
"Dates" TEXT NULL,
CONSTRAINT "FK_Material_Material_ParentMaterialId" FOREIGN KEY ("ParentMaterialId") REFERENCES "Material" ("MaterialId") ON DELETE RESTRICT

Each material can contain an infinite sub-material, and I would like to:

  1. Get the outermost ancestor material for a particular child.
  2. Get the first ancestor who is Paid (Paid is a boolean)

Really not great in complex database operations, be nice.

sql – retrieve all posts from forums that a user has subscribed to

Here's a scenario in which a user can subscribe to a message board and receive all posts created by that board. There is only one condition: Posts that the subscribed user has created from each board are filtered out. I have come up with the following:

Class User <ApplicationRecord
has_many: subscriptions, dependent :: destroy
The End

Class Post <ApplicationRecord
belongs_to: Board
belongs_to: user
The End

Class Subscription <ApplicationRecord
belongs_to: user
belongs_to: Board
The End

Class FeedController <ApplicationController
def index
@posts = Post.left_outer_joins (board :: subscriptions) .where (board: {subscriptions: {user_id:}}) .where.not (user_id:
The End
The End

I'd like to get some feedback, especially about the way I poll the subscriptions of the current user in my controller.

Post.left_outer_joins (board :: subscriptions) .where (board: {subscriptions: {user_id:}}) .where.not (user_id:

SQL Server query to retrieve aggregated data using variables

Summarize events with the functions MIN, MAX and COUNT

Create variables for each aggregate:

Variable what it will ultimately hold
@EarliestDate The earliest date
@LatestDate The latest date
@NumberOfEvents The number of events
@EventInfo The title summary of events

Now use a single SELECT clause to set the value for all of these variables (alternatively, you can use a series of subqueries).

Write another SELECT clause to display the value of the variable to display the summary output shown above.


Enter the image description here

I'm having trouble completing this exercise.

Is there somewhere where I can get the solution?

Thank you in advance!

Google Sheets – The script does not have permission to retrieve the identity of the active user

Who knows why that is The script does not have permission to retrieve the identity of the active user.?

I do not have any functions that ask for user identity. So I'm a little confused.

Function onEdit1 (e) {

if (e.range.getA1Notation () == # D5 # e.range.getA1Notation () == # E5 # e.range.getA1Notation () == & # 39; F5 & # 39;) {

var range = e.range;
var now = new date ();
var time1 = Utilities.formatDate (new date (now.getTime ()), "GMT-8", "E M / d / yy h: mm: ss a");
range.setNote (& # 39; Please wait 15 seconds for the total calculation to complete in Notes. & # 39; + String.fromCharCode (10) + String.fromCharCode (10) + & # 39; Last changed: & # 39; 39; + String.fromCharCode (10) + time1 + & # 39; PST.) & # 39 ;;);

var sheetUS = SpreadsheetApp.getActive (). getSheetByName (& # 39; US & # 39;);
var principle = range.getValues ​​();
var rownum = sheetUS.getRange ("N1"). getValues ​​();
var term = sheetUS.getRange ("C7: C" + rownum) .getValues ​​();

if (e.range.getA1Notation () == # D5 #) {
var payment = sheetUS.getRange ("D7: D" + rownum) .getValues ​​();
for (var i = 0; i <term.length; i ++) {
var total = term[i] * Payment[i];
var totalinterest = term[i] * Payment[i] - Principle;
sheetUS.getRange (i + 7, 4) .setNote (
& # 39; loan interest total: $ & # 39; + Comma (totalinterest.toFixed (2)) + String.fromCharCode (10) + String.fromCharCode (10) +
& # 39; payment total: $ & # 39; + Comma (total.toFixed (2))


I deleted a MySQL WP database. I have a backup file that I can retrieve somehow.


I accidentally deleted the MySQL database for one of my blogs instead of renaming it. There were several posts in it. I do a monthly backup of all uploaded files. My question is, can I restore this database in any way that I will not write these posts in a new one.

The blog is WP.

Thank you

Hello! Coincidentally, I deleted the MySQL database for one of my blogs instead of renaming it. I had few contributions. I regularly do monthly backups of all the cron jobs of my cPanel host.
The backup comes in an archived .tar.gz file where I have all my blogs and website data.

My question is that there is a way to somehow retrieve the particular blog database (not to do a full restore), so I do not need to rewrite those posts.

The blog is on WP platform.

Thank you