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Our Affiliate Program tools:

– Direct link
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How to promote your affiliate link?

With friends
– If you have some friends with websites who are interested in monetization.
Social Media – You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Also you can post on forums…

Optiads.org – Increase your revenue $$$

Armorica – First Class Ecommerce CPA and Revenue Share Offers High payouts E-Commerce, Nutra, CBD, Health, Fithess and even more offers!


Armorica partner network is a platform that proposes a wide range of the most converting E-commerce, nutrition, CBD and wellness offers.

Here in Armorica we have offers from Cost per action and Revenue sharing models. Payouts can be made from $ 100 and with systems as popular as supplied Webmoney, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Paypal, Neteller and Skrill. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Our intelligent tools should improve your working conditions. To meet AD Banner Rotator and Onelink Tool.
Ad rotator is a great decision to monetize banner space. This innovative tool rotates banners of the selected verticals, changes the banner location to the language of the viewer and displays a banner of an offer depending on the user's GEO.
A link is a tool similar to Smartlink This rotates selected offers according to the user's GEO. Landing location is also determined automatically.

Our highly qualified managers Carefully handpicked and integrates the best converting offers to make the monetization of data traffic clear and profitable for our partners.
Your personal manager will contact you after registration, provide you with all the necessary and latest information and recommend the most suitable offers for your traffic.

We can also offer you to try it Transfer program for Armorica if you have partners or colleagues or if you can easily win new partners. Give them an invitation via your referral link and set off 3% Earnings from your earnings in our affiliate network.

Join Armorica and break new ground in traffic monetization!

COVID19 – Revenue hits that answer your common questions

Another week has passed and COVID19 shows no signs of going to Mars. So what do we do? We learn. We are improving. We help you achieve your business goals. That's why we've compiled some of the frequently asked questions that have come to our desks in the past few weeks, and we believe that all publishers can learn from them. Here's & # 39; s:

1. How can I increase my sales during this time?

It's no secret that industries like gaming, …

COVID19 – Revenue hits that answer your common questions

COVID19 – Revenue that answers your common questions Proxies-free

Another week has passed and COVID19 shows no signs of going to Mars. So what do we do? We learn. We are improving. We help you achieve your business goals. That's why we've compiled some of the frequently asked questions that have come to our desks in the past few weeks, and we believe that all publishers can learn from them. Here's & # 39; s:

1. How can I increase my sales during this time?
It's no secret that industries like gaming, torrents, music, and e-commerce attract millions of users today. So ask yourself if you can give them what they're looking for. There is no better time to try new and profitable industries than now.

2. My sales are getting lower. Should I stay or look for what the competitors are offering?
Well, this time the neighbors' grass isn't greener. As you all know, everyone feels the effects of COVID19. If you've been working with a particular company for a long time, it's currently not a good idea to look for new adventures. Try to stick to the good and familiar you already know.

3. I want to make more money. Is ad quality really important in this crazy time?
Yes. It is important now to keep an overview. Profitability and ad rates can change at any time, so you should be prepared for it. Long-term thinking is the only way of thinking these days.

4. How can I optimize my website (especially in these difficult times)?
Just follow these few steps:

  • Check your TDK (title, keyword, description)
  • Optimized to prefer your HTML code with CSS
  • Create a sitemap and make sure that all of your products contain bread crumbs so that SE Crawler can crawl all of your pages
  • Send it to GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) and send your sitemap
  • Create good content and make sure it is easy to use
  • Create backlinks relevant to your site, such as using PBN

5. I spend a lot of clicks but my sales are 0 – why is that?

This is a very common question from the publisher. Because we are a performance-based network, CPA is our primary pricing model. This means that the publisher only makes money when visitors take an action. It is important to understand that advertisers are willing to pay higher rates for a CPA than the CPM model because they know that their campaign will be more successful.

While COVID19 persists for a while, you need to constantly motivate yourself to be active, ask the right questions, learn and stay positive.

I will be more than happy to investigate this more closely via Skype. If you want to try to work with us, I'm always there for you.


Is Forex Your Revenue Source – Discussions & Help

The TopGold Forum quickly becomes the most important online financial goal on the Internet.

We are an authority and a first class forum for professional investors, forex traders, affiliates and individuals who want to make a living online or just want to make more money.

If this is your first visit, be sure to read the FAQ by clicking the link above. You must register before you can post: click the register link above to continue.

Avenuelite.com pre-made custom PTC / GPT site with revenue shares

– This is our new branch of pre-built websites on auroracoderz.com. This is intended to enable our customers to have worry-free PTC / GPT websites. We provide scripts / domains / hosting / templates so that you can get started without any problems

– This page contains:

1- Domain: ribuelite.com [registered with namecheap, valid until December 6, 2020]
2- SSL certificate, which is activated as soon as the buyer provides the generation information
3- AuroraCoderz Deluxe Script V 2.9.6 [with 1 year license and free updates]
4- Custom template from aurorabrushes.com
5- 1 year free unlimited storage space and bandwidth at auroracoderz.com
6- Logo / 2 banners / statistics banners for the site

These are brief what you get with the site, but let's expand things a bit so you know what features you get:

1- The standard PTC features, including paid click / read / sign-in / apply
2- The GPT part contains the following offer walls: PTC Wall, ClixWall, Minute Staff, Coin Wall, AdscendMedia, Wannads,
OfferToro, Persona.ly, Kiwiwall, OfferDaddy, Ad Click Wall, LikeFlow, Offers4all, Adworkmedia, CPAGrip, Mediumpath
3- The Revenue Shares Addon allows you to sell shares to your members and they are paid daily / weekly / monthly for your choice
4- Ability to accept payments through major payment processors including: Paypal / PerfectMoney / Crypto-currencies [via coinpayments] / Advcash / Paxum / Skrill / Payeer
5- Ability to create faucet lists that your members can participate in to generate additional residual income
6- Integrated SMF forum that automatically registers your users and logs in to your forum
7- Activity bonus feature that encourages your members to be active and follow the steps you request to earn the bonus you have chosen

and many other functions

So, as a website owner, you can make money from the website and have an excellent chance of generating a lot of online revenue

Earn revenue from my website

How you earn varies from website to website.

Why do people visit your website and how long do they stay? Do they buy affiliate products related to your website?

Come back? Is there a loyalty to your website? Could you sell branded goods?

Do you have a skill that they will buy based on the authority you display on the website?

Finally, did ads appear on the ad networks that were relevant to your website or users?

How is Facebook Messenger (a free app) number 2 in the top revenue list of Play Stores?

While the list of permissions used by Fbm means they almost own your device after installation, no permissions are requested when buying or advertising apps, and the app is free in the store. How is the Play Store based on the gross income of this and other devices? Apps in the list? And on a related topic, are there lists that provide an estimate of actual Play Store revenue for different apps?

CPA Kitchen – Gambling CPA Network | Direct CPA and revenue share deals



CPA kitchen is an innovative one CPA Partner Network in the Gambling and betting Niche with dozens of decent CPA and revenue share deals, Get the most out of your traffic with our unique tracking mechanism, AD Rotator and One Link intelligent tools, full postback support and the section with detailed reports.

Each partner can withdraw from income $ 100, We also have a financial cushion for emergencies on the part of advertisers, so that we can always pay off our partners.

We also have intelligent tools for webmasters Break new ground in monetizing website traffic.

▶ ️ A link is a SmartLink that you can generate for desired offers. Users are redirected to offers that work with that user's GEO. The location is switched automatically.
▶ ️ Display rotator will change your mind about monetizing banner spaces. Choose a vertical you want to promote and the resolution of your banner area. A small piece of code is generated. All you have to do is add this code to your website. Our intelligent tool turns banners with included offers that show those who accept visitor's GEO.

Not least. We have a Referral program here at CPA Kitchen. To earn 3% commission from the merit of your recommendations.

The best conditions for trustworthy offers, intelligent tools and more are waiting for you CPAKitchen,
Participate and earn a lot!