This will fix a drop in Adsense revenue

About a year ago, I set up a simple product page on my website that describes my product and includes a download link and added an AdSense block below.
This year, all key metrics (number of visitors, impressions, active views, clicks / clickthrough rate) for this page stayed the same, as did AdSense revenue.

Lately, however, there has been a sudden drop in clicks / clickthrough rates of about 50-70%, followed by a decline in sales. This has been happening for over a month for no apparent reason: the page content has remained the same, the number of visitors and their device types has remained constant, I have not changed any AdSense settings, my product is not available in any season way …

How do I find out the reason for this sudden decline in sales?

H2O Fruit Infuser Bottle Shopify Dropshipping Store ($ 199.00 Revenue)








Please note that the sales figures on the upper right side of the sales figures are different from the bottom right, because I advertise an offer on the website for the purchase and free use of earnings. The sales that should have been achieved with the second product are included in the sales figures at the bottom right.


What I sell is a Shopify business that is operational with a website that converts and a product that is demonstrably sold (over 8,000 orders on Aliexpress).

Please assume a profit of zero. This was an experimental dropshipping store I created to test a "Buy One, Get One Free" offer for this particular product on Aliexpress. In the process, I lost a lot of money testing various ads and audiences, trying to find an audience / interest that would convert.

For the "Buy One, Get One Free" offer, the cost of ordering two H2O fruit infusion bottles at Aliexpress is $ 11 to $ 12 (including shipping costs), depending on which country the order is sent to. I offered the product for $ 19.90, so the $ 7 to $ 8 profit margin is pretty low. You can try to increase the product price to $ 24.90 or use another type of advertising to generate sales and impulse buying.

For your reference, this is the Aliexpress supplier where I order the products:

All orders have already been processed and paid, and the tracking data has been sent to all customers.

Testing Facebook Ads:

Below is a screenshot of my Facebook advertising test results:

(IMG) "data-url ="

I've spent a lot of money on Facebook ads to find a target audience, interest, and ad creative that could be converted. The average cost of $ 12 per purchase for my best campaign is high, as this is the average of all ad rates in this campaign and includes many ad rates that did not generate conversions / sales.

For my four best-performing ad sets in this campaign, the average cost per purchase is $ 4.43, $ 5.94, $ 9.74, and $ 10.43, respectively. The details of these ad rates, including demographics, age range, interest, placement and ad motive, will be communicated to the buyer.

Why buy this page?

It is a visually appealing and useful product for people who are on diet, fitness, running and jogging, yoga, etc. I recommend the new owner to contact Instagram influencers, as this may be more profitable. Alternatively, you can continue to show Facebook ads and only increase the price of the product or take another action that is not as expensive as "Buy One, Get One Free" for a healthier profit margin. You can also try exploring other advertising platforms like Pinterest.

You'll also save hours setting up your own store and adjusting the sales quality of your product copy and website. You'll also save money by figuring out how to promote this product through Facebook ads because I'll include details about the top 4 ads I've found in testing.

What is included in the sale?

– Shopify Store and Domain
– Facebook page
– Details (demographic, age, interest, placement and ad motive) of the 4 Facebook ad sets that generated all sales

Buy it now Price:

$ 50

If you want to buy this shop or have questions, you can send me a message.

If you need help setting up a Shopify store, setting up a dropshipping business, finding a product to sell, etc., I'll be happy to help you for a small fee.

Thanks for looking.

Less Adsense units for better revenue?

hi Guys

I'd like to ask and see what you think about one or more AdSense ads on the site. Is it true that I place example 3 ads on a page that earns me less with just one ad?
I am testing these things these days. I have example 3 ads on my site 2 days ago, but clicks are low, if I make just one click it's much better. In your experience, it's better to have one or more ad units. I mean, what's the best combination?

Now I'm a bit confused how to mix different ads on a page, for example a responsive, a 728X90 etc … If I'm responsive, I have more clicks, but if I set normal ads, I have fewer clicks.
I have three very important questions and please share all your thoughts on them to answer questions with an explanation and description.

1. What is the best combination of mixed ads? (responsive and normal)
2. Is it better to have only responsive ads?
3. Is it best to have only one responsive ad on the page?

I hope this thread is very important to all of us who use Adsense. Let's start and help each other to get the maximum sales potential of adsense. I love you all

Christian movie streaming business with Ads + Revenue + Analytics for sale

What is JesusMovies?
Watch free Christian films online and the best Christian films online in HD on any device. Jesus Movies offers free streaming of Christian films. Watch free Christian films now.

How is this business being monetized?
This business is monetized by ads.
Please check the attachments for advertising revenue.

How much time does this business need to run?
This company receives organic traffic from Google.
Facebook ads will increase sales of this business.

What are the challenges of running this business?
There are no challenges in running this business.

What is included in the sale?

  • Domain.
  • Free Godaddy Domain Transfer.
  • Entire frontend
  • Entire backend
  • End of all support
  • Your payment has been entered.
  • Your ads have been inserted
  • 1 to 1 during training.
  • Entire property of the company.
  • Customer service.

[IMG] "data-url ="
[IMG] "data-url ="
[IMG] "data-url ="
[IMG] "data-url ="
[IMG] "data-url ="

rust – Simple program for recording revenue and expenditure

I decided to work on a budget proposal to start Rust. As it stands, this program takes the given expenses and revenues and tells the user if they have a surplus, deficit or breakeven. I will add more features to this program as I evolve in the development process.

use std :: io;
use std :: process;

fn income_ask () -> string {
println! ("Add income? [y/n]: ");
let mut add_income = String :: new ();
io :: stdin ()
.read_line (& mut add_income)
.expect ("Error reading input");
return add_income;

fn income_sum (Income list: & Vec, Income: & mut u64) {
* income = income_list.iter (). sum ();
println! ("{}", Income);

fn Expense_ask () -> String {
println! ("Add costs? [y/n]: ");
let mut add_expense = String :: new ();
io :: stdin ()
.read_line (& mut add_expense)
.expect ("Error reading input");
return add_expense;

fn effort_sum (effort_list: & Vec, Issues: & mut u64) {
* Expenditure = (). sum ();

fn prompt_income (Income list: & mut Vec, income_name: & mut Vec, Income: & mut u64) {
Loop {
let result = income_ask ();
if result.trim () == "y" {
("Enter the revenue stream. [Numbers Only]: ");
let mut income_input = String :: new ();
io :: stdin ()
.read_line (& mut income_input)
.expect ("Error reading input");
let income_input: u64 = match income_input.trim (). parse () {
Ok (num) => num,
Err (_) => continue,
income_list.push (income_input);

println! ("Enter the income name. [Name Only]: ");
let mut income_name1 = String :: new ();
io :: stdin ()
.read_line (& mut income_name1)
.expect ("Error reading input");
income_name.push (income_name1);
} else {
income_sum (& income_list, income);
println! ("Total user income: {}", income);

fn prompt_expense (Expense_list: & mut Vec, Expense Name: & mut Vec, Issues: & mut u64) {
Loop {
let result = overhead task ();
if result.trim () == "y" {
println! ("Enter cost amount. [Numbers Only]: ");
let mut cost_input = String :: new ();
io :: stdin ()
.read_line (& mut Expense_input)
.expect ("Error reading input");
Let Expense_input: u64 = match Expense_input.trim (). parse () {
Ok (num) => num,
Err (_) => continue,
Expense_list.push (Expense_input);

println! ("Enter the output name. [Name Only]: ");
let mut spesen_name1 = String :: new ();
io :: stdin ()
.read_line (& courage Expense Name1)
.expect ("Error reading input");
Expense name.push (Expense name1);
} else {
Effort_sum (& effort_list, effort);
println! ("Total cost of use: {}", expenses);

fn uservalue (revenue: u64, issues: u64) {
let valoutput: i64;
Value contribution = income as i64 - expense as i64;
if valoutput < 0 {
            "You are in the negative, you have a deficit of {}",
    } else if valoutput == 0 {
        println!("You have broken even, you are spending exactly as much as you make.");
    } else if valoutput > 0 {0
println! (
"You are positive, you have a surplus of {}",
value output

fn close_program () {
println! ("Program is ended.");
process :: exit (1);

fn main () {
let courage cost_list: Vec = Vec :: new ();
let mut income_list: Vec = Vec :: new ();
let courage spesen_name: Vec = Vec :: new ();
let mut income_name: Vec = Vec :: new ();
let courage income: u64 = 0;
Let courage expend: u64 = 0;

Loop {
prompt_income (& mut income_list, & mut income_name, & mut income);
prompt_expense (& mut Expense_list, & mut Expense_name, & mut Expenses);

Utility value (income, expenses);
println! ("Would you like to do another analysis? [y/n]: ");
let mut another = String :: new ();
io :: stdin ()
.read_line (& mut others)
.expect ("Error reading input");

if another.trim () == "y" {
Income = 0;
Expenses = 0;
Expense List.clear ();
incomelist.clear ();
Expense name.clear ();
income_name.clear ();
} else {
Close application ();

Future of Sharing of Copyright Material, Warez Revenue | WJunktion

Hi Guys,

As you may have noticed, coping with copyright owners and maintaining a long-term service with Warez content is becoming more difficult. In my opinion, it will be only 2 or 3 years before things become a real challenge to keep the Warez services alive. On the other hand, advertising revenues are falling and it is becoming more difficult to get paid.

I wonder what opinion you have about the current status of your service, and do you have a backup plan to jump to white jobs like Adsense earnings, affiliates, etc.?

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