sql – Understanding the difference in output for finding Revenue by Store in Sakila Database

I am trying to find the Revenue by Store in Sakila Database(Demo Database from MySQL).

Sakila Structure

I am doing this :

SELECT store.store_id, SUM(payment.amount) as total_revenue
FROM rental
INNER JOIN payment on rental.rental_id = payment.rental_id
INNER JOIN staff on payment.staff_id = staff.staff_id
INNER JOIN store on staff.store_id = store.store_id
GROUP BY store.store_id

This is the result of the above query:

|1       |33482.50   |
|2       |33924.06   |

But when I am doing this :

SELECT i.store_id, SUM(p.amount) as total_revenue
FROM rental r
INNER JOIN payment p ON r.rental_id = p.rental_id
INNER JOIN inventory i ON i.inventory_id = r.inventory_id
GROUP BY i.store_id

I am getting this result:

|1       |33679.79   |
|2       |33726.77   |

Can some one explain what is the best way to find out the Total Revenue by Store ?

Get Revenue Details in Google Sheets using Google Finance

Recently I learned about GoogleFinance and it’s feature to use Google Sheets to provide you with all stock market data using a formulae for eg. =GOOGLEFINANCE("GOOG", "price", "1/1/2014", "12/31/2014", "DAILY")

I read the doc that I found, however, I was not able to find any info if I can get the revenue of a particular stock using the same feature as well.

There should be something since, Google shows me the data on its tab when I check

enter image description here

How can I get this info in google sheet as well?

How does this extension affect the Adsense Revenue of a Youtube Creator?

In the Chrome Web Store, there exists an extension by the name of 5 Speed Options for HTML5 videos. Basically this extension allows the user to configure different preset speeds which can then be activated via assigned keys. Anyway I’ve noticed that when I watch Youtube videos (without an adblocker) I can activate the preset speeds during any ads that I encounter throughout the video. So for example if a preset speed of (x16) is chosen, ads can sometimes be completed in under 5 seconds (before the ad is able to be skipped).

My Question then is:

How would watching ads at a faster (or slower) speed affect the Adsense received by a Creator, compared to watching ads at 1x speed?

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How do web ad’s collect revenue? By page rendering or by clicking?

Many sites ask for disabling AdBlock to continue using the site and I’ve obliged to the request if it’s absolutely must.

However, even if I disable the AdBlock, I never click the ads (hide them if possible), so my question is:

Does the site get money simply by rendering the ad to the page or does the money come only when clicking the ad?

If it’s by clicking, then what’s the point of disabling AdBlock? I won’t click the ads so they won’t get money either way.

I understand the disabling if the ad revenue algorithm activates through page rendering.

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paperwork – revenue certificate with tax certificate, study permit, canada

I am trying to apply for study permit online. As some places still affected in my country because covid19. my dad couldn’t get the certificate of revenues that he gets from a state institution along with tax certificate. Though, he got his bank statement for the last 6 months, salary attestation. My father still have the business revenue certificate and tax certificate he got for 2019, but no able to get the 2020 one. Would that be Ok, if I attach last year certificate, because the business revenue is mentioned as fixed.