Robot Game in C ++ – Code Review Stack Exchange

I have a very simple "game" in which a robot is placed on a small 5×5 board and given orders. At the beginning, the robot must be placed on the board, then you can command it to move or to turn left and right. I tried to use object-oriented concepts, but this was not a requirement for my job. I think I did a good job and I would like to know what I did wrong.

Here are a few "requirements" for me:

  1. The command "place" assumes an x, y position and a direction or NORTH, EAST, SOUTH or WEST.
  2. Other commands may only be executed when the robot has been placed
  3. Move moves the robot forward by 1 in the direction in which it is located
    across from.
  4. LEFT and RIGHT turn the robot in their respective directions
  5. REPORT prints the current position and the viewing direction of the
  6. Place is a valid command, even if it has already been placed
  7. Inputs that cause the robot to fall off the board must be
    rejected or ignored
  8. Invalid or "junk" entries are to be ignored
  9. The robot takes commands in plain text, the robot must accept them
    Write an SMS and follow the instructions if they are valid

Example input / output:

Output: 0.3, WEST

and here is my robot.cpp

#include "robot.h"
#include "tabletop.h"
#include "helpers.h"

Namespace ToyRobot
// Used as an interface to provide statements as text
bool Robot :: command (std :: string statement)
std :: istringstream iss (statement);
std :: vector Token {std :: istream_iterator{iss}, std :: istream_iterator{}};

if (this-> commandList.count (token[0])> 0) // is the first token a valid command?
// command is valid
if (tokens[0] == "PLACE")
{// check if there are valid arguments
if (tokens.size () <2)
std :: cout << "Error! Not enough arguments for 'PLACE'n";
                    return false;
                        uint8_t arg1 = std::stoi(split(tokens[1], ",")[0]);
                        uint8_t arg2 = std::stoi(split(tokens[1], ",")[1]);
                        std::string arg3 = split(tokens[1], ",")[2];
                        this->place (arg1, arg2, arg3);
Catch (...)
return it incorrectly;

return true;
otherwise if[0] == "MOVE")
this-> move ();
otherwise if[0] == "LEFT" || token[0] == "RIGHT")
this-> turn (token[0]);
otherwise if[0] == "REPORT")
this-> printStatus ();

return true;
return it incorrectly;

// checks if a certain position is valid (used only by other methods)
bool Robot :: isValidPosition (uint8_tx, uint8_t y)
if (x < 0 || x > TABLETOP_MAX_X || y < 0 || y > TABLETOP_MAX_Y)
return it incorrectly;
return true;

// Places the robot ignoring invalid positions
bool Robot :: place (uint8_t x_place_pos, uint8_t_y_place_pos, std :: string facingDirection)
if (x_place_pos < 0 || x_place_pos > TABLETOP_MAX_X || y_place_pos < 0 || y_place_pos > TABLETOP_MAX_Y)
return it incorrectly;

if (this-> facingDirections.count (facingDirection) == 0) // check if the specified line of sight is valid
return it incorrectly;

this-> x_pos = x_place_pos;
this-> y_pos = y_place_pos;

this-> facingDirection = this-> facingDirections[facingDirection];

this-> placement = true;
return true;

// moves the robot forward by one, ignoring invalid moves
bool Robot :: move ()
if (this-> placed)
uint8_t sim_x = this-> x_pos;
uint8_t sim_y = this-> y_pos;

// simulate movement
if (facingDirection == 0)
sim_y + = 1;
otherwise if (facingDirection == 1)
sim_x + = 1;
otherwise if (facingDirection == 2)
sim_y - = 1;
otherwise if (facingDirection == 3)
sim_x - = 1;

if (isValidPosition (sim_x, sim_y)) // If it was valid, put and return true
this-> x_pos = sim_x;
this-> y_pos = sim_y;
return true;
otherwise // invalid train (out of bounds)
return it incorrectly;
otherwise // not placed
return it incorrectly;

// turns the robot in a given direction
bool Robot :: rotate (std :: string direction)
if (this-> placed)
uint8_t sim_direction = this-> facingDirection;

if (direction == "LEFT")
sim_direction = (sim_direction + 3)% 4; //To turn left
otherwise if (direction == "RIGHT")
sim_direction = (sim_direction + 1)% 4; // turn right
return it incorrectly; //Invalid Input

this-> facingDirection = sim_direction;
return true;
otherwise // not placed
return it incorrectly;

void Robot :: printStatus ()
if (this-> placed)
std :: cout << int(this->x_pos) << & # 39 ;, & # 39; << int(this->y_pos) << & # 39 ;, & # 39; << (this->reverse directions[this->facingDirection]) << " n";
std :: cout << "Robot is not yet placed on the tabletop!  n";


#pragma once

#include "stdafx.h"

Namespace ToyRobot
Class robot
Bool placed = wrong;
uint8_t x_pos = NULL;
uint8_t y_pos = NULL;
uint8_t facingDirection = NULL;

const std :: unordered_set commandList = {"PLACE", "MOVE", "LEFT", "RIGHT", "REPORT"};

std :: unordered_map  mounts
= {{"NORTH", 0}, {"EAST", 1},
{"SOUTH", 2}, {"WEST", 3}};

std :: unordered_map  reverse directions
= {{0, "NORTH"}, {1, "EAST"},
{2, "SOUTH"}, {3, "WEST"}};

bool isValidPosition (uint8_t, uint8_t);
Robot () // constructor

Command bool (std :: string);
bool place (uint8_t, uint8_t, std :: string);
bool move ();
bool rotate (std :: string);
void printStatus ();


#include "stdafx.h"
#include "helpers.h"

// Python's "split" function, implemented in C ++. Returns a vector of split std :: strings by a specified delimiter
std :: vector split (const std :: string & in, const std :: string & delim)
using std :: string;
using std :: vector;

string :: size_type start = in.find_first_not_of (delim), end = 0;

vector out;
while (start! = in.npos)
end = in.find_first_of (delim, start);
if (end == in.npos)
out.push_back (in.substr (start));
out.push_back (in.substr (start, end - start));
start = in.find_first_not_of (delim, end);
to return;


#pragma once

#include "stdafx.h"

std :: vector split (const std :: string & in, const std :: string & delim);

tabletop.h (there is no tabletop.cpp, since there is no need for it)

#pragma once

#include "stdafx.h"

constexpr auto TABLETOP_MAX_X = 4;
constexpr auto TABLETOP_MAX_Y = 4;

// 0.0 is the southwestern corner
// Tabletop is never used, but it's here if needed
Class tabletop
const uint8_t x_len = TABLETOP_MAX_X;
const uint8_t y_len = TABLETOP_MAX_Y;

and finally my stdafx.h

#pragma once


My robot head and my implementation are in a namespace because they are supposed to be compiled into a library.

What is my project structure? Many Thanks

Design Review: Randomly generated primary keys in the database

In my web application, entities have unique IDs, and for some entity types (for example, user, order, and so on), user IDs are visible through URLs. MySQL is used to store the entities.

Using the auto-increment integer as the primary key is easy and convenient. However, if made available in the URL, users can estimate the entity quantity or rate by using the IDs (German Tank Problem). We may want to avoid this.

After reading many posts on the subject, I know of several approaches to mitigate disclosure of information, such as: Generate random IDs from the app, use UUIDs, encrypt / hashes the last insert ID, and so on.

But finally, I found my approach.

First, create a list of unique integers and preload them into the database.

Since I will not have billions of records, I could create a large sequential list and mix them in memory.

Table for storing the integers would be:


The ENTITY_ID The column is assigned the integer value.

Second, prepare the entity table and a counter table:

) ENGINE = InnoDB;

entity_name CHAR (30) PRIMARY KEY,

INSERT INTO id_counter (entity_name) VALUES (& # 39; entity1 & # 39;);

Finally, use a "BEFORE INSERT" trigger to retrieve an ID from the entity1_id Table, and increase the ID counter.

The counter is used to track the used IDs in entity1_id Table. think of entity1_id as a card, entity1_id[counter] Specifies the next entity ID.

Here is the trigger:



SET cnt = (SELECT counter FROM id_counter WHERE entity_name = & lt; entity1 & # 39; FOR UPDATE);

SET eid = (SELECT entity_id FROM entity1_id WHERE id = cnt);
IF (oath is NULL) THEN
SET @errMsg = CONCAT ("Table` entity1_id` has no line with id =", cnt);
SIGNAL SQLSTATE & # 39; 45000 & # 39; SET MESSAGE_TEXT = @ errMsg;

SET = oath;
UPDATE id_counter SET counter = counter + 1 WHERE entity_name = & # 39; entity1 & # 39 ;;


I just tested this approach when I put it in the Unit 1 Table, if I would If no ID is given, an ID is taken from the entity1_id Table; If an ID is specified, it will be used entity1_id and id_counter is not visited; if I would is not specified and there are not enough IDs in entity1_idthe error is reported.

I think this approach is good for me:

  1. I get randomly generated IDs
  2. I can decide which IDs to use
  3. It is not slow

In my opinion, this approach has three disadvantages:

  1. It is not an easy solution
  2. the risk of no longer having ID cards
  3. additional space for the pre-generated IDs
  • Am I doing something wrong?
  • Are there any other risks that I'm not aware of?

Web crawler – website audit / review of existing content

I have been asked to redesign an existing website, before I do so I need to conduct an audit or review the existing content. I want to know how many pages, documents, and so on, so that I can specify an exact completion time for the project.

I've tried Screaming Frog, but I seem to get many duplicate pages. I know there are at least 500 pages, so I'm limited to the free version of some tools.

Is there any other option or suggested alternative than doing this manually?

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An intelligent contract is coded with conditions that must be met in order to execute yourself. It has to be perfect and flawless before it comes into force, as it is permanent and can not be changed. For this reason, the consideration of the smart contract is crucial. At Blockchain App Factory, a leader in Blockchain, you can take advantage of the best contract review services.

100% honest review of Incero LLC

Hello everybody.

I'm here to give a nice review of, its services and staff.

In recent years, I've used Incero for some launch services, such as some dedicated servers that enable me to be where I now have more servers than I do now. During my tenure at Incero, I had a variety of servers, from simple E3 servers with a few 1 TB hard drives to individual 2.10 GHz E5-2620 v2 servers, 128 GB RAM and 4 x 3 TB. Strangely enough, the only problem I've ever had and obviously can not control was a dying drive. They replaced one of the 3 TB drives with a 4 TB drive. They replaced it and I think it may have been equity only, but I never asked for it. This server took a long time, hundreds of clients were loaded on it, and I was constantly on the network. We also had a bandwidth limit of 50 TB, which I believe we never did. So you have a lot of bandwidth for a server that costs me $ 93. I mean, if we needed more, pricing for adding more is fantastic and unbeatable.

So our hardware was perfect, just 1 hard drive failure with their servers all the time, and that hard drive fell out before I installed clients on it, so I can not complain. Luckily, they quickly replaced them. My wait was a maximum of a few minutes, until I got back to IPMI and installed Linux.

Her staff now, her staff of 1 (from all tickets, I just got Ryan, I think), her 1 staff took care of everything for me when I had to do things. He was punctual, fast, very friendly and has a great attitude, even if you read through the tickets. Of all this, I can only praise his work as a technician on site, who does all the work. He is super friendly again, has taken care of and even made sure that everything is going well. He's a great … and I mean, Hivelocity is a BIG win. If anything, he has to take care of everything, because every data center would be lucky enough to have a dedicated employee like him. So Hivelocity, I'd better hear that he cares

The last thing that impressed me was the operating time. I do not think my servers were down during my time at Incero (unless I was guilty or the 1 hard drive failed during Linux installation). I did not even have big latency spikes, weird issues where bgp passed your data incoherently. I honestly had perfect hours of operation. I'm sure if I ever had an uptime timer for it, I'd put it here and display the perfect 100% uptime (unless I'm an idiot and conflict with a production server). Your network is top-notch, alerting you quickly to any misuse of IP and spikes in traffic, and ensuring that your server is not hit hard.

I will return to Incero once a day to settle there as a second location so I can safely split my setup. Incero is the second location at the top of my colocation list. I can only say good things about these guys. Please select Incero if you want to set up a location in Dallas, Texas, or any location you provide. If I could do it all over again, I would still choose Incero as I did. It was a damn good time with them. We just quit our last server with them because we have our own hardware. But I know I'll work with them soon enough if we need more racks in Dallas.


Please, go with Incero. Best company I've worked with for years. Perfect uptime (except when I'm stupid), great staff! Your service is the best in Dallas, hell, maybe across Texas.

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Review Torrent Leecher Website: | WJunktion

Hi Guys,

I have developed a website for torrent leecher.

You can delete torrents up to 5GB / file and subscribe to your email address for a notification when your Torrent-Leech is already over.


  1. Blutegelbach up to 5 GB/File.
  2. You can convert your magnet link into a torrent file.
  3. You can subscribe to your e-mail address to receive a notification when your leech is already done. (Your email has been encrypted and never shared with the public)
  4. The torrent was mirrored to store host sites like Uptobox, Openload, and so on.

The website:
Magnet to Torrent:

I would appreciate your feedback on design and features. Many Thanks!

NEW – Review: Scam or Legit? | Proxies-free

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