hyperchaincapital.top Reviews : SCAM or LEGIT?

officially launched date : 18-04-2021

minimum investment : 10$
investment plans : 32% Hourly For 6 Hours, 44% Hourly For 6 Hours, 58% Hourly For 6 Hours, 74% Hourly For 6 Hours, 122% Hourly For 6 Hours.
deposit option and withdrawal : Bitcoin, perfect money and payeer.
Warning -am not the admin neither the owner so therefore only invest what you can afford…

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☑️NEW – AdzSeven Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | Proxies-free

$ 6.50 daily from 772 RR is impossible. I can explain my plan to earn around USD 120 monthly from 1000 RR. Using “GrandClick Site”. Briefly, Your cost is renting cost =.02 X1000=$200. Recycle cost = 1000 RR X 4 (times per month) X .02 =$ 80. Your membership cost Ultimate + 150/3 months = $ 50. The total cost is 200+80+50=330. The Earning according to this membership for is 0.0115 per RR click. So the earning is 1000 X0.015 X30 = $ 450 . your profit is 450 – 330 = 120. Also, very important notice : don’t wait for the next day to recycle the RR. Recycle him at the last two hours of the day, so, you will not waste the earning of the RR for that day. If you wait for the next day your earning will be 1000 X 0.015 X 26 (days not 30) = USd 390 then your profit will be $ 60 only. Also, stop the Auto pay system and do it manually otherwise you will achieve lost. My link for GRandClick is http://www.grandclick.com/?ref=elrafei2

☑️NEW – File-mix.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | Proxies-free

What is a FILE-MIX file exchange?​

FILE-MIX is a free disk space where you can download your files, store them, give links to your friends to download your files, and download friends’ files for free from links they receive.

How do I start earning on file-sharing file-MIX?​

To start earning on our service, you need: to pass a simple registration, then in the section “File Manager” download their files and copy links to their downloads, then distribute them in the vastness of the Internet, it can be sites, forums, social networks or video hosting YouTube.

Is mobile traffic paid for?​

Yes, we pay for traffic from mobile devices (iOS and Android), users are offered a subscription to push notifications or other advertising.

payment proof:

View attachment 162786

ps: I am NOT affiliated in any way with file-mix.com.

Rates can go up to 70rub per person but the rates change every 24h for each country.

File-mix – https://file-mix.com/register/14204

☑️NEW – Home-game.ru Reviews: Scam or Legit? | Proxies-free

A bran NEW investment game – 1st day working only!!!

Link to join:

An online game will allow you to have a great free time and make good money.

After registration, each participant will be credited with a gift that will already generate income.

To increase your earnings, go to the “Buy a character” section and buy any number of them of the required level. There are nine different types of characters to choose from, differing in price and profitability. The profit that they will bring can be withdrawn or exchanged for further development on the project.

In addition, you can earn by looking at the links of advertisers in the surfing section, receiving bonuses.

You need to activate your account by email.


✅LEGIT – LinkSpy.cc Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | Proxies-free

This Service works like another paid shortener, have landing page with ads, waiting time etc…

What’s the difference is linkspy.cc doesn’t pay at all for every single views / traffics.

Sample: l4s.cc/6W

Testing the service with 2 different IP (from my personal pc and from RDP) and I always view their landing page before redirect to another paid url shortener, I’m sure 10% traffic is lying. Only after first time visit my next visited directly to another paid url shortener.

Using this service mean you will redirect your visitor to 2 paid shortener service, but only 1 service is paying and of course it’s not linkspy.